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Can You Join Guilds Via Cross-Realm Zones or Servers in WoW?

Want to play with your friends but cannot join the guild? And receiving the error message saying, “you’re already in a guild”? Then you’re probably in a different realm; that’s why you cannot join a guild. 

If you’re one of those asking if you can join guilds cross-server, let our gamers answer the question in detail.  

Can You Join Guilds on Other Servers on WoW?

If you have chosen the server for your character before entering the map, you should not be able to interact with other WoW players on a different server. In Cross-Realm Zones (CRZ), we’re afraid there’s no way you can join a guild unless you create a new character and choose the server where your desired guild belongs. Before hopping onto another WoW server, find out the maximum number of characters available to your chosen WoW server.

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Also, there’s a 1000-character limit in every guild, and you can’t join in if it already accommodates the full limit. This guild character limit will be reached faster, especially if popular streamers are present on the WoW servers. But the good news is, there’s this “Connected Realm” feature in WoW which allows players to interact, but with a specific requirement.   

Is it Possible to Do This?

In the World of Warcraft, there’s a feature of Connected Realms in the game. This is to create cross-realm zones that will allow players from different realms or servers to interact with each other. 

But, this rule does not mean you can play with other players from any server. Instead, certain servers will only be connected to other servers. For instance, if there are 3 servers that belong to a group, only those members of the group can play together effectively.

Make sure you never mix Connected Realm with Cross-Realm Zones (CRZ). You can only join a guild without any problem if that guild belongs to the server merged with yours. However, you can never join guilds through CRZ. 

WoW Cross Realm Zones

As per our resident gamers, you should check the list of Connected Realms of WoW to see if you’re server is connected with whoever you want to play with. If your desired guild [1]  to join in is merged with your server, then there shouldn’t be any conflict joining that guild. 

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Connected Realms in WoW

To make it convenient for you, our WoW gamers provide the following list of some connected realms. 

In the USA

Fizzcrank and Aggramar vs Survival Hunters

In Europe

In the Classic Era, RP, & Normal


So, can you join guilds cross-server in WoW? Yes, but this is only possible if you meet certain requirements. 

You can be able to join a particular guild and interact with other players as long as you are in the same server or realm, or both your servers belong on the connected realms. We suggest checking the list of connected realms to know which servers you can interact with. Apart from that, you should make certain that you will not be disconnected from the WoW server in order to get the most out of your gaming experience.

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