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Can Zombies Swim on 7 Days to Die?

Have you ever wondered if zombies can swim on 7 Days to Die? In this post, we’ll share what zombies can do while they’re on water and if they pose a threat to you. 

So grab your life jackets and let’s dive in.

Can Zombies Swim on 7 Days to Die?

No, the zombies cannot swim in the game

When the day arrives when the feral horde must walk rather than run, you can simply swim to shore and dispatch them like any other horde. As long as you have enough food, water, and clothing, you can stay in the water all night. 


What Are Zombies in the Game?

Zombies [1] are the main menace in 7 Days to Die, and they may be found all across the world, particularly in the gaming setting of Navezgane County, Arizona. 

Nobody knows how, nobody knows why, and nobody knows how to stop an unknown virus from changing humans into bloodthirsty Zombies. The majority of the population has evolved into these monsters.

A well-placed sledgehammer headshot, occasionally two, will weaken a zombie. It’s an instant kill if their head blows off. But it is essential to keep your distance from these feral and irradiated zombies. 

You have the best chance of defeating one of these types if you use a rifle. To combat the irradiated zombies, it is suggested that you obtain the Rad Remover Mod.

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