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Risk of Rain 2 Blue Items — Every Lunar Item Listed

Lunar items can enhance any build and help players develop effective strategies. They can also provide players with an advantage in matches. 

These things are easily lost or destroyed, thus players must take measures before buying them. Hence, this article will cover the game’s Lunar Items and their functions.

How Do You Get Lunar Items in Risk of Rain 2?

Lunar items are usually only available through specific methods. The most common method is to purchase them from an in-game store. This is usually done through a special currency called Lunar Coins. 

These coins can be earned through completing certain tasks in-game, such as completing challenges and reaching certain levels. Players can also find Lunar items by completing specific dungeons or by opening chests.

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1. Egocentrism

Egocentrism spawns orbiting bombs that damage nearby enemies. The bombs can activate certain items but cannot activate Kjaro’s or Runald’s Bands. The item’s main drawback is that it replaces one of the holder’s items with itself every 60 seconds. This item can become a focal point of certain builds.

Benefits of Egocentrism:

How to Get Egocentrism in RoR 2:

2. Eulogy Zero

Eulogy Zero has a 5% chance of spawning a random Lunar item. Lunar item collectors and Logbook fillers should use this item. Risk of Rain 2 runs should include Eulogy Zero to collect several Lunar Items. This device saves Lunar Coins by eliminating the need for pods.

Benefits of Eulogy Zero:

How to Get Eulogy Zero in RoR 2:

ROR Eulogy Zero

3. Spinel Tonic

In Risk of Rain 2, Spinel Tonic is the best Lunar Equipment. For 20 seconds, it boosts all statistics significantly. The item’s major statistics include 45-second downtime and 20-second durability.

Benefits of Spinel Tonic:

How to Get Spinel Tonic in RoR 2:

ROR Spinel Tonic

4. Helfire Tincture

The danger of Rain 2’s Lunar Equipment Helfire Tincture is deadly if misused. It ignites all characters, allies, and enemies inside its radius for 12 seconds, dealing 5% of maximum health per second to the user. 

Helfire Tincture can cause unintentional death, so use it carefully. Allies burn harder, and enemies burn even harder.

Benefits of Hellfire Tincture:

How to Get Hellfire Tincture in RoR 2:

ROR Helfire Tincture

5. Glowing Meteorite

It drastically improves any build. The Glowing Meteorite boosts attack, health, and damage. It can also be used to create powerful Lunar combinations, making it a valuable resource. This item can harm allies as well as opponents.

Benefits of Glowing Meteorite:

How to Get Glowing Meteorite in RoR 2:

ROR Glowing Meteorite

6. Effigy of Grief

In Risk of Rain 2, the Lunar item Effigy of Grief slows and decreases armor in its area of effect. Although players can be caught in its slowing zone, this item is only good for clustering adversaries for a burst of damage.

Benefits of Effigy of Grief:

How to Get Effigy of Grief in RoR 2:

ROR Effigy of Grief

7. Visions of Heresy

This item replaces a skill with “Hungering Gaze.” Launch delayed-detonating tracking shards that deal 120% base damage. This helps Acrid, Loader, and Artificer.

Benefits of Visions of Heresy:

How to Get Visions of Heresy in RoR 2:

ROR Visions of Heresy

8. Transcendence

The user’s maximum health increases by 50%, but shields replenish after 7 seconds of being undamaged. Doing so automatically boosts shields, eliminating the need for health restoration consumables. 

The main drawback of Risk of Rain 2 Transcendence is that the user must retreat to replenish their shields, making it unsuitable for protracted confrontations.

Benefits of Transcendence:

How to Get Transcendence in RoR 2:

ROR Transcendence

9. Strides of Heresy

“Shadowfade” replaces the utility skill. This increases movement speed by 30% and heals 18.2% of maximum health for three seconds. With N’Kuhana’s Opinion, this item may deal more damage during the cooldown. Personal preference determines which characters gain most from this item.

Benefits of Strides of Heresy:

How to Get Strides of Heresy in RoR 2:

ROR Strides of Heresy

10. Shaped Glass

This item doubles the holder’s base damage but reduces their maximum health by half. This item allows the user to focus solely on dealing damage, but mobility is crucial in avoiding enemies and dodging attacks. 

As one hit can end the run, damage reduction and shield items are essential to staying safe. The exponential stacking of this item can make the user extremely powerful, making runs much faster.

Benefits of Shaped Glass:

How to Get Strides of Heresy in RoR 2:

11. Purity

An intriguing Lunar item in Risk of Rain 2, Purity shortens cooldowns by a fixed amount at the expense of luck. It causes suffering from unpleasant random effects. Considering how many Purity objects you’ll need to maximize its potential is essential. 

Benefit of Purity:

How to Get Purity in RoR 2

ROR Purity

12. Mercurial Rachis

Upon use, it places an area-of-effect nearby that boosts the damage of any character within it by 50%. This buff can also affect enemies, but it can be avoided by dodging their attacks. If players are confident in their dodging abilities, they may consider picking up this item.

Benefits of Mercurial Rachis:

How to Get Mercurial Rachis in RoR 2:

ROR Mercurial Rachis

13. Gesture Of The Drowned

This reduces the holder’s equipment cooldown and activates it immediately. Pickups lower the cooldown by 15%. This item allows unique equipment testing, and its downside is positive since most equipment works just as well when triggered immediately. 

This item, Fuel Cells, Royal Capacitor, or Spinel Tonic can permanently activate certain equipment, making it simpler to defeat waves of opponents..

Benefits of Gesture of The Drowned:

How to Get Gesture of The Drowned in RoR 2:

14. Focused Convergence

This item halves a teleporter’s range but charges 30% faster. The lower charging range is inconvenient but not a huge issue. In stubborn areas, this gadget helps users approach quickly without being overwhelmed by the wave. 

Even though some late-game enemies and bosses benefit from a longer range, Focused Convergence is still useful.

Benefits of Focused Convergence:

How to Get Focused Convergence in RoR 2:

ROR Focused Convergence

15. Defiant Gouge

The Lunar item Defiant Gouge is highly recommended for individuals who relish the opportunity to make every Shrine into a Shrine of Combat in Risk of Rain 2. 

There is a linear relationship between the quantity of Gouges in the player’s inventory and the difficulty of the creatures that are created by this item.

Benefit of Defiant Gouge:

How to Get Defiant Gouge in RoR 2:

ROR Defiant Gouge

16. Corpsebloom

This gives the player a passive health regeneration effect. When the player takes damage, a portion of that damage is converted into a healing effect over time. It also increases the player’s maximum health, allowing them to take more damage before dying.

Benefit of Corpsebloom:

How to Get Corpsebloom in RoR 2:

ROR Corpsebloom

17. Brittlecrown

With the renowned Brittle Crown, it is possible to trade gold for health; as you deal damage to foes, you gain gold, while when you take damage, you lose gold. 

The usefulness of Brittle Crown is hotly contested, with some contending that it has a weak early game because it lacks the necessary damage to effectively utilize the gold gained even if one manages to avoid being hit.

Benefits of Brittlecrown:

How to Get Brittlecrown in RoR 2:

ROR Brittle Crown

18. Beads of Fealty

Beads of Fealty is a Lunar item in Risk of Rain 2 that doesn’t provide any effect on the player’s survivor. However, it has an impact on the ending of the run. 

When the player reaches stage 7 or beyond and uses the Celestial Portal to access A Moment, Fractured, they can obliterate themselves at the Obelisk. Normally, this would end the run, but carrying Beads of Fealty leads to a peculiar outcome.

Benefits of Beads of Fealty:

How to Get Beads of Fealty in RoR 2:

ROR2 Beads of Fealty

19. Stone Flux Pauldron

The Stone Flux Pauldron is a specialized item that increases health by two but slows the wearer down by the same amount. This item is useful if the player has stacked too much movement speed, which can make it harder to avoid assaults. 

It may be challenging to advance through stages if you stockpile this item, but you can compensate by gaining increased movement speed.

Benefits of Stone Flux Pauldron:

How to Get Stone Flux Pauldron in RoR 2:

ROR Stone Flux Pauldron

20. Light Flux Pauldron

The Light Flux Pauldron is a specialized piece of equipment that increases the holder’s attack speed and shortens their final cooldowns. While attack speed is a very important stat, this item can be handy for characters like Loader and Acrid whose primary abilities don’t rely on it. 

To minimize the negative impact on your final attack speed and cooldowns, you should pick this up after you’ve already amassed a good deal of attack speed.

Benefits of Light Flux Pauldron:

How to Get Light Flux Pauldron in RoR 2:

21. Hooks of Heresy

This item replaces one of the hero’s main abilities with a new skill called Slicing Maelstrom. This skill involves charging up a projectile that deals damage and roots enemies after exploding.

Benefits of Hooks of Heresy:

How to Get Hooks of Heresy in RoR 2:

ROR Hooks of Heresy

22. Essence of Heresy

Each of your strikes will cause a Ruin stacking to be applied to an adversary while Ruin is not on cooldown. 

This item is a component of a distinctive group of things that, when gathered, have different effects according to the survivor you pick at the start of the game. Using a Cleansing Pool can help you get rid of the Essence of Heresy.

Benefits of Essence of Heresy:

How to Get Essence of Heresy in RoR 2:

ROR Essence of Heresy

The Heretic: A Secret Playable Character in RoR 2

To play as The Heretic, a secret character in Risk of Rain 2, players must collect the Visions, Strides, Hooks, and Essence of Heresy items during a run. Once collected, the survivor will transform into Kur-skaan, also known as The Heretic. This character cannot be selected at the start of the game.


Lunar items are a great way to give your character an edge in your Risk of Rain 2 gameplay [1]. They offer a variety of different benefits, ranging from increased damage and health to defensive shields. 

While some of these items can be a bit more expensive than others, they are a great way to give your character an extra boost.

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