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Valorant Bulldog — A Weapon Guide

One of the most commonly used weapons in Valorant is the Bulldog. It is known as a versatile and deadly weapon that can be used effectively in a variety of situations. 

If you’re interested to know the various aspects of this weapon, including its strengths and weaknesses, its best usage scenarios, and how to effectively use it to gain an advantage in the game, here’s a quick guide from our gamers:

Weapon Details

This Bulldog is the cheapest rifle in Valorant, but it has its own set of strengths and weaknesses. It has a high bullet count and a comparable fire rate to the Vandal, making it effective for suppressing enemy positions. 

However, it cannot deliver one-shot headshots, which can be a disadvantage in certain situations. Despite this, the Bulldog can still be a powerful weapon in close to medium-range engagements and can serve as a budget option for players looking to save money while remaining competitive.

Here are the Bulldog’s stats:

VAL Bulldog intro

Damage Stats

The Bulldog received a fire rate buff in Episode 3, bringing it closer to the Phantom and Vandal in terms of effectiveness. Despite its limitations, the Bulldog has no damage drop-off and can instantly kill an opponent with a well-placed burst from chest to head, although it cannot deliver one-shot headshots. 

With its alternate fire mode, it can be a viable option in certain situations. Like the Vandal and Guardian, the Bulldog has no damage drop-off and deals 35 damage to the body, 116 damage to the head, and 30 damage to the leg within a range of 0m-50m. It can take down enemies with two headshots or five shots to the body or leg.

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The Bulldog’s biggest drawback is its price of 2100 credits. While it is the cheapest rifle in the game, it is still not considered a budget option. This puts the Bulldog in a peculiar position where it may not be the best choice when saving money, but also not the preferred choice when players have enough credits to purchase other rifles

Features of Bulldog

Alt Fire

This weapon has a useful feature that switches it from fully automatic to burst fire when aiming down sights. This allows players to quickly take care of enemies at close range with a three-round burst, while the primary fire mode is better for longer distances. 

When aiming down sights, the Bulldog offers several benefits including improved accuracy, reduced spread and recoil, and a 1.25x zoom.


The recoil pattern of the Bulldog is comparable to that of other rifles in Valorant. The initial shots are precise and the burst mode is also accurate. However, the recoil pattern becomes similar to the Phantom and Vandal after a few shots, but in reverse when moving up. 

This may require some adjustment for players who are more accustomed to using those two weapons.

VAL Bulldog 2

Spray Pattern

When using the Bulldog in its fully automatic mode, its spray pattern is fairly consistent. The first seven bullets require the player to pull down and slightly to the left, followed by a flicking motion from left to right and back again every few rounds.

In burst mode, the Bulldog is highly accurate and easy to control. While it does experience some spread at longer ranges, players can still maintain control with a slight downward drag. This makes it a deadly weapon for those who can accurately track their target with its spray.

The Bulldog’s Right Click

In most situations, scoping in with the Bulldog is recommended due to the strength of its burst fire. The rapid fire is highly effective up close and can take down enemies quickly with a well-placed headshot. 

Scoping in can also help with accuracy at longer ranges. While hipfiring can be useful in certain scenarios, isolating enemies one-by-one and using the Bulldog’s superior burst fire is the best strategy for success in Valorant.

Locking Down Angles

The Bulldog is great for holding longer sightlines and locking down angles, making it a useful weapon for quickly bursting enemies as they push your sightline. While the Vandal may be more effective, the Bulldog is a reliable choice for players on a budget who still need long-range firepower. 

It is better suited for long-range fights than SMGs or shotguns and can be a formidable choice when used in combination with other weapons such as the Valorant’s Bucky, Judge, and Spectre.

VAL Bulldog 1

Wrapping Up

Whether or not to buy the Bulldog in Valorant ultimately depends on the individual’s gameplay [1] and preference. While it may not be the top rifle in the game, it can still be a powerful and reliable option, especially for players on a budget. 

Moreover, the Bulldog’s strengths and weaknesses make it a viable choice in certain situations.

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