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Where to Find Advanced Bellows on 7 Days to Die

Finding advanced bellows in 7 Days to Die can be a challenge, but with this guide, you’ll be able to locate them with ease. 

Thus, if you’re looking for better quality items or just want to make the process easier, here are the best tips on finding advanced bellows on 7 Days to Die.

Where to Find Advanced Bellows

A Forge can be upgraded with Advanced Bellows. Advanced Bellows have no purpose other than to upgrade the forge. 

But, leather can be extracted from the bellows and smelting speed is increased by 50% when the Advanced Bellows are added to a forge. The following components are required before for the player to create Advanced Bellows.


What is a Forge?

A Forge is used to refine items into more valuable refined products. This procedure requires time, fuel supplies, and the smelting of discarded or entire materials. 

Survivors can use a Forge to create sophisticated tools, building Materials, ammunition components, and other resources.

Fuel can be found in the cells beneath the tool cells. With this, the Forge can be activated by pressing the on or off button beneath the fuel, or by starting a new recipe. 

Unless all of the fuel is used up, the Forge will not shut off automatically. There will be no recipes available until there is fuel in the fuel cells. 


All items with a burn time, such as coal (100 seconds), wood (50 seconds), il shale (5 seconds), and gas cans (2 seconds), are considered fuels.

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