7D2D lever action rifle 7 Days to Die

Lever Action Rifle on 7 Days to Die: All You Need to Know

In the 7 Days to Die game, your chance of survival entirely depends on the effectiveness of your weaponry. If you want to survive, you need a good weapon. 

The 7 Days to Die lever action rifle is one of the most efficient weapons in this game you can rely on to help you deal with zombies and animals. Discover more about this weapon as you continue reading. 

What is the Lever Action Rifle?

The lever action rifle is one of the weapons they just added in the Alpha 20 version of the game. The 7.62 riffle ammunition it fires is effective against zombies, animals, and other threats. 

Aside from this, the weapon has some lethality, and it is cost-effective. Find out more about its features below:

7D2D lever action rifle

Weapon/Tool Properties

Entity Damage

59, 59,64

Ammunition Type

7.62mm Bullet (AP), 7.62mm Bullet (HP)

Magazine Size

5 Ranged Weapon

Covering Attribute



Ranged Weapon


The following is a list of Ammo on the 7 Days to Die Game:

7D2D crossbow


7D2D wooden bow


The following falls under the melee weapon category on 7 Days to Die:

7D2D iron knuckles


The following ammunitions fall under the category of Ranged weapons on 7 Days to Die:

7D2D aiming a lever action rifle



Lever Action Rifle vs. Sniper Rifle

These weapons both fall in the category of ranged weaponsand they are both efficient at bringing down enemy targets with utmost accuracy. The lever action Rifle has an entity damage of 59,59 and 64, while the sniper rifle has a total of 61, 61, and 66. 

The sniper rifle also has an effective range of 70 and 140 rounds per minute. These two weapons are deadly, and they will kill almost all zombies with a single shot to their head.

Lever Action Rifle Mods

The 7 Days to Die game is already full of mayhem and so much fun. To enhance your gaming experience and the feel of your Lever Action Rifle, you can try out some mods. 

Some of these include weapons of destruction A20, Tactical Weapons A20, A20 Rebirth, Ammo 1500 Stack, etc.


Overall, the 7 Days to Die lever action rifle is an exceptional tactical weapon [1] of mass destruction. At the shot of this fantastic rifle, every zombie falls at your feet. 

The experience is incredible. To heighten your enjoyment even further, our resident gamers recommend to leveraging your game with available mods to upgrade this weapon. Go on and kill some zombies!

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