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Digging Deeper: How to Get Iron in Stardew Valley Like a Pro!

Stardew Valley, the popular farming simulation game, offers a rich gameplay experience with various resources to gather and craft. Iron Ore is vital in crafting essential items and upgrading tools among these resources.

In this article, we will delve into the importance of Iron and explore the different methods to obtain it.

Crafting with Iron Bars

Iron bars are a versatile resource for crafting a wide range of items. Here are some examples of things that can be prepared using Iron bars:

Combat Equipment


Farming Equipment

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How to Get Iron Ore

The Mines serve as the primary source of Iron Ore in Stardew Valley. To acquire Iron Ore efficiently, follow these steps:



Head to the Mines, floors 41 to 79

Journey to the Mines and explore floors 41 to 79, as these floors have a higher chance of containing Iron nodes.

Look for Iron nodes and break them

Scan the Mines, Skull Cavern, or Quarry Mines for Iron nodes and use your trusty pickaxe to break them. Each Iron node yields Iron Ore.

Destroy crates and barrels

While exploring the Mines, destroy crates and barrels you encounter. Occasionally, they may contain Iron Ore, providing an additional source of this valuable resource.

Till the soil for a chance to find Iron Ore

Utilize your hoe to till the soil in the Mines. It is possible to find Iron Ore hidden within the ground, allowing you to collect it without relying solely on Iron nodes.

Fight enemies for Iron drops

Engage in combat with enemies encountered in the Mines. Defeating them may result in the occasional drop of Iron Ore. Be prepared with weapons and armor to handle the foes you encounter.

In addition to the Mines, there are ways to obtain Iron Ore directly on your farm. Consider the following methods:



Select Hill-top Farm or Four Corner Farm

When starting a new game, choose the Hill-top Farm or Four Corner Farm layout. These layouts have a chance of respawning [1] Iron nodes directly on your farm, making it easily accessible for your crafting needs.

Obtain Iron from the Quarry or Quarry Mine

If you can access your farm’s Quarry or Quarry Mine, you can find Iron Ore there. Explore these areas to uncover Iron Ore deposits that can be harvested. The Quarry Mine, in particular, offers more abundant resources, including Iron Ore. 


Through panning the waters of Stardew Valley, there is a chance to obtain Iron Ore, which you can create Iron Bars with.

Recycling Trash and Garbage Cans

By recycling trash using a Recycling Machine, there is a 21% chance to produce Iron Ore. Searching through Garbage Cans in Stardew Valley can also surprise you with Iron Ores.

Buying Iron Ore

You can purchase if you’re short on time or need a quick Iron Ore supply. Consider the following methods:

Stardew Valley - carrying iron ore to craft iron bar

Visit Clint the Blacksmith to buy Iron Ore

Clint, the local Blacksmith in Pelican Town, sells Iron Ore. Visit his shop and check his inventory for Iron Ore availability. While purchasing Iron Ore may require spending gold, it can save you time and effort spent on gathering it yourself. It’s priced at 150g each in Year 1 and 250g starting Year 2.

Check the Traveling Cart for random Iron Ore

Watch for the Traveling Cart that appears south of your farm on Fridays and Sundays. The cart sometimes offers random items, including Iron Ore for 100 to 1,000g each.

Fishing and Foraging

While fishing, keep an eye out for treasure chests. These chests have a chance of containing valuable items, including Iron Ore. It’s worth exploring different fishing spots and increasing your fishing skill to improve the likelihood of finding treasure chests.

fishing treasure chest stardew valley

Break stones, till dirt patches, or fish treasure chests to obtain geodes. Take these geodes to Clint the Blacksmith in Stardew Valley, who can crack them open for you. Geodes may contain various items, including Iron Ore.


In Stardew Valley, Iron Ore is a valuable resource that plays a significant role in crafting and tool upgrades. You can also take various methods of obtaining Iron Ore, including mining, farming, purchasing, fishing, and foraging.

We also discussed late-game locations where Iron Ore could be found, such as the Quarry and the Skull Cavern.

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