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Building an Underground Base on 7 Days to Die — Your Quick Guide

Are you looking for a way to keep yourself safe and hidden on 7 Days to Die? Then building an underground base is the way to go! 

In this guide, our gamers will show you how to build an underground base step by step. In the end, you’ll have a cozy place to call home (or at least, a fort to hide from zombies). 

How to Build an Underground Base?

The strategy for constructing an underground base described below is tested in the early, middle, and late game. The base can also be upgraded based on your preferences. For example, if you prefer castles over plain bases, you can do so.

build undetground base

Step #1: Gather Materials

The first step in constructing an underground base is to gather sufficient materials. For the construction, you will need grass, stone, and wood. So go ahead and punch. 

Once you obtain the materials, you’re required to locate a place of interest in the game. It could be a town, village, or similar location. That way, you’ll be able to go out and get some nice stuff.

Step #2: Find a Point of Interest

Once you locate some point of interest, you should move away from the town’s outskirts to avoid attracting zombies. Zombies are a real threat at the start of the game, so avoid them. Large cities are always a breeding ground, and you don’t want to be near them.

Step #3: Start at the Exact Spot

Begin construction once you’ve determined the perfect location for the base. A large number of stone axes are required for this. This is where the stone grass and wood come in. 

When you’ve collected a large number of stone axes, you’ll need to make some wood ladders. Go ahead and chop some wood if you’re short on it. You should have at least sixty ladders. Once you have the ladders, spend all of your points on miner 69er. 

finding exact spot

Because you’re supposed to dig deep into the dirt, this will help you dig faster. Locate a suitable digging site and begin digging. This will take some time, but it will be worthwhile. 

The zombies [1] will no longer disturb you if you construct an underground base. You simply descend till you reach bedrock.

Step #4: Making a Room

Once you reach the bedrock, the next step you should do is to construct a room, so make at least 6×6. That will give you enough space for your belongings. You’ll use those ladders to get up there once you’ve constructed the space. 

So, bring all of those ladders to the top. Once you’ve gotten all of the ladders to the top, you’ll need a trap door to keep zombies from falling down. 

You could believe this is a snug and unsafe area, but don’t worry since zombies won’t see you here. All you have to do is hop in and you’re on your way.

Step #5: Create Barricades Around the Trap Door

Barricades Around the Trap Door

After you’ve built the trap door, you can add barriers around it for more security. After you’ve erected them around the entrance door, you can reinforce your base with blocks. 

The most crucial item, though, is a door at your entry. You can always improve your entrance by making it bigger and stronger. 

Later on, when the game becomes simpler, you can build a yard here, a killing yard, and murder all the pathetic zombies who dare to enter.

Step #6: Secure the Bottom of Your Base

Make sure you have some torches around when you’re at the bottom of your base. With this, you’ll have a simple yet effective base. Except for the 7-day horde, zombies will not even hear or smell you down here. 

When the 7-day horde spawns, it is aware that you are present, but the intriguing thing is that they forget about you in a matter of seconds. 

That is why this base is so appealing. They’re up there running around and trampling on your traps while you’re down here creating those stone axes and clubs.

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