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Tree of Savior US Server (New Season)

Greetings, Saviors! As the new season opens, you surely wonder about the Tree Of Savior US server name. 

If so, you’ve arrived at the right place! Our resident gamers provided a quick overview of the new season’s US server along with the support server name and benefits. Let’s go! 

Support Server Name for the US Region

Just like in the past seasons, the new support servers will merge with the original servers. 

So, for the US region, the new server names are as follows:

Tree of Savior server list

In case you wonder, for non-US servers, refer to the following:

Support Server Benefits

Along with the new season’s new server names comes with valuable benefits for the increasing growth of Saviors like you. 

The new season’s servers aim to accommodate and support Tree of Savior players and have the best time playing the game. The new servers come with unique benefits like: 

Tree of Savior gameplay


Tree of Savior has been making the game more exciting. This new season sparks new servers not just in the US region but also in Europe and Southeast Asia [1]

But, whether you run the Tree of Savior US server or not, the game showers unique benefits for Saviors like you to keep progressing in the game and to level up.

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