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How To Obtain Necramech in Warframe

Necramechs are mechanical exoskeletons that players can summon and control in the online video game Warframe. They were introduced in the Heart of Deimos quest of the game and have since become a popular feature among players. 

The question is, how can it be obtained? To know more, continue reading this article.

How To Get The Necramech

Although players experience Necramechs during the Heart of Deimos quest in Warframe, they might be disappointed to learn that they cannot use them beyond the quest. 

Nevertheless, players can still create their Necramechs if they wish to use them later. However, it is crucial to complete Earth and Mars Junction, the Heart of Deimos quest, and the War Within Quest before crafting.

Accomplish The Earth To Mars Junction

To get a Necramech in the game universe of Warframe, players first need to accomplish the Earth to Mars Junction through the following:

Warframe Mars junction

Completing the quest line enables players to unlock Mars, so players can get to Deimos.

Accomplish The Heart of Deimos Quest

Players must complete the quest “Heart of Deimos” before reaching Cambion Drift. They must also finish the Mars mission “Kadesh,” then the missions “Phlegyas” and “Horend.” 

The Heart of Deimos Quest takes them through Deimos and introduces new enemies and allies. To make the quest easier, players can use weapons with Viral damage.

Accomplish The War Within Quest

To acquire Necramech parts in Warframe, players need to complete the questline of  “The War Within”, which unlocks after finishing the quests “Natah,” then “The Second Dream,” and lastly “Pluto to Sedna Junction.” 

Warframe select War Within quest

The questline also grants players the ability to switch between controlling their Operator and or Warframe. “The War Within” involves completing missions, fighting enemies, and uncovering lore.

Upon completion, the option to purchase Necramech parts will be available through the Necraloid Syndicate leader, Loid. 

Clearance: Modus - Void Necramech Blueprint

Warframe Void Necramech Blueprint

To purchase Necramech parts in Warframe, players must attain Clearance: Modus or Clearance: Odima in the Necraloids Syndicate, depending on which Necramech they want to craft. To achieve Clearance: Modus rank, players must complete several tasks, including:

Necramech Parts

Players need four parts to create a Necramech: a weapon pod, casing, capsule, and engine.

Players cannot mix and match parts; all four are craftable after attaining Clearance: Agnesis rank. Only the Voidrigs and Bonewidows Necramech archetypes can be crafted as of update 29.9.

Voidrig Crafting Costs

Warframe Voidrig crafting

Voidrig Casing

Voidrig Engine

15,000 Credits

15,000 Credits

1 Damaged Necramech Casing

1 Damaged Necramech Casing

120 Adramal Alloy

100 Tempered Bapholite

16 Stellated Necrathene

2 Biotic Filter

40 Venerdo Alloy

75 Isos

Voidrig Capsule

Voidrig Weapon Pod

15,000 Credits

15,000 Credits

1 Damaged Necramech Casing

1 Damaged Necramech Weapon Pod

2 Scintillant

6 Biotic Filler

30 Spinal Core Section

80 Thaumic Distillate

20 Marquise Veridos

45 Charc Electroplax

Bonewidow Crafting Costs

Bonewidow Casing

Bonewidow Capsule

15,000 Credits

15,000 Credits

1 Damaged Necramech Casing

1 Damaged Necramech Pod

100 Tempered Bapholite

4 Scintillant

20 Thaumic Distillate

20 Biotic Filter

15 Goblite Tears

6 Star Crimzian

Bonewidow Engine

Bonewidow Weapon Pod

15,000 Credits

15,000 Credits

1 Damaged Necramech Engine

1 Damaged Necramech Weapon Pod

120 Adramal Alloy

6 Spinal Core Section

2 Cranial Foremount

80 Devolved Namalon

750 Titanium

45 Scrap

Combining All Four Necramech Parts

Combining the Necramech parts involves purchasing a Necramech Blueprint after players have crafted all four Necramech parts. For a Voidrig, players need to achieve Necraloids Syndicate Rank 2, while for a Bonewidow, they need to rank 3. 

Warframe gameplay

Once the four parts are combined using the blueprint, players can equip the Necramech through the gear wheel.


Necramech Mods are specific to Necramechs, like Warframe Mods, and provide various benefits like Health and Power Strength increases. 

They have 12 Mod slots, and all melee Mods [1] should be installed on the Necramech, except for Bonewidow’s Ironbride. Players can get Necramech Mods from Mother’s Vault bounties, Transmutation, or for purchase at the Necraloid Syndicate.

Necramech Vitality (Needs Rank 2 Clearance): +120% Health; 5 ranks

Necramech Refuel (Needs Rank 2 Clearance): +20% Engine Replenish; 3 ranks

Necramech Intensify (Needs Rank 3 Clearance): +30% Ability Strength; 5 ranks

Necramech Pressure Point (Needs Rank 3 Clearance): +60% Melee Damage; 5 ranks

Necramech Efficiency (Needs Rank 3 Clearance):+30% Engine Efficiency; 5 ranks

Necramech Drift (Needs Rank 3 Clearance): +60% Hover Efficiency; 5 ranks

Necramech Friction (Needs Rank 3 Clearance): +60% Slide Efficiency; 5 ranks

Necramech Flow (Needs Rank 3 Clearance): +150% Energy Max; 5 ranks

How To Utilize Necramech

Warframe gameplay Isolation Vault

To use a Necramech in Warframe, players need to assign it to a gear slot. Once assigned, players can summon the Necramech using the gear wheel and change to the Operator mode to enter it. 

It’s worth noting that Necramechs are limited for use in open-world content and Operation: Orphix Venom as of update 29.9.

Wrapping Up

Ultimately, whether or not it’s worth using a Necramech depends on how much the player enjoys using them and how much effort they are willing to put into obtaining and upgrading them, which are all elaborated above.

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