Warframe Epitaph — A Player’s Guide

Epitaphs are a significant part of the Warframe experience, allowing players to pay tribute to their fallen comrades and express themselves in a unique and personal way. 

However, the name “Epitaph” also holds another meaning in the game – as the name of a powerful pistol wielded by Sevagoth. In this discussion, we will be focusing on the Epitaph as a weapon in Warframe.

What Is An Epitaph in Warframe?

Epitaph is a pistol-type weapon in Warframe. It is Sevagoth’s signature wrist-mounted sidearm and is available to players after they have completed the quest “Call of the Tempestarii”. 

Call of the Tempestarii mission complete

The Epitaph has the ability to fire both uncharged and charged shots, with each type of shot having different effects. Uncharged shots fire in a semi-automatic mode and deal moderate damage, while charged shots fire in a burst and deal high damage with a high critical chance.

When wielded by a Warframe Sevagoth user, the Epitaph gains a 20% bonus for headshot damage, making it even more deadly in the hands of a skilled player. 

The lack of reload time is also a significant advantage for the Epitaph, as it allows players to keep firing without interruption and deal sustained damage to enemies. 

However, as you mentioned, the travel time of the shots can be a challenge to master, requiring players to anticipate their target’s movements and lead their shots accordingly.

How To Craft or Get the Epitaph?

The Epitaph in Warframe can be obtained by crafting it through the acquisition of the main blueprint, as well as the Barrel and Receiver components from Void Storm missions [1]. 

Void Storm missions

The weapon requires 20,000 Credits and seven Orokin Cells to manufacture. Alternatively, it can be purchased on the market for 225 Platinum. The weapon is a valuable addition to any player’s arsenal due to its power and versatility.

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Wrapping Up

Whether or not to invest your time in crafting an Epitaph in Warframe ultimately depends on your personal preferences and playstyle. If you enjoy using pistols and are looking for a powerful and versatile weapon to add to your arsenal, then the Epitaph can be a great choice.

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