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How to Get Clay in Stardew Valley — A Comprehensive Guide

Stardew Valley, the beloved farming simulator game, offers players endless possibilities. From tending to crops and raising livestock to mining and crafting, there’s always something to do. One essential resource that players need for various crafting recipes is clay. 

Although clay may not be as abundant as other materials, it is crucial for specific items and building projects. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore different methods to obtain clay in Stardew Valley, its uses, and tips to maximize your clay-gathering efforts.

Finding Clay

To obtain clay in Stardew Valley, players have several methods at their disposal. Understanding where to look and how to optimize your search can significantly improve your chances of finding this valuable resource.

Tilling the Ground

When you till dirt, sand, or Artifact Spots, clay can pop out of the ground. This is the most common and reliable way to obtain clay.


Exploring the mines is another method to acquire clay. By using explosives like bombs, players can break rocks and ore veins, occasionally revealing clay along with other materials.

exploring mine stardew valley


Cracking open geodes with a Geode Crusher or visiting Clint at the Blacksmith can sometimes yield clay as one of the items inside.


During the Feast of the Winter Star event, you may receive clay as a gift from Jas or Vincent.

Uses of Clay

While clay may not have as many applications as other materials in Stardew Valley, it is still vital for specific items and construction projects. Understanding these uses will help you prioritize clay-gathering efforts.

Crafting Recipes

Clay is crucial in several crafting recipes, allowing players to create valuable items and enhance their farm.

Bone Mill

Requires 20 Stone, 10 Bone Fragments, and 3 Clay. This recipe is obtained through a particular order from Gunther.

Stardew Valley - bone mill

Brick Floor

Requires 5 Stone and 2 Clay. The recipe can be purchased from the Carpenter’s Shop for 500g.

Garden Pot

Requires 10 Stone, 1 Refined Quartz, and 1 Clay. Evelyn gives the recipe after completing the Greenhouse.

Deluxe Retaining Soil

Requires 5 Stone, 3 Fiber, and 1 Clay. This recipe can be bought at the Island Trader for 50 Cinder Shards.

Fiber Seeds

Requires 5 Sap, 1 Mixed Seed, and 1 Clay. The recipe is received via a particular order from Linus.

Quality Retaining Soil

Requires 3 Stone and 1 Clay. This recipe is received after attaining Farming Level 7.

Stardew Valley - clay

Building Construction


Building a Silo requires 100 Stone, 100g, 10 Clay, and 5 Copper Bars. The Silo allows you to cut and store grass for feed.


Clay can be used in the Spool of the Sewing Machine to produce a brown-hued Shirt. This allows you to customize your character’s appearance.


Clay can be used to create the orange-colored dye, adding further customization options to your farming experience.

Fish Pond Quests

Fish pond quests in Stardew Valley sometimes require clay as a requested item, so saving up a good amount of clay can be helpful for completing these quests efficiently.


Clay can be given as a gift to villagers. However, it is essential to note that clay is generally disliked or even hated by most non-playable characters in the game generally dislike or even hate clay. 

Stardew Valley - clay farming

NPCs [1] who dislike clay as a gift include Demetrius, Robin, Sandy, Elliott, Kent, Caroline, Linus, and Gus. While giving clay as gift to Vincent, Marnie, Sebastian, or Evelyn is seen to be of poor taste as they hate the item.

Additionally, clay has value as a tradable resource, and it can be sold for gold, allowing you to earn income in the game.


Clay is an essential resource in Stardew Valley, needed to craft items and construct buildings. This humble yet essential resource serves as the building block for many aspects of your farming journey. Players can secure a steady supply of clay by tilling the ground, exploring the mines, and strategically using explosives. 

Understanding its uses and prioritizing its collection will aid in the progress and development of your farm. This guide is equipped with the knowledge to gather clay and make the most of its applications in Stardew Valley’s immersive world.

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