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Mastering the Best Slingshots in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley offers players a rich and immersive world for players to endlessly explore. In this game, the Slingshot is a versatile and valuable asset among the various tools made available for players. 

In this guide, we’ll discuss the intricacies of obtaining and optimizing the best slingshot, empowering players to excel in their Stardew Valley adventure.

Obtaining the Best Slingshot in Stardew Valley

There are only two slingshot weapons in the Stardew Valley game universe, and both can be acquired by digging deep through the floors of the Mines.

To acquire the best slingshot, players must follow a series of steps. Initially, the first slingshot can be obtained upon reaching Floor 40 at the Mines as a chest reward. The Master Slingshot, which is the second obtainable slingshot, and the best one available in the game, is collected as a chest reward on Floor 70 of the Mines.

After this, the Master Slingshot becomes a purchasable item at the Adventurer’s Guild for a price of 1,000g.

Stardew Valley - slingshot

Mastering Slingshot Techniques

Aiming and shooting with precision is the key to unleashing the full potential of the slingshot. Regular practice and honing of skills are essential to hit targets accurately. 

Players can maximize their effectiveness by employing effective aiming and shooting strategies, allowing them to hit their mark consistently. 

One method is to anticipate the trajectory of moving targets and adjust the aim accordingly. This method of aiming is effective against long range enemies like the bat or ghost.

Additionally, practicing the “quick release” technique can enhance accuracy. By quickly releasing the band after aiming, players can surprise foes with a quicker succession of shots. 

Finally, players should use the slingshot’s versatility in various scenarios, such as mining for resources or during combat in the Skull Cavern. 

Stardew Valley - master slingshot

Furthermore, players can experiment with different ammunition types to suit specific situations. Explosive ammo is excellent for clearing out clusters of rocks or enemies, while stone ammo can be used to conserve resources. 

If there’s no other option, even fruits, vegetables, and eggs can be used as slingshot ammo.

Enhancing the Slingshot's Power

Despite having only two slingshot types available in the game, what influences the damage most in using this weapon is the type of ammunition equipped and being used. 

Utilizing different slingshot ammo decides the slingshot’s attack damage per hit. Depending on the slingshot used, damage follows a specific formula:

Slingshot Damage:

Ammo Multiplier + Random Number [-(Ammo Multiplier / 2 ) , Ammo Multiplier + 1]

Master Slingshot Damage:

2 x (Ammo Multiplier + Random Number [-(Ammo Multiplier / 2 ) , Ammo Multiplier + 1])

Below are the possible ammo types to use on the slingshot, along with their damage and multipliers:




Master Slingshot



1-3 DMG

2-6 DMG



1-5 DMG

2-10 DMG



3-11 DMG

6-22 DMG

Copper Ore


5-21 DMG

10-42 DMG



8-31 DMG

16-62 DMG

Explosive Ammo


10-41 DMG

20-82 DMG

Iron Ore


10-41 DMG

20-82 DMG

Gold Ore


15-61 DMG

30-122 DMG

Iridium Ore


25-101 DMG

50-202 DMG

Tips for Advanced Slingshot Strategies

For players seeking to master the slingshot, exploring advanced techniques and strategies is a must. Combo and trick shots are definitely possible, but it requires practice in executing impressive maneuvers that leave opponents in awe. 

Remember to charge up your slingshot first to ensure that your attack will hit well and the weapon will work. Time your shot by aiming the target reticle to where you want it to go and fire away!

Moreover, optimizing slingshot usage in different scenarios, such as mining, combat, and festivals, are possible as well. Leveraging these strategies will give players a competitive edge, ensuring success in various situations.


By comprehending the mechanics, obtaining the best slingshot, mastering its techniques, and enhancing its power, players will become slingshot masters in Stardew Valley. With practice, dedication, and a willingness to explore advanced strategies, players can conquer challenges, maximize their enjoyment, and succeed in this farming world.

Following the guide presented in this article, players can obtain the best slingshot, refine their aiming skills, and enhance their power through upgrades. Along with advanced strategies, players will become slingshot masters, conquering the challenges of Stardew Valley [1].

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