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A Guide to Catching and Profiting from Bream in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is a game that captivates players with its fascinating world of Pelican Town and offers various activities. Fishing stands out as a rewarding and immersive pastime among the many pursuits available. 

In this guide, we will explore the art of Bream fishing in Stardew Valley, covering its locations, catching techniques, and its beneficial uses in the game.

Location and Catching Bream

Bream can be found in two primary locations in Stardew Valley: the river in Pelican Town and the serene waters of Cindersap Forest. 

It’s important to note that they are nocturnal creatures, becoming active from 6 PM to 2 AM in-game time, so plan your fishing trips accordingly to optimize your success. Bream can only be caught within this time frame, but they are there in any weather, in any season.

When it comes to the equipment, any fishing rod will do the job, ranging from the basic Bamboo Pole to the advanced Iridium Rod. Bream are generally docile, making them easier to catch than more elusive fish. 

Stardew Valley - fishing while raining

To enhance your catch rate, consider using bait such as the Spinner or Dressed Spinner, which increases the bite rate. The Cork Bobber or Barbed Hook can also lengthen the Fishing Bar, improving your chances of success in catching this nocturnal fish.

Uses and Value of Bream

In the sprawling world of Stardew Valley, the unassuming Bream fish stands out for its versatility and significance. 

Whether you seek profit through selling or aim to complete quests and bundles, Bream offers opportunities. Its accessibility, abundance, and catch ease make it a perfect choice for novice and experienced players.

Bream serves multiple purposes in Stardew Valley, making it a valuable fish to acquire. Firstly, Bream can be consumed to restore energy or health. 

The restoration values vary based on the size and quality of the fish. Larger and higher-quality Bream offers more excellent benefits, providing a reliable source of sustenance for your character in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley - Bream caught

Selling Bream can also be a profitable endeavor. As with any fish, Bream can be sold to various vendors for different prices, depending on their quality. It has a base price of 45g at a regular rate, while Silver, Gold, and Iridium quality Bream can fetch higher values and more if you have the Fisher or Angler skill. 

Choosing the Fisher profession grants a 25% bonus to the Bream’s price, with the Angler profession increasing it to 50%. Taking advantage of these bonuses can maximize your profits when selling this fish.

Additionally, Bream finds its use beyond consumption and trading. It can be utilized in crafting recipes to create valuable items. For instance, combining Bream with 1x Sunfish and 1x Wheat Flour results in a delicious Baked Fish dish. 

Bream can be used to develop Maki Roll by combining it with 1x Seaweed and 1x Rice. Furthermore, Bream is a critical ingredient in crafting Quality Fertilizers, which requires 2x Sap and 1x any fish. Lastly, a single Bream can be transformed into Sashimi, providing a quick and simple dish.

Quests and Bundles involving Bream

Bream’s versatility extends to fulfilling various quests in Stardew Valley. Completing these quests earns rewards and strengthens relationships with the villagers, deepening your connection with the community. The requester of Bream on the “Help Wanted” board outside Pierre’s General Store is a random villager.

Stardew Valley - Bream inventory

Bream also plays a vital role in completing the Night Fishing Bundle found in the Fish Tank. Players can unlock rewards that enhance their fishing endeavors by contributing a Bream to this bundle. Completing bundles using this ingredient is a fulfilling game aspect and offers tangible benefits to improve your farming experience while playing.


Mastering the art of Bream fishing requires careful planning, fishing during the right time frame, and employing suitable equipment and bait. The rewards are well worth the effort, as Bream can be consumed for energy and health restoration, sold for profit, and utilized in crafting recipes [1].

Completing quests involving Bream and contributing it to the Night Fishing Bundle in the Fish Tank further expands its importance. Strengthening relationships with villagers and unlocking rewards contribute to the immersive and rewarding experience Stardew Valley offers.

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