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Stardew Valley Grange Display Guide — How to Win and Master the Art of Farm Showcase

The Stardew Valley Fair is an eagerly anticipated annual event in Pelican Town, where the townspeople gather to celebrate and showcase their talents. The Grange Display contest is Central to the festivities, a thrilling competition allowing farmers to exhibit their finest produce. 

This comprehensive guide will delve into every aspect of the Grange Display, equipping you with the knowledge and strategies needed to emerge victorious. Whether you’re a seasoned farmer aiming to dethrone Pierre or a newcomer looking to make a splash in your first year, this guide will provide you with the tools to excel in the art of farm showcase.

Understanding The Scoring System

The scoring system in the Stardew Valley Grange Display contest determines the points awarded to farmers based on various factors. 

Stardew Valley - invitation to set up a Grange Display

Understanding how points are calculated is essential for maximizing your score and increasing your chances of winning the competition. Let’s break down the scoring system in detail:


Below is a table that shows how many points are needed to land first place and its rewards:


Points Required


First Place

90 points and above

1,000 Star Tokens

Second Place

75 points

500 Star Tokens

Third Place

60 points

200 Star Tokens

Fourth Place

60 points or less

50 Star Tokens


Inclusion of Mayor Lewis’ shorts

750 Star Tokens

Approach Mayor Lewis after setting up your display so he can judge all contest entries. He will judge the displays and announce the winners, depending on the points earned. 

Stardew Valley - winning 1st place

When playing on a multiplayer server, all players share one display. Retrieve the items after the event; if forgotten, they can be collected at the Mayor’s Manor’s Lost and Found box.

Base Points

By simply entering the Grange Display contest, you automatically earn 14 base points. This serves as the starting point for your score. 

Number of Items Entered

The number of items you include in your display contributes to your overall score. It’s essential to have a full display with nine items to earn the maximum points. Here’s a breakdown of the points awarded based on the number of items entered:

Stardew Valley - displaying 9 items at fair

Number of Items Entered

Points Awarded






















The Grange Display recognizes eight item categories. Including items from these categories adds additional points to your score. To maximize your points, include at least one item from each category.

Stardew Valley - Grange Display set up

However, it’s important to note that you only need to focus on six out of the eight categories to earn the category bonus. Here are the item categories and the points awarded for including items from each:


Points Awarded

Animal Products


Artisan Goods






Foraging (inclusive of Flowers and Tree Saps)








Sell Price and Quality of Items

The selling price and quality of the items in your display also impact your score. Higher-quality items and those with a higher sell price earn more points. Here’s a breakdown of the points awarded based on the selling price and quality of items:

Stardew Valley - products for Grange Display

Selling Price

Base Quality

Silver Quality

Gold Quality

Iridium Quality


1 point

2 points

3 points

5 points


2 points

3 points

4 points

6 points


3 points

4 points

5 points

7 points


4 points

5 points

6 points

8 points


5 points

6 points

6 points

8 points

400g and above

6 points

6 points

6 points

8 points

When selecting them for display, it’s essential to consider your items’ quality and sales price.

Tips for Strategic Item Selection

Creating an impressive and winning Grange Display involves careful selection and thoughtful presentation. Strategic item selection is crucial in achieving a high score in the Grange Display contest at the Stardew Valley Fair. 

Stardew Valley - talking to Pierre at the fair

To maximize your points and increase your chances of winning, consider the following tips when choosing items for your display:

Prioritize Variety

Including items from multiple categories is essential for earning the category bonus and additional points. Aim to have at least one item from each of the six required categories:

This variety demonstrates the breadth of your farming skills and adds visual interest to your display.

Focus on High-Quality Items

Given the limited space for your display, make each item count. Focus on including high-scoring items while maintaining a sense of variety. While nine items are required, prioritize quality over quantity. Avoid including low-value or low-quality items that may drag down your overall score.

Stardew Valley - winning 1000 star tokens

Items with higher quality levels earn more points in the scoring system. Prioritize including items of silver, gold, or iridium quality in your display whenever possible. By showcasing high-quality items, you boost your overall score and demonstrate your mastery of farming techniques.

Attainable First-Year Items

While winning the Grange Display contest in your first year can be challenging, it is possible. Focus on including attainable items available within the first year of gameplay [1]. 

Some examples of such items include gold cheese, cheese cauliflower, goat cheese, melons, and purple mushrooms. 

These items provide significant points without requiring extensive investments or late-game equipment and tools but require attention to your crops, animals, and villager relationships.

Stardew Valley - adding milk to Grange Display

Make sure to store your best and most unique items you collected throughout Spring, Summer, and Fall in your first year so they can be displayed at the festival.

Consider Seasonal Crops and Forageable Items

Plan and save the best crops and forageable items from each season to include in your display. Pay attention to the fair’s timing and ensure you have high-value items from each season. 

You can secure valuable items contributing to your score by strategically timing your plantings and foraging activities.

Strategically plan your farm’s layout and crop selection to optimize your chances of obtaining high-value items for future Grange Displays. This includes planning crop rotations, maximizing greenhouse potential, and utilizing crop quality-boosting techniques.

Stardew Valley - various crops

Seize opportunities for additional bonuses, such as applying fertilizer to enhance the quality of your items.

Leverage Professions and Perks

Certain professions and perks can increase the value of specific items, leading to higher scores in the Grange Display. Some increase the value of your products or ensure the highest quality available, allowing for more points. 

Consider selecting professions that align with your display goals to maximize your score.

For example, the Rancher profession boosts the value of animal products, making them more valuable in your display. Select professions aligning with your display goals to maximize your score potential.

Cultivate Relationships

Building strong relationships with specific characters in Pelican Town can provide benefits that enhance your Grange Display. Some characters offer recipes or items, allowing you to acquire high-value items more quickly. 

Stardew Valley - date night

Foster these relationships and leverage their advantages to obtain valuable items for your display.

Continuous Improvement

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t win the contest on your first attempt. Take note of your score, analyze your display, and make improvements. 

Learn from the experience and apply lessons to enhance your selection and presentation strategies. Each year, you can increase your chances of claiming first place.


The Grange Display contest at the Stardew Valley Fair presents an exciting opportunity for farmers to showcase their skills and claim victory. By understanding the scoring system, strategically selecting items, and presenting them thoughtfully, you can achieve a high score and secure first place. 

Show off the fruits of your labor, captivate the fair attendees, and establish your reputation as a master of the Grange Display. Best of luck as you embark on this exciting journey of farm, showcases in Stardew Valley!

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