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Maximum Characters Per Server on WoW

If you have the World of Warcraft but do not know the maximum number of characters available to you per server, you will be limited from reaping the benefits of this game feature. 

That said, our experienced gamers will explain the maximum characters per server on WoW in this guide. 

How Many Characters Can You Have on a WoW Server or Realm?

Recent game updates have been made, and many players are asking what number of characters they can have on the WoW server or realm. 

Below is an insight into this by our resident game players:


The good news is that they have removed the limit for the classic server. However, you can still only have 50 characters in a single realm. On realms, you can interact with other players and join guilds if both of your servers are on the connected realms.

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There have been some misconceptions about having 50 characters each on the classic and retail servers. There is no information regarding that yet, as anyone saying that is just being hopeful. To help you decide which server to join, check out this WoW listing of the most popular streamers and their classic server of choice.


The number of characters available in retail is likely shared with the classic. The reason is that both classic and retail subscriptions are the same. 

Therefore, Blizzard will not see any reason to separate the number of characters for each of these servers.

Maximum Number of Characters Per User Account

You can only access a maximum of 50 characters per user account. This is the account limit.

WoW characters in game

What is the Name Character Limit on WoW?

The name character limit on the World of WarCraft is 2-12. They allow nothing above this. However, they allow accented characters [1].

Is There a WoW Character Viewer?

Yes, you can leverage the client game tab. From the account dropdown, log in, then select your realm to see your character. 


How many free characters can you have on WoW?

You can have up to 50 free characters on WoW. This is the maximum characters per server on the game.

Can I play 2 characters at the same time on WoW?

Yes, you can play 2 characters at the same time on WoW.


At the moment, the maximum character per ser on WoW is 50. This is the game limit. Also, it is important to note that the retail and classic servers use a shared subscription, thus, they use a shared character.

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