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Warframe Malignant Force — Farming Tips & Mods

Players are able to customize their weapons in Warframe using a basic and effective modding system, allowing them to better tailor their play style to the weapons they use. There are upgrades that increase damage, status effects, or do both.  

Malignant Force is among them, which enhances not just one but two different stats. It’s a helpful mod for players to add to their rifles in order to maximize their potential. 

So, in this comprehensive guide, you’ll learn more about Malignant Force, including how to farm it, where to find it, and which other mods work well with it. 

What is Malignant Force?

Getting all dual stat mods

The Malignant Force upgrade is a mod that significantly enhances a rifle’s Toxin damage and status chance, with a 15% boost for each at Rank 0, and a remarkable 60% increase at Rank 3. 

For players looking to optimize their status chance and generate a diverse range of elemental effects on their weapons, the Malignant Force mod can be extremely helpful. 

This type of build is often referred to as a “rainbow build,” and it involves equipping a weapon with a wide range of elemental mods to maximize the amount of elemental damage and status debuffs inflicted on enemies.

Overall, the Malignant Force mod is a valuable addition to any player’s arsenal who wants to maximize their weapon’s elemental damage and status effects. 

How To Farm Malignant Force?

In the past, acquiring Malignant Force was challenging due to its scarcity as a prize for taking part in The Cicero Crisis. It’s now simpler to obtain one, and a group effort is encouraged although playing independently is doable for characters with sufficient strength. 

Malignant Force may be acquired by completing Orokin Void quests at levels 40-60 in Corrupted Vor. Corrupted Vor’s offspring will make themselves known to you by taunting you. 

Keep working toward your objective by eliminating Corrupted Vor, who may be carrying any one of four mods: Malignant Force, Pistol Pestilence, Virulent Scourge, or Toxic Barrage. 

How to get all Mods

All of these upgrades are dual-purpose, toxic-damage/status-chance upgrades. Using a rifle, Malignant Force is the one to get. Your best bet is to run the task multiple times until you succeed in obtaining the desired outcome. 

Most players should be able to simply dispatch Corrupted Vor, making this a simple task. If you’re just starting out and don’t yet have many mods or high-level weapons, it’s probably advisable to stick with a group. 

If neither of those options appeal to you, you can always try to buy or trade for Malignant Force, as it doesn’t cost much and could provide your damage output a nice boost right away.

Mods That Works Best With Malignant Force

Malignant Force is a mod [1] in Warframe that, when paired with other mods, can produce powerful effects. These are some potentially helpful additions, but remember that they are only starting points for more advanced customization.

Toxin Build: This build could include mods such as Infected Clip, which increases your weapon’s toxin damage by 60%, and Rime Rounds, which boosts both cold and toxin damage by 60%. 

Rainbow Build: This particular build is designed to provide a significant increase in your chance of causing status effects to your enemies, while also dealing substantial elemental damage.


In Warframe, the Malignant Force was once a limited edition reward from an event that had taken place in the past; however, it is now available to all players through farming if they had sufficient strength in their character. 

This mod is extremely useful because it increases the possibility of causing status conditions and adds elemental damage without occupying any of the valuable mod slots normally reserved for weapons.

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