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What Does Sam Like in Stardew Valley? The Musical Maverick’s Gifts and Hobbies

In Stardew Valley, players encounter Sam, the musical of Pelican Town. Understanding Sam’s likes and hobbies is essential for forging a strong bond with him. 

This guide aims to provide valuable insights into Sam’s preferences, enabling players to build a deeper connection with this charismatic character.

Sam's Profile in Stardew Valley

Sam brings a vibrant and energetic presence to Pelican Town. As the town’s resident musician, he can often be found strumming his guitar with his friends Sebastian and Abigail, spreading his infectious enthusiasm for music. 

Sam quickly becomes popular among the townsfolk with his laid-back and friendly nature, making him a compelling character to befriend and romance.

Sam's Schedule

It’s essential to understand Sam’s schedule and routine. Players can find him working part-time at JojaMart or hanging around town with a skateboard. Fridays are particularly exciting, as Sam participates in a game of pool at the lively Stardrop Saloon. 

Stardew Valley - Sam

In his free time, Sam spends time at home playing guitar. It’s also worth watching for festivals and events, as Sam loves to engage in various activities during these special occasions.

Sam's Favorite Gifts in Stardew Valley

Winning Sam’s heart involves selecting the right gifts that align with his interests and hobbies. Below is a table of items that Sam loves and likes, categorized according to their relevance to music and his other preferences:

Love (+80 Friendship Points)

Love (+45 Friendship Points)

Neutral (+20 Friendship Points)

All Universal Loves
(Golden Pumpkin, Pearl, Rabbit’s Foot, Magic Rock Candy, Prismatic Shard)

All Universal Likes
(excluding Duck Mayonnaise, Mayonnaise, Vegetables, and Pickles)

All Universal Neutrals


All Eggs (excluding Void Egg)

All Fruit (excluding Salmonberry, Cactus Fruit, Fruit Tree Fruit)

Maple Bar

Joja Cola

All Milk

Cactus Fruit




Choosing appropriate gifts can significantly impact your relationship with Sam and earn you valuable friendship points. It’s vital to present him with items that resonate with his passions and show that you pay attention to his likes.

Stardew Valley - cactus fruit inventory

Sam's Hobbies in Stardew Valley

Music and skateboarding define Sam’s character. His love for music, especially playing the guitar, runs deep. Music influences his personality and serves as an avenue for self-expression. 

Participating in music-related activities, such as playing instruments or attending events, provides excellent opportunities to bond with Sam over his greatest passion.

Skateboarding is another activity that Sam enjoys, showcasing his adventurous side. Players can find him showcasing his skills on the skateboard around town.

Sam's Heart Events

Unveiling Sam’s heart events will deepen your understanding of his character and strengthen your bond. These events occur at different friendship levels, showcasing significant moments in Sam’s life. Some notable heart events include:

learning about sam stardew valley

Friendship and Romance with Sam

Building a solid friendship with Sam involves engaging in conversations and spending quality time together. Participating in events and festivals where Sam is present is an excellent way to bond with him and increase your friendship. 

You can demonstrate your thoughtfulness and strengthen your connection with him by understanding his loved or liked gifts and giving them to him.

For players interested in pursuing a romantic relationship with Sam in Stardew Valley, it’s crucial to fulfill the requirements for marriage, such as increasing your friendship level and upgrading your farmhouse. 


Sam’s vibrant personality and love for music and skateboarding make him an intriguing character to explore in Stardew Valley [1]. By understanding his likes and hobbies, players can embark on a journey to build a strong bond and potentially pursue a romantic relationship with this musical maverick. 

From discovering his secret hobbies to joining him in heartfelt concerts, the opportunities to connect with Sam are plentiful. So, unleash your inner musical maverick and embark on an adventure to understand and appreciate Sam’s unique character within Stardew Valley.

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