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Stardew Valley Marnie — A Friendly Rancher’s Guide

Welcome, fellow Stardew Valley enthusiasts, to a delightful journey filled with charm, friendship, and the joy of country living! Today, we invite you to join us as we explore the heartwarming world of Marnie, a beloved character in this unique farming simulator game.

Whether you’re a newcomer to the game or a seasoned veteran looking to deepen your connection with Marnie, this friendly rancher’s guide will help you uncover her secrets, build a lasting friendship, and unlock the hidden gems within Stardew Valley.

Where and How to Find Marnie

1. Marnie's Location and Occupation

Marnie’s Ranch serves as her primary residence and workplace. Located in the southwest of Pelican Town in Cindersap Forest, it’s a vibrant and bustling place filled with animals and nature. Marnie tends to her animals or works in the fields, ensuring the ranch runs smoothly.

Stardew Valley - Marnie's farm

2. Schedule and Activities

Marnie follows a specific schedule in Stardew Valley. She usually wakes up around 6 AM and begins her day at the Ranch Store, where she manages the inventory and assists customers. 

Throughout the day, she focuses on caring for her animals, ensuring they are fed and comfortable. She attends exercise classes at Pierre’s General Store on Tuesdays with other townsfolk to maintain her physical health. 

Marnie can often be found at the Stardrop Saloon in the evenings, enjoying a well-deserved break and socializing, especially with Mayor Lewis.

Understanding Marnie’s Relationship in Stardew Valley

Marnie's Family and Living Arrangements

While Marnie works alone on her ranch, she shares a close bond with her nephew, Shane, and niece, Jas, who reside with her. 

Stardew Valley - Marnie's home

As a caring and nurturing aunt, Marnie is deeply concerned about Shane’s well-being and often expresses her worries regarding his habits and lifestyle choices. Her role as a rancher and a guardian showcases her dedication to her family.

Relationship with Mayor Lewis

Marnie and Mayor Lewis have a complex relationship hinted at through various interactions and heart events. While the details of their history are shrouded in mystery, their conversations and actions imply that something is going on between them.

As players progress through heart events, they can uncover more about their relationship, leading to intriguing story developments and a deeper understanding of both characters. At one point, Mayor Lewis will look for his lucky purple shorts, and you’ll find them in Marnie’s Room.

Marnie’s Gift Preferences

Loved Gifts

Marnie is fond of items that reflect her love for animals and nature. All Universal Loves, Diamond, Pink Cake, Farmer’s Lunch, and Pumpkin Pie gifts are adored by her. These thoughtful presents will bring her heart joy and significantly boost your friendship.

Liked Gifts

Alongside her passion for animals, Marnie appreciates farm-produced items. Gifts like All Universal Likes, All Eggs (excluding Void Egg), All Milk, and Quartz are well-received by her.

Stardew Valley - Marnie happy with gift

Neutral Gifts

Most vegetables and fruits fall into the neutral category for Marnie. While she won’t be ecstatic about receiving these gifts, they won’t harm your friendship either. They are a reliable option when you need clarification on her preferences.

Disliked Gifts

Marnie has her share of dislikes as well. All Universal Dislikes, excluding Clay, are disliked by her. Additionally, she prefers something other than Salmonberry, Seaweed, and Wild Horseradish. It’s advisable to avoid these items when gifting Marnie if you’re aiming to strengthen your bond.

Hated Gifts

Like every character in Stardew Valley, Marnie has a few items she hates receiving. These items include All Universal Hates, Clay, and Holly for her. Gifting her these items will harm your friendship and should be avoided if you want to maintain a positive relationship.

What are Marnie’s Favorite Movies and Concessions?

Favorite Movies

Marnie has a preference for movies that relate to her interests. She particularly enjoys “The Miracle At Coldstar Ranch,” a film depicting humans’ bond during the Winter Star season. As for the other movies, Stardew Valley’s Marnie likes the rest of them and has no Disliked movies to watch.

Stardew Valley - Miracle at Coldstar Ranch movie

Preferred Concessions

When enjoying a day out, Marnie has a few preferred concessions. She has a sweet tooth and enjoys indulging in Ice Cream sandwiches and Stardrop Sorbet. Her Dislikes are Black Licorice, Fries, Joja Cola, JojaCorn, Nachos, Salted Peanuts, and Truffle Popcorn.

Important Heart Events for Marnie

Zero Hearts

The player will receive a gift from Marnie in the mail.

Three Hearts I

At three hearts, Marnie tells you she loves Cave Carrots and requests one from you. A cutscene plays if a Cave Carrot is equipped when returning to Marnie’s Ranch.

Three Hearts II

When you reach three hearts with Marnie, she will send you the recipe for Pale Broth in the mail with this note:

Stardew Valley - three hearts

“Dear neighbor,

When I’m not caring for animals, I like to experiment in the kitchen. Since we’ve become friends, I want to share some recipes with you.

I hope you like this!

– Marnie”

Six Hearts

At six hearts, you will overhear Marnie and Mayor Lewis talking about making their relationship known to the whole town. Mayor Lewis convinces Marnie to keep it a secret as it would question his position as Mayor of the town. You decide to tell them that you heard them, and you’ll tell the others or keep it to yourself after they notice you’re around.

Seven Hearts

Once you’ve reached seven hearts with Marnie, she will send you the recipe for Rhubarb Pie in the mail with this letter:

“Dear neighbor,

When I’m not caring for animals, I like to experiment in the kitchen. Since we’ve become friends, I want to share some recipes with you.

I hope you like this!

– Marnie”

Stardew Valley - giving Marnie a gift

This heart event is the last one with a cutscene for Marnie, but you can still reach the maximum Ten Friendship Hearts level with her.

Quotes that Marnie Says

Regular Dialogue

Marnie engages in various conversations throughout the game, reflecting on the seasons, time of day, and location. She often discusses animals, farming, and life on the ranch. 

Engaging in regular dialogue with Marnie adds depth to her character and reveals interesting tidbits about her life and interests.

Events Dialogue

Marnie provides unique insights and comments that reflect her personality during festivals and events. 

Stardew Valley - marrying Marnie

Whether discussing the importance of community or expressing her excitement for the festivities, her festival dialogue adds to the immersive experience of Stardew Valley’s vibrant celebrations.

Quests for Marnie

1. Marnie's Request

Marnie occasionally requests specific items at the “Help Wanted” board outside Pierre’s General Store. Fulfilling her requests earns you rewards such as money and increased Friendship points, 150 to be exact, with Marnie.

These quests provide an excellent opportunity to showcase your dedication to the ranching lifestyle and help Marnie in her endeavors.

2. Cow's Delight

Marnie may ask you to gather a bunch of Amaranth for her cows in one of her quests. By completing this quest, you demonstrate your understanding of animal care and showcase your bond with the animals on her ranch. 

Stardew Valley - cow's delight quest completed

This quest further emphasizes the importance of Marnie’s love for her animals. Upon completion, you will get 500g and gain a Friendship heart with Marnie.

Marnie’s Game Gallery Evolution

As you develop your relationship with Marnie, her portraits will unlock in the game’s gallery, visually representing her character. These portraits capture her warmth, kindness, and dedication to her animals, allowing you to appreciate her beauty and charm.


With her love for animals, nurturing nature, and dedication to her ranch, Marnie brings a unique charm to Stardew Valley.  By understanding her location, relationships, gift preferences, heart events, quotes, and quests, players can forge a connection with her and unlock the full richness of her character. 

Engaging with Marnie reveals more about the game’s narrative. It allows players to appreciate the intricate web of relationships and stories that make Stardew Valley a genuinely immersive and enchanting gaming [1] experience.

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