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How to Get Stones on 7 Days to Die

Stone is a versatile material in 7 Days to Die that can be used for crafting or building. But where do you find it? In this post, we’ll show you the best places to look for stone so you can get started on your next project.

How to Get Stone?

Stone is a substance that the Forge uses to create items from forge recipes. When a stone source, such as Small Stones, is smelted in the forge, it becomes accessible as stone. 

Before you may make a recipe, the stone for it must have been melted in the forge. The following are good sources:


Small Stone

In several biomes, Small Stones can be picked up from the ground, produced from stone, destroyed stone, or looted after shattering a giant rock. 

It may be used to make tools and campfires. It may be thrown while equipped in the tool belt, making it a ranged weapon. Small Stones reproduce solely on terrain such as dirt, not on roadways.

Cobblestone Rocks

Cobblestone Rocks are an intermediate resource that may be crafted and upgraded to make numerous items. They may also be found on Pallets at numerous Points of Interest, making this a simple resource to obtain early in the game. 

Cobblestone Rock Pallets look like blue-wrapped bundles approximately the size of a crate. A Shovel is an ideal tool for harvesting the contents.


Destroyed Stone

Destroyed Stone is a construction material that occasionally drops while breaking down pre-existing stone-like structures. These cover the Wasteland biome’s surface. 

When mining Destroyed Stone from the Wasteland’s first few layers, be aware that anything above it will cave in.

A stone that has been destroyed may be manufactured into Gravel [1], which can be used to produce concrete. It may also be used with cement to make Cobblestone Rocks. 

Because of the higher resource value and faster crafting conversion of Small Stone to Destroyed Stone, smelting Destroyed ones in the Forge is considerably more efficient than smelting Small Stones.

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