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Bucky in Valorant — A Weapon Guide

Bucky is a shotgun available in the popular first-person shooter game Valorant. This weapon is a powerful tool in close-quarters combat and can quickly eliminate enemies with a well-placed shot. However, it requires a different playstyle and strategy compared to other weapons in the game. 

In this introduction, we will explore the best ways to use the Bucky in Valorant and provide some tips and tricks to help you master this lethal weapon. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned player, understanding the ins and outs of the Bucky can make a significant difference in your gameplay and give you an edge over your opponents. 

So, let’s dive in and discover how to use the Bucky effectively in Valorant.

Damage Stats

The Bucky is a formidable weapon in Valorant, particularly when engaging enemies at close range. With each shot, 15 pellets are released, which can deal up to 44 damage each if they hit the target’s head at close range. This makes the Bucky one of the most damaging guns in the game. 

Headshot with Bucky

Although its small magazine of only five bullets and slow fire rate can be a drawback, its alternate fire mode allows it to be effective at medium range as well as up close. By firing a more direct burst, the Bucky can quickly take out opponents up to a range of around 12 meters if most of the spread hits them.

Overall, the Bucky is an excellent choice for players who prefer to engage their enemies at close range and want a high-damage weapon that can also be effective at medium range.

Here’s a brief breakdown of Bucky’s Stats:

Primary Fire

Headshot with bucky


Movement And Spread Inaccuracy

The Bucky shotgun in Valorant offers two different spreads with its alternate fire mode: a wider spread for close-range engagements and a more direct burst for medium-range fights. However, the right-click won’t deal any damage if the target is too close, so players must be mindful of their range. 

Despite being a shotgun, the Bucky’s accuracy while moving and jumping remains consistent, making it an effective run-and-gun weapon. Patch 2.06 has improved the Bucky’s spread, making it more effective at close range, up to about 15 meters. When using the Bucky, players should consider its strengths and weaknesses and use it to its fullest potential to dominate their enemies.

The Bucky’s Right Click — Good But Not The Best

Previously, the main reason to buy the Bucky in Valorant was for its right-click alternate fire mode, which could compete with rifles at medium-range engagements but for a much lower cost. However, the 2.06 patch changes have made this strategy less effective. With fewer pellets on the right-click burst, players must aim more carefully and be mindful of the significant damage drop-off.

While getting up close with a shotgun remains the most effective strategy, using the right-click can still be useful when stuck in a medium-range engagement. Nevertheless, players must keep in mind the limitations of the Bucky’s right-click and use it judiciously.

Bucky When Paired With Movement

The Bucky’s slow rate of fire and damage drop-off at range are not significant drawbacks if players can get close to their opponents. Choosing the Bucky on a highly mobile character like Raze or Jett can make the shotgun almost unbeatable. 

At close range, even rifles like the Vandal or Phantom can’t compete unless the player lands a lucky headshot. By playing aggressively with the Bucky, players can quickly pick off enemies and swing the round in their favor.

Oni Bucky aiming for a kill

Despite its recent nerfs, the Bucky remains a popular choice for players because of its incredible damage output at a low cost of 850 Creds. While it may not be as powerful as the Phantom or Vandal, its value for money is hard to beat. It may not be at the top of the tier lists either, but it remains a highly effective weapon that can get the job done.

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Wrapping Up

Whether or not the Bucky is worth using in Valorant depends on the player’s playstyle and preferences. The Bucky is a highly situational weapon that excels in close-quarters combat but has limitations at longer ranges. 

However, if the player can effectively utilize its alternate fire mode and play aggressively, the Bucky can be a formidable weapon that can quickly eliminate opponents. Additionally, the Bucky is one of the cheaper weapons in Valorant, costing only 850 Creds, making it a cost-effective option for players who want a high-damage weapon without breaking the bank.

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