How to Get Aya in Warframe — A Complete Guide

As players progress through Warframe, they collect various resources to enhance their Warframe character, including the elusive in-game currency known as Aya. 

However, obtaining Aya can be a challenging task, and new players often struggle to acquire it. Thus, we will explore some of the most effective methods for obtaining Aya in this article.

Where To Farm Aya

For players looking to obtain Aya in Warframe, there are three main options to consider.

Percent Chance for Each Rotation, Stage, and Level Rotation Drop Chance
Steel Path Necralisk Bounty Level 100-100 Stages 2 & 3 A 28.57%
Necralisk Bounty Level 40-60 Stages 2 & 3 A 28.57%
Necralisk Bounty Level 30-40 Final Stage A 24.53%
Necralisk Bounty Level 30-40 Final Stage B 24.53%
Necralisk Bounty Level 30-40 Stage B 17.81%
Steel Path Necralisk Bounty Level 100-100 Stage 4 A 22.22%
Necralisk Bounty Level 40-60 Stage 4 A 20%
Necralisk Bounty Level 15-25 Final Stage A, B, & C 20%
Steel Path Necralisk Bounty Level 100-100 Final Stage A 43.48%
Steel Path Necralisk Bounty Level 40-60 Final Stage A 43.48%
Steel Path Necralisk Bounty Level 5-15 Final Stage A, B & C 20%

While details for all three options can be found above, players seeking the most efficient and reliable farming [1] methods are advised to focus on the first two.

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Ghoul Bounties

One of the best options for players seeking to earn Aya in Warframe is by completing Bounties. In fact, some specific bounties are particularly efficient for farming Aya quickly. 

For instance, players can target the Ghoul bounties in the Plains of Eidolon, which offer Aya as a common reward that can be earned by completing Stage 1 and extracting.  

Another viable option is to focus on Tier 5 bounties available in Orb Vallis or Deimos, as they are known to be reliable sources for Aya.

Warframe's Ghoul Purge event guide

Void Missions

Alternatively, for players who prefer not to farm bounties, Aya can also be earned by completing missions in the Void. 

To improve the chances of receiving Aya in Warframe, players are recommended to equip their preferred weapons and repeatedly complete Capture Void missions. 

While these missions can be completed quickly, they may not provide Aya as consistently as the Ghoul bounties mentioned earlier.

Relic Packs

The third way to obtain Aya is through Syndicate Relic Packs and Market, though Aya isn’t guaranteed to be included in every pack. 

While Relic Packs can potentially yield Aya in Warframe, they’re not considered a reliable or consistent source for this in-game currency.

Relic Packs from Daily Tribute

What Can You Get With Aya?

Some of the most notable items that can be acquired using Aya include Void Relics, which contain valuable rewards such as Prime parts and blueprints for rare weapons and Warframes. 

In addition, Aya can be used to purchase exclusive cosmetics from Varzia’s Prime Resurgence in Maroo’s Bazaar, allowing players to customize their Warframe character with unique skins, armor sets, and more.

Items (Permanent) Cost
Neraloid Bundle 10 Aya
Spektaka Liset Skin 10 Aya
Apis Syandana 10 Aya
Void Trace Pack 1 Aya
5x Orokin Ducats 1 Aya

How To Obtain Aya

In Varzia Dax’s shop, players can find Regal Aya, a premium currency that can be used to purchase fully assembled Prime Accessories, Prime Warframes, and weapons. 

Unlike the standard Aya, Regal Aya must be obtained by using real money. However, players can choose to purchase specific pieces, such as a particular armor set, rather than having to purchase the entire bundle.

Regal Aya In Warframe Prime Resurgence For Free

Wrapping Up

While there are various methods to obtain Aya in the game, each with its own benefits and drawbacks, players must find the most efficient and reliable farming method that suits their playstyle. 

By following the tips and strategies discussed in this guide, players can acquire Aya more efficiently and take full advantage of the in-game resources to progress through the game.

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