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Best Gifts for Sam in Stardew Valley

In Stardew Valley, building relationships with villagers is an essential aspect of the game. Being a part of the marriage candidates available to players, Sam is a relaxed and friendly character. Whether you’re aiming to marry Sam or simply want to be good friends, knowing his favorite gifts can significantly enhance your bond.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll provide you with the best gifts for Sam, including his loved, liked, and universal loved gifts, ensuring that you make the most of your interactions with this cheerful character!

Loved Gifts

Sam has a handful of gifts he loves, which will grant you 80 friendship points each. These gifts are Cactus Fruit, Maple Bars, Pizza, and Tigerseye. Remember, on Sam’s birthday (Summer 17), you’ll receive 8x friendship points for any gift you give him!

You’ll need 1x Maple syrup, 1x Sugar, and 1x heat flour to prepare Maple Bars. Its recipe is obtained by watching The Queen of Sauce on the 14th of Summer, Year 2.

Pizza, another favorite, can be made using 1x Cheese, 1x Tomato, and 1x Wheat flour. The Saloon usually stocks Pizza, but its recipe [1] is available by watching The Queen of Sauce on the 7th of Spring, Year 2.

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Tigerseye, a gem loved by Sam, can be obtained by cracking Magma Geodes and Omni Geodes. Lastly, you can get Cactus Fruit from Cactus Seeds, or alternatively can be foraged in the Calico Desert or purchased from the Oasis shop.

Universal Loved Gifts

In addition to specific loved and liked gifts, Sam also falls into the category of universal loved gifts. So, what does Sam like in Stardew Valley?

These gifts include Prismatic Shards, Rabbit’s Foot, Magic Rock Candy, Golden Pumpkins, and Pearls. Presenting any of these items to Sam will undoubtedly increase your friendship with him.

Sam’s Loved Gifts List

Liked Gifts

Sam also appreciates other gifts, which will gain you 45 friendship points each. These include Joja Cola, found while fishing, trash cans, or vending machines. He also likes eggs (excluding Void Eggs). Dinosaur Eggs are considered artifacts, not regular eggs.

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Universally Liked Gifts

Sam also appreciates universal liked gifts, which many other villagers love. These gifts include Maple Syrup, Life Elixir, and items falling into various categories such as artisan goods, cooked dishes, flowers, foraged minerals, gems, vegetables, and fruit tree fruits.

However, remember that Sam dislikes the majority of vegetables and strongly dislikes duck mayonnaise, regular mayonnaise, and pickles.

Sam’s Likes List

All Universal Likes

The only exception to Sam’s universally liked gifts is All Vegetables.

Other Gifting Options for Sam

Sam also has specific Neutral, Disliked, and Hated gifts. While Neutral gifts do not give a significant boost to your friendship points, they are still accepted well. Steer clear of Disliked and Hated gifts, however, as these decrease your hard-earned friendship points.

Stardew Valley - Sam

Sam’s Neutral Gifts

Sam’s Disliked Gifts

Sam’s Hated Gifts

What are good gifts for Sam?

Good gifts for Sam in Stardew Valley are items that he loves or likes. But, the best gifts you can give are Pizza, Cactus Fruit, and Joja Cola.

These are the more readily available and accessible gifts that Remember, giving Sam any of these loved or liked gifts will increase your friendship with him.

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Additionally, giving Sam a birthday gift (Summer 17) will earn you even more friendship points.

By giving Sam gifts that he loves or likes, you can continue to strengthen your bond and develop a positive relationship with him in Stardew Valley, maybe even be in a relationship and get married.


Giving Sam his favorite gifts can deepen your friendship or even pave the way for a romantic relationship in Stardew Valley. Whether it’s the delightful taste of Pizza, the vibrant Tigerseye gem, or the universally loved Prismatic Shards, these thoughtful offerings will surely bring a smile to Sam’s face.

Use this comprehensive gift guide to strengthen your bond with Sam and unlock the full potential of your relationship in the idyllic world of Stardew Valley.

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