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Dedicated Intel Core 2 Duo Servers Available
in any location with the OS of your choice
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Full Throttle

With Hypernia’s Full Throttle program, you will be able to provide milliones of users quality, uninterupted content for nearly half the cost you’d have to pay via a typical CDN retailer. Best part is all our content delivery and streaming services operate with unlimited transfer so you’ll never had to “pay per download” ever again!

Global Hosting Console Provider for THQ
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Hypernia offers the best value for Internet distribution of streaming media for live event coverage, radio broadcasts, and other on-demand video or audio content.

WiredBy choosing Hypernia, you can count on our renowned reliability and quality of services so you can reach your customers. You will be able to guarantee your audience a good user experience on our blazing fast networks, all for a low flat fee with no contracts to worry about.

Our solutions are fully customizable and scalable, and more importantly on-demand. As a customer of Hypernia you have the option of increasing or decreasing your infrastructure as your needs change.

We support all file formats including Windows Media, Flash Video, Real Video and others.


CDN Service

*Max Player Ranges are dependant on each game's system requirements. We offer one of the best service level agreements in the industry. Our experienced staff will walk you through setting up your game server and showing you the ropes of serverdom. We offer 24/7 online support to our customers and a toll free number to reach us. Think of Hypernia as your digital themepark where your servers are the world's great rides!