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What Does Marnie Like in Stardew Valley? A Comprehensive Guide

Marnie, the beloved rancher in Stardew Valley, is known for her kind nature and lack of presence in her store’s register. Befriending Marnie is a rewarding experience, offering players recipes, free Hay, and valuable insights into her preferences.

This article will provide a detailed guide on what gifts Marnie likes in Stardew Valley, including loved, liked, neutral, disliked, and hated items. Whether you’re a new player or a seasoned farmer, understanding Marnie’s preferences will help you forge a strong friendship with this endearing character.

Information About Marnie

BirthdayFall 18
AddressMarnie’s Ranch
Lives inCindersap Forest
Clinic VisitFall 18, Winter 18 with Jas
FamilyJas (Niece) and Shane (Nephew)
Best GiftsPink Cake, Farmer’s Lunch, Diamond, Pumpkin Pie

What Gifts Does Marnie Like?

Stardew Valley - Marnie animal store owner

Presenting gifts is an effective way to win Marnie’s heart and increase your friendship with her. However, not all gifts are equal in her eyes. Marnie highly cherishes certain items, while others may offend her.

Remember that presenting a gift on her birthday (Fall 18th) will yield eight times more of the usual friendship points. Here is a breakdown of the gifts Marnie loves, likes, dislikes, and hates in Stardew Valley:

Loved Gifts

Liked Gifts

Stardew Valley - Marnie's loved gifts

Neutral Gifts

Disliked Gifts

Stardew Valley - wild horseradish

Hated Gifts

Understanding Marnie’s preferences will allow you to choose the right gifts and avoid offending her, maximizing your friendship points and progressing your relationship in Stardew Valley.

Movie Theater Preferences

If the movie theater in Pelican Town is operational, players can invite Marnie to attend a movie. By giving her a movie ticket, players gain friendship points based on her enjoyment of the film and concessions.

It’s worth noting that Marnie will never dislike any movie playing on a given day, suggesting her fondness for the cinema experience. Here are the preferences for movies:

Loved Films: The Miracle at Coldstar Ranch 

Liked Films: It Howls In The Rain, Journey Of The Prairie King: The Motion Picture, Mysterium, Natural Wonders: Exploring Our Vibrant World, The Brave Little Sapling, The Zuzu City Express, Wumbus

Disliked Films: None

Stardew Valley - the Zuzu City Express

While enjoying a movie, Marnie also has preferences with her concessions:

Loved Concessions: Ice Cream Sandwich, Stardrop Sorbet

Liked Concessions: All others not listed

Disliked Concessions (0 points): Black Licorice, Fries, JojaCola, JojaCorn, Nachos, Salted Peanuts, Truffle Popcorn

By considering Marnie’s movie and concessions preferences, players can plan their theater visits strategically to earn the maximum friendship points and deepen their bond with this cherished character.

Quests and Friendship Perks

Stardew Valley - Marnie grateful for gift

Like other people of Pelican Town, Marnie posts Help Wanted quests from time to time on Pierre’s store bulletin board. Completing these quests will assist Marnie and boost your friendship with her.

One such quest is “Cow’s Delight,” where Marnie asks for Amaranth, the loved treat of her cow, rewarding players with 500g and an increase of one heart in friendship.

Another quest, “Marnie’s Request,” becomes available once you reach three hearts with her. Marnie seeks a Cave Carrot to help train her goats. Fulfilling her request will reward you with a cutscene with her receiving the Cave Carrot.

Befriending Marnie in Stardew Valley also comes with its perks. As your friendship levels increase, she will send you recipes that can be valuable additions to your culinary repertoire. 

Marnie will share the recipe for Pale Broth at three hearts, replenishing 125 Energy and 56 Health using only 2 White Algae. 

Stardew Valley - carrying hay

At seven hearts, she will send you the recipe for Rhubarb Pie, which gives 215 Energy and 96 Health and is also considered a loved or liked gift by many villagers.

Additionally, Marnie may surprise you by sending 30 Hay. This thoughtful gesture can be beneficial during the challenging winter months in Year 1 when feeding animals becomes a struggle for some players.


Building a strong friendship with Marnie in Stardew Valley is rewarding. By understanding her gift preferences and movie tastes, players can deepen their bond and unlock her company’s benefits. She’s also offered many opportunities to enrich gameplay and enjoy Stardew Valley’s heartwarming interactions. 

So grab her favorite gifts, head to the theater, and embark on a journey to win Marnie’s heart in this delightful farming simulation game [1].

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