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Stardew Valley Marriage Guide — How to Find Love and Build Relationships in the Pixelated Paradise

Stardew Valley, a beloved farming simulation game developed by Eric Barone, offers players the opportunity to build a virtual life in a charming rural setting. One of the most cherished aspects of the game is the ability to pursue romantic relationships and eventually get married.

This article will delve into the intricate mechanics of marriage in Stardew Valley, guiding players through finding their perfect partner and building a fulfilling married life.

Requirements for a Marriage Proposal

Before diving into the candidates and the romantic aspects of Stardew Valley, it’s important to understand the requirements for a successful marriage proposal. While love is essential, players must reach a few milestones to propose to their chosen partner.

1. Friendship level

Building a solid friendship is the foundation for any successful marriage proposal. Interacting with the marriage candidate regularly, engaging in conversations, giving gifts, and completing quests for them will gradually increase the friendship level.

Players must reach a friendship level of at least ten hearts before considering a marriage proposal.

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2. Bouquet gift

Once players have deep friendships with their desired candidate, they must present them with a bouquet. Pierre’s General Store sells them for 200g.

After receiving the bouquet, it indicates that the relationship has entered a romantic phase.

3. Farmhouse upgrade

To accommodate a spouse, players must have an upgraded farmhouse. This means working closely with Robin, the local carpenter, to expand the house to a bigger size with a double bed.

The following farmhouse upgrade includes a nursery for potential children, an essential consideration for players interested in starting a family.

4. Access to Tide Pool area

Finally, players must gain access to the Tide Pool area, which is locked until they have repaired the bridge on the beach.

Repairing the bridge requires a certain amount of money and resources, so players should plan accordingly to ensure they can access the area for a successful proposal.

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The first option is to collect 300x wood for repairing the bridge. The second one is to purchase the community upgrade for it.

Marriage Candidates


Stardew Valley offers various marriage candidates with unique personalities, interests, and backstories. Let’s take a closer look at the best persons to marry or eligible bachelor list and what makes them unique:

1. Alex

Alex is a charismatic and athletic character who spends most of his time at the beach or working out. He dreams of becoming a professional athlete and values physical fitness.

Spending time with Alex involves engaging in sports activities and encouraging his dreams of achieving greatness.

2. Elliott

Elliott is a charming and poetic soul who lives in a beachside cabin. He is a writer and aspires to create great works of literature. Romance with Elliott includes strolls along the beach, deep conversations about literature and the arts, and supporting his creative endeavors.

stardew valley realtionshhip

3. Harvey

Harvey is the local town doctor, a caring and compassionate individual. He is dedicated to helping others and is often found in the clinic tending to patients. Falling in love with Harvey involves supporting him in his medical profession, engaging in intellectual discussions, and providing comfort and care.

4. Sam

Sam is a young, energetic musician who dreams of forming a band. He is often seen skateboarding around town or playing his guitar. To win Sam’s heart, players must participate in his love for music, attend concerts, and show support for his musical aspirations.

5. Sebastian

Sebastian is a brooding, introverted character [1] who spends most of his time in his room working on computers. He is a talented programmer and is fascinated by technology.

Building a relationship with Sebastian means understanding his need for solitude, participating in his hobbies, and offering companionship when he needs it most.

6. Shane

Shane is initially a challenging candidate, struggling with depression and alcoholism. He works at Joja Corporation and battles personal demons.

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Players interested in Shane must support him on his journey to overcome his struggles, showing him kindness and helping him find happiness.


In addition to the bachelor, Stardew Valley features a diverse selection of marriage candidates among the bachelorettes. Each bachelorette has their distinct personality and interests, offering players a variety of options for love and companionship:

1. Abigail

Abigail is a free-spirited young woman who loves adventure and the supernatural. She often spends time in the mines or playing video games. Romance with Abigail includes participating in her hobbies, exploring the depths of the mines together, and embracing her eccentricities.

2. Emily

Emily is a cheerful and vibrant individual who works as a waitress and dancer at the Stardrop Saloon. She has a passion for astrology, tarot cards, and spiritual practices.

Falling in love with Emily involves embracing her spiritual side, participating in her dancing routines, and exploring the mysteries of the universe together.

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3. Haley

Haley starts as a somewhat self-centered and fashion-obsessed character but undergoes personal growth as the relationship progresses. She loves photography and likes to model and dress up.

Winning Haley’s heart means supporting her growing love for photography and helping her develop a more profound sense of empathy.

4. Leah

Leah is an independent and artistic character who resides in a small cottage near the river. Finding Leah and building a relationship with her involves appreciating her art, exploring nature together, and encouraging her creative endeavors.

5. Maru

Stardew Valley’s Maru is an intelligent and ambitious young woman passionate about science and technology. She works as an assistant at Harvey’s clinic and spends her spare time conducting experiments.

Romance with Maru includes engaging in scientific discussions, assisting her in her projects, and supporting her aspirations for innovation.

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6. Penny

Penny is a kind-hearted and nurturing individual who works as a teacher at the local school. Falling in love with Penny involves supporting her teaching career, helping her with teaching Jas and Vincent, and providing a stable and loving home.

Romance in Stardew Valley


1. Reaching eight hearts with a candidate

As players interact with their chosen candidate, the friendship level gradually increases. In Stardew Valley’s romance aspect, reaching eight hearts marks an essential milestone in the relationship, as it triggers a significant event—a message from Pierre’s General Store informing players about the bouquet.

2. Pierre's bouquet message

Once players have reached eight hearts with a candidate, a message from Pierre’s General Store will appear, notifying them about the availability of bouquets for 200g each.

This message reminds players that they can take their relationship to the next level by offering a bouquet to their chosen candidate.

Note: You can date multiple marriage candidates at the same time. Dating all of them simultaneously will unlock a unique Group Ten Heart Event

stardew valley giving boquet

3. Bouquet gifting and relationship progression

Upon presenting the bouquet to the candidate, it signifies that the relationship has become romantic. With the bouquet gift, players can continue to build friendships and eventually propose marriage.

Breaking Up

1. Ending the dating relationship

In Stardew Valley, it is possible to end a dating relationship if players change their hearts or wish to pursue a different candidate.

Breaking up with a candidate is relatively straightforward. Players must give a Wilted Bouquet to the person they want to break up with.

2. Effects on a friendship level

Ending a dating relationship will result in a decrease in friendship points. The exact reduction is five hearts. However, players can still rebuild the friendship over time and pursue a different romantic interest.

Proposing Marriage

1. Receiving the Mermaid's Pendant

To propose marriage in Stardew Valley, players need to obtain the Mermaid’s Pendant. The pendant can be acquired through the Old Mariner, who appears on the beach during rainy days. The Old Mariner sells the charm for a hefty sum of 5,000g.

Receiving the Mermaid's Pendant

2. Marriage proposal process

With the Mermaid’s Pendant in hand, players can approach their desired candidate and present the pendant as a symbol of their love and commitment. Players will be engaged if the candidate accepts the proposal, and the wedding planning process will begin.

The Wedding

1. Wedding ceremony details

The wedding ceremony in Stardew Valley is a joyous occasion celebrated by the entire community. The ceremony takes place in the town square, and the villagers attend to witness the union. The event features beautiful decorations, music, and an exchange of vows. 

For a more detailed guide, check out this post: How to Marry in Stardew Valley

2. Timing and location

The timing and location of the wedding ceremony are predetermined and cannot be customized by the player. The wedding takes place in the morning, three days after the proposal.

3. Weather and a special icon

The weather will always be sunny at your wedding. Another thing to note is that the weather icon on the upper right is replaced by a heart on that day.

Married Life in Stardew Valley

Spouse Chores

1. Contributions of a happy spouse

After getting married in Stardew Valley, players can count on their spouses for assistance with various tasks. A happy spouse will help water crops, feed animals, and repair fences. They may even gift your breakfast or dinner.

Receiving the spouse task

2. Farming tasks and assistance

Spouses may also assist in other farming tasks, such as watering crops and repairing fences. This additional help can significantly lighten the workload for players and allow them to focus on different aspects of the game.

3. Household changes and interactions

Once married, the spouse moves into the player’s farmhouse and makes several changes to the interior. The farmhouse becomes a shared space, and the spouse may decorate certain areas with personal touches.

Interactions with the spouse become more intimate, with daily conversations and events strengthening the bond between the player and their partner.

4. Starting a family

Married couples can start having children once the farmhouse has the second upgrade, which includes a nursery room. While in bed, your spouse may ask you if you want to have or adopt a child. You have the option to say yes or no.

The game allows families with two children.

Children can also be “turned into doves” through the Witch’s Hut by trading a Prismatic Shard. You will permanently lose your children, but you can have new children with your partner.

Receiving the family


1. Unlocking the Stardrop item

As players progress in their marriage, specifically at 12.5 Hearts, they will be gifted a Stardrop by their spouse.

2. Effects and benefits of the Stardrop

Consuming the Stardrop significantly boosts the player’s maximum energy permanently, enhancing their ability to engage in various farm and town activities.

The increased energy capacity is a valuable asset that can substantially improve efficiency and productivity in Stardew Valley.

Spouse Rooms

1. Unique rooms for each spouse

Each spouse in Stardew Valley has a unique room in the farmhouse that reflects their personality and interests. The design and decor of these rooms provide insight into the spouse’s individuality and can be a delightful surprise for players exploring their homes.

2. Emily's parrot exception

In the case of Emily, her room has her parrot in it.

Receiving the family room

Spouse Outside Area

1. Special areas behind the farmhouse

After marriage, each spouse in Stardew Valley gains access to a particular area behind the farmhouse. These areas are tailored to the personality and hobbies of the spouse, providing them with a space to relax and pursue their interests.

2. Activities and behaviors of each spouse

The activities and behaviors of the spouse in their designated area vary depending on the individual. For example, some spouses may engage in gardening or painting, while others may practice their musical skills or read books.

Observing and interacting with the spouse in their designated space adds depth to their character and strengthens the bond between the player and their partner.


1. Spouse's reaction to gift-giving to others

In Stardew Valley, players can give gifts to other townsfolk. However, it’s important to note that spouses may become jealous if players provide these things to the bachelor or bachelorette who has accepted your bouquet.

This jealousy mechanic has a 30 Friendship Points penalty with your spouse, adding a layer of realism to the game and can strain the relationship if not handled carefully.

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1. Process of divorcing a spouse

While marriages in Stardew Valley are meant to be long-lasting, players can divorce their spouses if they no longer wish to remain in the union. Divorcing a spouse involves paying 50,000g at the Mayor’s Manor to file the divorce. The player decides to change their mind before the end of the day.

2. Effects and consequences of divorce

Divorce in Stardew Valley can have significant consequences. The player suffers a reset in friendship points with the divorced spouse and hostility in conversations and gifting.

The ex-spouse will move out of the farmhouse. Additionally, the children will continue to live with the divorced spouse.


Marriage in Stardew Valley offers players a rich and immersive experience, allowing them to cultivate deep connections with their chosen spouses. With diverse marriage candidates, engaging romance mechanics, and the opportunity to build a virtual life together, Stardew Valley provides a captivating and rewarding journey into love and marriage.

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