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Stardew Valley Obelisk Guide — How to Unlock and Use for Convenient Travel

In the beloved farming simulation game Stardew Valley, Obelisks provide players with quick and convenient transportation to various locations. With their magical abilities, Obelisks allow you to explore different areas without the hassle of lengthy journeys.

This guide will walk you through unlocking and utilizing Obelisks in Stardew Valley, ensuring you can make the most of these invaluable structures.

Understanding the Obelisks

The Obelisks in Stardew Valley are farm buildings that can be obtained from the Wizard at the Wizard’s Tower. Each Obelisk enables you to teleport to a specific location, saving time and effort. The four types of Obelisks available are:

Earth Obelisk

The Earth Obelisk lets you teleport to the mountains with a single click. It provides quick access to the mountainous region where you can forage for valuable items, mine ores, and interact with various NPCs.

Water Obelisk

The Water Obelisk transports you to the Beach. This provides convenient access to fishing spots, allowing you to cast your line and catch various fish species for profit or to complete quests.

obelisk stardew valley

Desert Obelisk

The Desert Obelisk teleports you to the Calico Desert, a place of mystery and valuable resources. This area is filled with opportunities for exploration and adventure.

Island Obelisk

The Island Obelisk is the final Obelisk available from the Wizard in Stardew Valley. It allows you to warp up to Ginger Island, a tropical paradise filled with unique activities and challenges.

This island opens up a whole new range of activities and attractions, including island farming, Golden Walnut puzzles, exploring the Volcano Dungeon, and uncovering the secrets of the Pirate Cove.

island obelisk stardew valley

Each Obelisk provides a convenient way to access different locations in Stardew Valley, saving you time on travel and allowing you to focus on farming, exploring, and completing quests.

Unlocking the Obelisks

To unlock the Obelisks, you need to complete certain milestones in the game:

1. Complete the Community Center (or Joja Warehouse)

The Community Center offers challenges covering various aspects of the game. Completing all the bundles triggers a cutscene and unlocks the Wizard’s Quests.

2. Complete the Wizard's Quests

Dark Talisman

Obtain the Dark Talisman from the Mutant Bug Lair at the Sewers in Stardew Valley. This grants access to the Witch’s Swamp.

Goblin Problem

Provide a jar of Void Mayonnaise to the Goblin Henchman at the Witch’s Hut to unlock the Witch’s Hut. Retrieve the Wizard’s Magic Ink from the hut and give it to the Wizard.

arrival at ginger island stardew valley

3. Unlock Ginger Island (for Island Obelisk)

Repair Willy’s Boat by gathering 200 Hardwood, 5 Battery Packs, and 5 Bars of Iridium. This unlocks Ginger Island, a tropical paradise with exciting activities.

4. Obtain the Obelisks

Earth Obelisk

Summoned at the Wizard’s Tower using 10 Iridium Bars, 10 Earth Crystals, and 500,000g.

Water Obelisk

Summoned at the Wizard’s Tower using 5 Iridium Bars, 10 Clams, 10 Corals, and 500,000g.

Desert Obelisk

Summoned at the Wizard’s Tower using 20 Iridium Bars, 10 Coconuts, 10 Cactus Fruits, and 1,000,000g.

Island Obelisk

Summoned at the Wizard’s Tower using 10 Iridium Bars, 10 Dragon Tooths, 10 Bananas, and 1,000,000g.

5. Utilize the Obelisks

Interact with the Obelisks to activate the teleportation option. Take advantage of the Obelisks to save time on travel and access resources and activities in each area.

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List of Totems in Stardew Valley

Apart from the obelisk, warp totems can also be transported to different locations but are consumed at use.

Warp Totems

Warp Totem: Beach

This totem allows you to teleport to the beach area. Using the Warp Totem: Beach instantly transports you to the sandy shores of Stardew Valley, where you can gather seashells, fish, participate in beach events, and interact with villagers who frequent the beach.

Warp Totem: Desert

The Warp Totem: Desert teleports you to the Calico Desert. Using this totem, you can quickly travel to the desert area and explore the Skull Cavern, visit the Oasis, or engage in desert-specific activities like purchasing rare items from the Desert Trader.

Warp Totem: Farm

The Warp Totem: Farm allows you to return to your farm from any location. It is a convenient way to instantly teleport back home when you’re done with your adventures or need to take care of farm-related tasks.

Warp Totem: Island

This totem enables you to warp directly to Ginger Island. You can swiftly travel to the tropical paradise using the Warp Totem: Island.

using warp totem stardew valley

Warp Totem: Mountains

The Warp Totem: Mountains transport you to the mountainous region of Stardew Valley. Utilizing this totem, you can quickly reach the mountains, forage for valuable items, mine ores, and interact with NPCs such as the dwarf and the adventurer’s guild.

Permanent Teleporters

Here are the other permanent teleporters in Stardew Valley:

Farm Obelisk

The Farm Obelisk allows you to return to your farm from the Ginger Island farm. Similar to the Warp Totem: Farm, the Farm Obelisk provides a convenient way to teleport back home whenever needed.

Return Scepter

The Return Scepter teleports you outside of your farmhouse instantly. It allows you to quickly return home from any location in Stardew Valley, providing a swift means of transportation.

Other Totems


The Mini-Obelisk allows you to teleport within your farm. It provides a convenient way to navigate your vast property, helping you quickly save time and reach desired areas.

Rain Totem

using rain totem stardew valley

The Rain Totem summons rain on your farm the next day, automatically helping water crops. It eliminates the need for watering cans and ensures crops receive the necessary hydration during dry spells. This also helps when trying to obtain fish that only appear on rainy days.

These totems and teleporters are valuable tools for efficient travel and managing your farm in Stardew Valley. They provide quick access to specific locations, saving you time and enabling you to engage in various activities throughout the game.


The Obelisks in Stardew Valley are potent structures that provide players with quick and convenient transportation to various locations within the game. These mystical monuments serve as permanent teleporters, allowing you to move effortlessly between different areas of the game world [1].

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