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Where To Get Neural Sensors in Warframe — Your Quick Guide

Whether you are a new player or a seasoned veteran, understanding how to obtain neural sensors efficiently will help you progress through the game faster and with more ease.

So in this article, we will explore various methods for acquiring neural sensors in the game, including farming locations, game modes, and other tips to help you optimize your search!

What Are Neural Sensors?

Neural sensors are rare resources in the video game Warframe used to craft various weapons, gear, and warframes. 

They are essential components that cannot be easily obtained and are required for many important items in the game. Neural sensors are specifically used in the construction of several warframes.

4 Neural sensors acquired

Neural Sensors cannot be sold directly for credits in Warframe. To trade Neural Sensors, players must use the trade in-game chat [1] or the official Warframe website’s trade forum to connect with other players who may be interested in purchasing them. 

The price of Neural Sensors can vary depending on the current market demand and supply, and it is up to the players to negotiate a fair trade value.

To create it, you will need 15,000 credits, 50,000 Alloy Plates, 25,000 Salvage, and 50,000 Nano Spores, and it will take one hour to manufacture. However, if you don’t want to wait, you can skip the manufacturing time by paying two Platinum.

Where To Farm Neural Sensors

Jupiter and the Kuva Fortress were the only locations in Warframe where Neural Sensors could be farmed. 

Jupiter is generally considered a more accessible location to farm Neural Sensors than the Kuva Fortress. It may be a better place to start for newer players who still need to become comfortable with higher-level missions. 

Heading to Jupiter

Kuva Fortress’s Survival missions can also be a good source of Neural Sensors, particularly for more experienced players looking to farm a larger quantity.

Neural Sensors Farming Missions & Locations

Cameria - Jupiter (Dark Sector Survival)

This mission takes place on the Jupiter tileset. Players must survive against waves of Infested enemies for as long as possible while also collecting life support capsules to keep their air supply from running out. 

Cameria on Jupiter is a Dark Sector Survival mission that offers a 20% bonus to resource drop rates, including Neural Sensors, making it a more efficient location for farming Neural Sensors compared to other Survival missions on Jupiter.

Io – Jupiter (Defence against the Corpus)

The mission requires players to defend a cryopod from waves of Corpus enemies for a set amount of time, with the difficulty and rewards increasing as the mission progresses. 

Io is known for having a higher chance of dropping Neural Sensors compared to other Defense missions. 

It’s recommended that players stay for at least 20 waves to increase the chances of obtaining Neural Sensors and other rare rewards like Condition Overload and the dual stat mods.

Farming on Io can also yield other valuable resources in addition to Neural Sensors. Oxium, a resource used to construct many Warframe components and weapons, can be obtained from enemies and containers on Io. 

Additionally, farming on Io can also yield Relics, which contain valuable Prime parts that can be traded or used to build powerful weapons and Warframes. 

It’s worth noting that the types of Relics that can be obtained from Io can vary depending on the mission’s rotation, so it’s recommended that players check the mission’s reward table to see what Relics are available.

Taveuni - Kuva Fortress (Survival)

In this mission, players must survive against increasingly difficult waves of enemies for as long as possible, with the rewards becoming better the longer they survive. 

As mentioned earlier, farming with a squad can increase the chances of obtaining resources, but it’s important to note that the difficulty of the mission also scales with the number of players in the squad.

Themisto – Jupiter (Assassination Alad V)

This mission requires players to defeat the boss Alad V, who has a chance to drop Neural Sensors as a reward.  

As with other boss fights, defeating Alad V requires players to bring a well-equipped and modded Warframe and weapons to handle the boss’s attacks and minions. 

The mission requires players to locate and defeat Alad V and his companion Zanuka, who are known for their formidable attacks and abilities.

Headed to Themisto for an Assasination assignment

To initiate the boss fight with Alad V and Zanuka, players must first complete the Jupiter mission node and then select the “Assassination” mission from the map.

Neural Sensor Farming Tips — How To Farm Them Efficiently

Here are some proven and tested tips in farming Neural Sensors:

Dark Sector survival gameplay

Wrapping Up

Neural Sensors are worth obtaining in Warframe depending on your specific goals and needs. However, if you don’t have an immediate need for Neural Sensors or are not interested in the items or rewards that require them, then farming for them may not be a priority for you. 

Ultimately, the decision to farm for Neural Sensors should be based on your own goals and needs within the game. If you do decide to farm for them, the tips and locations we discussed earlier can help you do so efficiently and effectively.

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