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How to Find or Make Glue on 7 Days to Die

In the 7 Days to Die world, resources are scarce and players must use whatever they can find to survive. One important resource in the game is glue, which is used to make many items. 

If you want to know how to find or make glue in the game, our resident gamers are here to help!

How to Find or Make Glue

When exploring the open world, you can usually find glue in houses or other areas of interest. Another convenient option is making your own glue. It’s a better option if you’ve already set up a chemistry station. 

You may start making one from murky water, by combining an ear of super corn and bones. Murky water and bones is the simpler option. When making glue [1], you also get a discount if you have a chemistry station. 


To produce glue, you simply need four bones and one cup of murky water. You can get some ears of super corn from the farm or from select backyards. 

It is preferable if you can first convert them to seeds (through the Living Off the Land perk) and then cultivate your own super corn. You can then use glue to produce duct tape, among other things.

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