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Stardew Valley Stardrops — Unlocking its Magic and Secrets

Stardew Valley is a beloved farming simulation game that offers many items and activities to engage players. One highly sought-after item in the game is the Stardrop, a consumable that significantly boosts the player’s maximum energy.

In this article, we will explore the various locations where Stardrops can be obtained, examine the in-game text associated with consuming a Stardrop, delve into interesting trivia, discuss related achievements, review the history of Stardrops in the game, and provide a guide on acquiring all seven Stardrops.


Stardew Valley Fair

The Stardew Valley Fair is an annual event on Fall 16th. It offers an opportunity to purchase a Stardrop for 2,000 Star Tokens.

Star Tokens can be earned through various activities during the fair, including interacting with fair booths, completing the grange display contest, and participating in the fishing mini-game.

To increase your chances of winning the grange display contest, focus on showcasing high-quality crops, artisan goods, and beautifully crafted items. Here are some tips to excel in the competition:

At the fair

Grow high-quality crops +

Prioritize growing crops of the highest quality using fertilizer and watering them regularly. Remember to harvest them at the peak of their freshness to maximize their quality.

Craft artisan goods

Utilize your crafting skills to create artisan goods such as jams, jellies, and wines. These products fetch higher prices and are highly valued in Stardew Valley’s grange display.

Add diversity to your display

Diversifying your grange display increases the chance to garner more points. So don’t limit the grange display items; you can add foraged, cooked, and fished items as well!

The Mines (Floor 100)

Venturing deep into the Mines of Stardew Valley can reward you with a Stardrop. On the 100th floor of the Mines, a treasure chest awaits the intrepid miner. Opening this chest grants you a valuable Stardrop, a well-deserved reward for your exploration and combat prowess.


Building strong relationships with the characters in Stardew Valley can lead to heartwarming rewards. Once you reach a friendship level of 12.5 hearts with your spouse or roommate, they will gift you a Stardrop as a token of their love and appreciation.

Receiving the spouse task

This gesture emphasizes the importance of nurturing friendships and romantic relationships in the game. It’s important to note that obtaining a Stardrop from a spouse or roommate also applies to multiplayer mode, but only one can be obtained.

Krobus in The Sewers

Krobus, the friendly shadow-dwelling merchant found in The Sewers, offers a Stardrop for sale at 20,000g. Saving up your hard-earned gold can grant you this valuable item.

The Sewers can be accessed through the hidden entrance in the sewer cover in Pelican Town once you have obtained the Rusty Key.

Old Master Cannoli in the Secret Woods

Stardew Valley’s Secret Woods, located northwest of Cindersap Forest, holds a special opportunity to acquire a Stardrop. By presenting a Sweet Gem Berry to the enigmatic Old Master Cannoli, you will be rewarded with a Stardrop.

The Sweet Gem Berry is a rare crop that can be grown during Fall. Cultivate it carefully and bring it to Old Master Cannoli to receive the Stardrop.

old master cannoli stardew valley

Willy's Letter after attaining Master Angler Achievement

Fishing enthusiasts will be pleased to know that their angling skills can be rewarded with a Stardrop.

Once you achieve the Master Angler Achievement by catching every fish in the game, you will receive a letter from Willy, the experienced fisherman. This letter contains a Stardrop as a testament to your fishing prowess.

Museum Donation

For those who appreciate the value of preserving the town’s history and artifacts, a significant reward awaits at the Museum. By diligently donating all 95 items to the Museum, you will unlock a Stardrop.

This achievement not only benefits your character but also contributes to the preservation of the town’s cultural heritage.


stardrop stardew valley

When consuming a Stardrop in Stardew Valley, a descriptive text emphasizes its magical effects on your character. The text varies depending on the “Favorite Thing” set by the player in the character creation menu.

The text displays a personalized message, adding a touch of individuality to each player’s experience. The following table showcases examples of the text displayed when consuming a Stardrop:

Favorite Thing

Text upon consuming a Stardrop


You’re not sure how, but you’ve gained more pep!


You feel satisfied. You feel like you’re going to be rich someday.


The world around you is alive with energy.


You’ve gained a deeper appreciation for the culinary arts.


Stardrops have some intriguing trivia associated with them. Here are a few fascinating facts:


Getting stardrop Stardew Valley

One noteworthy achievement related to Stardrops is the “Mystery of the Stardrops.” This achievement is unlocked after finding all seven Stardrops in the game. 

Accomplishing this feat demonstrates thorough exploration, dedication, and an in-depth understanding of the game’s mechanics [1]. It serves as a testament to your mastery of Stardew Valley’s secrets.


Collecting Stardrops in Stardew Valley is a rewarding endeavor that significantly boosts your character’s energy and health. Whether obtained through the Stardew Valley Fair, exploration in the Mines, nurturing relationships, or other means, Stardrops is crucial in maximizing your potential in the game.

So, go forth, farmer, and collect those Stardrops to enhance your farming adventures in Stardew Valley!

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