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Sunfish in Stardew Valley — All You Need To Know

This article aims to delve deeper into the world of the Sunfish in Stardew Valley, exploring its characteristics, where to find it, how to catch it, and its importance in the game. 

We will also look at the various strategies that players use to catch this elusive fish, the benefits that come with catching it, and many more.

Where To Find Sunfish

Sunfish can be found in the Cindersap Forest and Pelican Tower River during Spring and Summer, and only in sunny weather. However, players can use Magic Bait to bypass these requirements and catch Sunfish at any time of the year, regardless of weather conditions.

In addition to the weather, players will also need to time their fishing activities correctly. Sunfish can only be caught between 6 am and 7 pm in the river at the bottom of Pelican Town and the lake in the Cindersap Forest. 

So, if players want to catch a Sunfish, they will need to plan their fishing trips accordingly.

Got myself a sunfish

It’s important to note that fishing in Stardew Valley can be a bit of a mini-game, and requires a certain level of skill and patience. Players will need to learn how to use their fishing rods effectively, and also pay attention to the behavior of the fish they’re trying to catch.


While the Pelican Town River and Cindersap Forest Lake are the most common locations for catching Sunfish in Stardew Valley, there are a few other methods for obtaining this fish. 

If players select the Riverlands, Hilltops, or Forest as their starter farm type, they may be able to catch Sunfish in the bodies of water on their farm. This is a great option for players who want to catch Sunfish without having to travel too far from their home base.

It can even sometimes be purchased from the Traveling Cart, which appears on Fridays and Sundays south of the farm. Lastly, while it’s not a reliable or recommended method for obtaining Sunfish, players may occasionally find this fish when scavenging through Garbage Cans during its season.

How To Catch Sunfish

Once players have met all the requirements for catching a Sunfish in Stardew Valley, they can start the actual fishing process.

The attempt to catch a sunfish

To catch a Sunfish, players will need to use their fishing rods and wait for a bite. Sunfish can be caught using any type of bait, including regular bait, wild bait, and Magic Bait. Using bait can increase the chances of getting a bite, making it easier to catch a Sunfish.

When a Sunfish bites the bait, players will need to play the fishing mini-game [1] to reel it in. The mini-game involves keeping a green bar behind a moving fish icon by pressing and holding the left mouse button or pressing a designated button on a controller. 

The goal is to keep the bar behind the fish for a certain amount of time without letting it escape. If players are successful, they will catch the fish and add it to their collection.

Is Sunfish Rare?

Sunfish are not considered to be rare fish in Stardew Valley. They are common freshwater fish. 

While they can be a bit tricky to catch due to their moderate difficulty rating and tendency to move around a lot, they are not considered rare compared to some of the other fish in the game.

Catching sunfish

That being said, Sunfish is still a valuable and worthwhile catch in Stardew Valley. They sell for a decent price, are required for certain quests and recipes, and can help players complete their fish collection.

What Can You Use Sunfish For?

While selling Sunfish or eating them for health and energy restoration are both useful, there are other important uses for Sunfish in Stardew Valley as well. 

One of the primary uses for Sunfish is completing various quests in the game. Sunfish can also be used in cooking recipes, either as an ingredient or as a fish to be cooked on its own.  Finally, Sunfish can be used to make quality fertilizer for crops. 

By placing a Sunfish in a Recycling Machine, players can obtain fertilizers, which can then be used to improve the quality and yield of their crops.

Gifting And Bundles

Sunfish are not considered to be a particularly good gift for most villagers in the game. While some villagers do like Sunfish, many others are indifferent or even dislike them as gifts.

Sunfish details

It’s worth noting that each villager in Stardew Valley has their own unique preferences and personalities, so what one villager likes may not necessarily be appreciated by another.




Demetrius, Elliott, Leo, Linus, Pam, Sebastian, Willy


Marnie, Sandy, Jas, Dwarf, Abigail, Kent, Emily, Caroline, Vincent, Harvey, Krobus, Sam, Clint, Robin, George, Jodi, Gus, Wizard, Alex, Lewis, Leah, Maru, Penny, Shane


Evelyn, Pierre, Hayley

Tailoring And Recipes

One of the primary uses for Sunfish in crafting is to create food items like Maki Rolls, Baked Fish, Sashimi, and Fertilizers. 

These items require one Sunfish each, along with other ingredients, and can provide various benefits like energy restoration, health restoration, and increased crop yield.

In addition to crafting, Sunfish can also be used in tailoring to create a Fish Shirt. To do this, players will need to place a Sunfish in the Sewing Machine, along with other required materials.

Got myself access to a sowing machine

Finally, Sunfish can be used to create Orange Dye at Emily and Haley’s house. To do this, players will need to place a Sunfish in the dye pot, along with other required materials like a copper bar and a jar of vinegar.

Questing And Fishponds

They can be placed in fishponds on your farm to breed and produce Roe, which can be sold or used for crafting, and have a chance to produce Solar Essence once the pond’s population reaches 10. 

It can also be used in Help Wanted quests posted outside Pierre’s General Store during Spring or Summer seasons, and Demetrius or Willy may make specific requests for 1 to 4 Sunfish, which can be caught and delivered to complete the quests and keep the fish for yourself.

Wrapping Up

If you are interested in completing quests or Community Center bundles that require Sunfish, or if you want to craft certain recipes that require them, then it may be worth your while to try and catch some Sunfish. Additionally, if you enjoy fishing in Stardew Valley and want to catch as much different fish as possible, then Sunfish can be a valuable addition to your collection.

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