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Q: What is the maximum player slots /  slot count available for Battlefield 4 Ranked game servers?
A: You may have a maximum of 70 players in a server at a given time, however only 64 of those players will be part of the normal game play. The additional 6 slots will be utilized for team commanders and spectators (2 commanders 4 spectators). Server admins may choose to enable or disable commanders and spectators at their leisure via the game control panel, however disabling the slots will not allow more than 64 players to take part in the normal game play.
Total players in a server will also be controlled by the total player slots purchased and the map game types (not all game types support 64 players).
Q: Will you be adding additional game server locations beyond the ones you already have listed above?
Q: Will I be able to host a Battlefield 4 Ranked/Unranked game server on my dedicated server?
A: Yes! All clients with a Hypernia Powered semi-dedicated server or dedicated server may request to have Battlefield 4 Ranked game servers installed*.
Q: Are there additional costs to have a Battlefield 4 Ranked game server installed on my dedicated server?
A: Yes, unfortunately we will be forced to charge a monthly fee of $0.48 per play slot for each Battlefield 4 Ranked/Unranked game server you have installed to your server.
Q: I have a question not answered above, how might I find the answer?