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Harvey’s Schedule in Stardew Valley — A Comprehensive Guide

In the fascinating world of Stardew Valley, players can immerse themselves in the lives of various villagers, forming relationships and uncovering their unique stories. One such character is Harvey, the town’s dedicated doctor. 

Understanding Harvey’s schedule and preferences is crucial for players aiming to build a deep connection with him. This article guides Harvey’s schedule throughout the seasons, including Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall, and Rainy Days.

Winter Schedule

During the winter months, Harvey’s daily routine remains consistent. Here is a breakdown of his schedule:

Winter 15th

Harvey in the clinic to welcome patients for annual exams

Monday, Wednesday, Sunday

Tuesday and Thursday

Harvey in the clinic



Spring, Summer, and Fall Schedules

Harvey’s routine during these seasons remains relatively unchanged. Here is an overview of his schedule:

Stardew Valley - Harvey at George's

Monday, Wednesday, and Sunday

    • Spring: At the park, left of the town square
    • Summer: Below the fountain near the Community Center
    • Fall: By the tree, left of the beach bridge

Tuesday and Thursday

Stardew Valley - Harvey at home



Rainy Days

On rainy days, Harvey follows a slightly different routine. Here is his schedule:

Stardew Valley - Harvey at his clinic


During festivals, Harvey’s schedule may vary. It’s advisable to check the festival locations and times to interact with him accordingly.


Harvey is a marriage candidate for players who wish to pursue a romantic relationship with him. 

However, it’s worth noting that his heart events and schedule are essential in unlocking and progressing your bond with him. Building friendship and trust is vital before reaching the point of romance.

Heart Events

To further deepen your relationship with Harvey, you can trigger heart events. Here are the heart event locations:

Stardew Valley - Harvey hearts events


Understanding Harvey’s schedule is vital to developing a meaningful relationship in Stardew Valley [1]. Players can optimize their interactions and gift-giving moments by knowing his daily routine during different seasons, rainy days, and festivals. 

Use this guide to plan your in-game schedule and foster a special connection with Harvey, the caring doctor of Pelican Town.

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