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Doctor’s Delights: What Does Harvey Like in Stardew Valley?

Stardew Valley offers players a vibrant, immersive world with charming characters and engaging activities. One of the critical aspects of the game is building relationships with the townsfolk, and one character that players often seek to befriend or romance is Harvey, the town’s doctor. 

In this article, we will delve into the gifts Harvey likes in Stardew Valley and how they can help deepen your bond with him.

Befriending or Romancing Harvey in Stardew Valley

Befriending or romancing Harvey can be a rewarding experience in Stardew Valley. As the town’s doctor, he is crucial in caring for the community’s health and well-being. 

Interacting with Harvey allows players to learn more about his life, interests, and struggles, adding depth to the game’s narrative. In Stardew Valley, giving gifts is a primary way to increase your friendship levels with the townsfolk, including Harvey. 

Moreover, befriending Harvey opens up new dialogue options, quests, and potential benefits, such as receiving medical treatment and receiving helpful advice.

Stardew Valley - Harvey at his clinic

By offering gifts he likes, players can quickly raise their friendship points with him and unlock new heart events, providing further insight into his character. Understanding Harvey’s preferred gifts is essential for cultivating a solid and meaningful relationship with him.

Gifts Harvey Loves

You need several gifts he loves to make a lasting impression on Harvey. These gifts significantly impact increasing friendship points and can help players progress in their relationship with him. Take a look at the table below for a comprehensive list of gifts Harvey loves:

Stardew Valley - Harvey's liked gifts

Offering any of these gifts to Harvey will substantially increase friendship points, bringing you closer to him.

Gifts Harvey Likes

In addition to the gifts Harvey loves, there is an extensive list of items he likes. While these gifts don’t provide as many friendship points as his treasured gifts, they still contribute to building a solid bond. Refer to the table below for a detailed list of gifts Harvey likes:

Gifts that Harvey Likes

All Universal Likes
(excluding Cheese, Goat Cheese)

(excluding these dishes: Rice Pudding, Pizza, Rhubarb Pie, Pink Cake, Ice Cream, Hashbrowns, Pancakes, Glazed Yams, Cranberry Sauce, Cookie, Fried Mushroom, Blueberry Tart, Chocolate Cake)


Goat Milk

Purple Mushroom

Common Mushroom

Large Goat Milk




Snow Yam



Spring Onion

Duck Egg


Wild Horseradish

Duck Feather

Magma Cap

Winter Root




Gifts Harvey is Neutral to

Neutral gifts don’t give as many friendship points, but they are also good substitutes to give to Harvey when his loves and likes aren’t available in your inventory.

Stardew Valley - Harvey at home


Gifts That Harvey Dislikes and Hates

While it’s essential to focus on gifts Harvey loves and likes, it’s equally crucial to avoid giving him gifts he dislikes or hates. These gifts will harm your friendship progress and can even decrease your relationship points. Here are the gifts that Harvey dislikes and hates:



    • Any Bait
    • Any Fossil
    • Any Monster Loot (excluding Solar Essence, Void Essence)
    • Any Trash (excluding Driftwood)
    • Artifact Trove, Bug Steak, Carp, Copper Ore, Crab Pot, Dragon Tooth, Drum Block, Energy Tonic, Error Item, Explosive Ammo, Fairy Dust, Flute Block, Grass Starter, Green Algae, Golden Coconut, Hay, Iron Ore, Journal Scrap, Monster Musk, Muscle Remedy, Oil of Garlic, Poppy, Qi Seasoning, Radioactive Bar, Radioactive Ore, Rain Totem, Red Mushroom, Sap, Sea Urchin, Seafoam Pudding, Seaweed, Secret notes, Slime Eggs, Snail, Strange Bun, Sugar, Torch, Treasure Chest, Void Mayonnaise, Warp Totems, White Algae
picking up spice berry stardew valley

Remember, it’s best to avoid giving Harvey these items as gifts to maintain or improve your friendship with him in Stardew Valley [1].


Throughout this guide, we’ve explored an extensive list of gifts Harvey loves, likes, dislikes, and even hates. From his all-time favorite Coffee to rare finds like Prismatic Shards and Golden Pumpkins, plenty of options exist to delight Harvey and deepen your connection. 

By presenting him with these cherished gifts, you’ll witness the growth of your friendship.

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