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Stardew Valley Honey: Savoring the Sweetness of Nature’s Delight

Stardew Valley offers players a wide array of Artisan Goods, and one such valuable commodity is Honey. Honey is sweet syrup bees produce in the game, and understanding its production and utilization can significantly enhance your gameplay experience.

This article will delve into the intricacies of obtaining Honey, its various uses, and how it can contribute to your success in Stardew Valley.

Obtaining Honey

Bee House

To start your honey production, you’ll need a Bee House. This crafting recipe becomes available at Farming Level 3 and requires 40x Wood, 8x Coal, 1x Iron Bar, and 1x Maple Syrup. Once crafted, place the Bee House outdoors, such as on your farm or in the forest.

Honey Production Frequency

The Bee House will produce honey every 4 days throughout the year. It’s important to note that Bee Houses in the Greenhouse will not have honey as they need to be placed outside.


Production Frequency


Every four days


Every four days


Every four days


Not produced

Flower Influence

stardew valley honeys

The type of Honey made can be influenced by flowers near the Bee House. Flowers within five tiles of the Bee House will affect the honey type and increase its value. Specific flowers like Tulips, Blue Jazz, Summer Spangles, Poppy, Sunflowers, and Fairy Roses in Stardew Valley can enhance Honey’s quality and value.

Its influence on Honey’s selling price is computed by (Honey Base Selling Price) + (Base Flower Selling Price x 2)

Selling Honey

Honey can be sold directly for profit. The base sell price for honey is 100g. However, if you have chosen the Artisan profession at Farming Level 10, all Artisan Goods, including Honey, will increase in value by 40%.

This bonus allows you to fetch higher prices for your honey, making it a lucrative source of income, along with the influence of the flowers near the Bee House in Stardew Valley.

Honey Selling Prices

Honey Type

Selling Price

Artisan (+40%)

Honey (No Flower)



Tulip Honey



Blue Jazz Honey



Sunflower Honey



Summer Spangle Honey



Poppy Honey



Fairy Rose Honey



Crafting Mead

harvesting fairy rose honey stardew valley

Honey can also be transformed into Mead by using a Keg. Mead is a beverage made from Honey and offers an additional avenue for profitability.

The base sell price for Mead is 200g. It’s important to note that the type of Honey used to make Mead does not impact the quality or sales price of the final product. Therefore, using the cheapest variety, Wild Honey, to make Mead will yield the highest profit.

To increase the quality of Mead, it can be placed inside a Cask for it to age, increasing its price the longer it is placed there.

Mead Crafting and Selling Prices



Silver (x1.25)

7 Days

Gold (x1.5)

14 Days

Iridium (x2)

28 Days






Crafting, Quests, and Bundles

In addition to selling honey and crafting Mead, honey has other applications in Stardew Valley. You can use 1x Honey and 1x Hardwood, and 20x Fiber to craft a Warp Totem: Farm. This valuable item allows you to teleport directly back to your farmhouse anytime.

stardew valley bee house layouting

Tailoring 1x Honey with 1x Cloth will create a Simple Dress. It can also be used in dyeing as a yellow dye in dye pots.

Furthermore, Honey is required to complete the Artisan Bundle in the Pantry of the Community Center, making it an essential item for completionists. Fish may request one piece of Honey in Fish Pond quests to increase the maximum capacity, yielding more Roe.

Gifting Honey

Honey is highly appreciated as a Liked gift by most villagers in Stardew Valley, making it an excellent choice for fostering friendships and relationships. Offering the right gift can significantly improve your relationships with the villagers, and honey is a versatile and well-received option.

Except for Maru and Sebastian, who Hate this item, all villagers consider honey a well-liked gift. By stockpiling Wild Honey, which is easily obtainable, you can regularly give it to villagers to improve their affection towards you.

Whether you aim to build strong friendships or pursue relationships in the game, honey can play a role in deepening your connections with the villagers.

gifting honey stardew valley


In conclusion, Honey production in Stardew Valley presents an exciting opportunity for players to enhance their farming endeavors. By strategically placing Bee Houses and utilizing the influence of flowers, you can produce honey with increased value.

Selling Honey, crafting [1] Mead, using it in recipes and bundles, and gifting it to villagers all contribute to your success in the game. Embrace the sweetness of honey and maximize its potential to establish a thriving farm in Stardew Valley.

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