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Stardew Valley Alex: A Comprehensive Guide

Stardew Valley, developed by ConcernedApe, offers players a charming and immersive farming simulation experience. One of the game’s key aspects is building relationships with the villagers. 

So let’s delve into the character of Alex, his heart events, gift preferences, character background, and daily routine. Understanding these details will help you foster a meaningful connection with Alex and unlock the full potential of his character.

Different Heart Events for Alex

Two Hearts Event

At the beach in the summer, players can trigger Alex’s Two Hearts event. During this event, Alex shares his dream of becoming a professional grid ball player. 

It’s an opportunity to learn more about his aspirations and get to know him better. Notably, the player’s response during this event is independent of their friendship level with Alex.

Four Hearts Event

When visiting the town between 9 AM to 4 PM, players can encounter Alex talking to his dog Dusty about a sensitive moment in his life.

Stardew Valley - four hearts event

While the player’s response does not impact friendship, Alex shares more about his situation, allowing players to understand and empathize with him further.

Five Hearts Event

Entering Alex’s house while he is present triggers the Five Hearts event. Here, Alex expresses concern about his lack of knowledge and feeling worthless. Players have three dialogue options with varying effects on a friendship level [1], allowing them to support and encourage Alex.

Six Hearts Event

By visiting Alex’s house during his usual workout time, players can witness a significant moment of self-reflection from Alex. 

He expresses doubt and apologizes for his past arrogance. Unlike previous events, the player has no dialogue choices during this event, making it a reflective moment for Alex.

Eight Hearts Event

In the summer, players can head over to the Beach or the Ginger Island resort. Alex will be there to trigger the Eight Hearts event. 

Stardew Valley - eight hearts event

During this time, players will share an emotional moment with Alex, deepening their bond. During this event, dialogue options do not affect friendship level, allowing players to focus on the connection.

Ten Hearts Event

Upon reaching ten hearts with Alex, players get a letter inviting them to meet at Stardrop Saloon between 7 PM and 10 PM. Alex confesses his feelings for the player during a dinner date in this event.

Dialogue choices do not affect friendship level, making it a heartfelt moment of connection.

Fourteen Hearts Event

When leaving home between 6 AM and 8:20 AM, players can trigger a special event related to their marriage with Alex. This Alex’s Heart Event signifies a significant milestone in the relationship and highlights the potential for a lifelong commitment.

Stardew Valley - fourteen hearts event

Gifts for Alex in Stardew Valley

Loved GiftsComplete Breakfast, Salmon Dinner, All Universal Loves
Liked GiftsAll Eggs, All Universal Likes
Neutral GiftsAll Fruit, All Milk, Chanterelle, Common Mushroom, Daffodil, Dandelion, Ginger, Hazelnut, Leek, Magma Cap, Morel, Purple Mushroom, Snow Yam, Winter Root, All Universal Neutrals
Disliked GiftsSalmonberry, Wild Horseradish, All Universal DIslikes
Hated GiftsHolly, Quartz, All Universal Hates

1. Loved Gifts

Knowing Alex’s loved gifts can significantly contribute to building a solid relationship. Some examples of treasured gifts for Alex include a Complete Breakfast and a Salmon Dinner. Presenting these items will significantly impact his friendship level, especially with an 8x multiplier on his birthday.

2. Liked Gifts

While less impactful than loved gifts, Alex still appreciates liked gifts. So what does Alex like? Consider offering him fruits, vegetables, or eggs. These gifts will help maintain and strengthen your friendship.

Stardew Valley - Alex gifts

3. Neutral Gifts

Alex has a few neutral gifts that increase his friendship level slightly. Items like Bread, Milk, and most flowers fall into this category. While they won’t have a significant impact, they can still be given to Alex without any negative consequences.

4. Disliked Gifts

It’s essential to be mindful of gifts that Alex dislikes, as they can harm your relationship. For instance, he dislikes Geodes, artifacts, and building materials. Avoid giving him these items to prevent a decline in friendship.

5. Hated Gifts

Certain items are considered Alex’s hated gifts and should be avoided. These include things such as all monster loot, Holly, and Quartz. Offering these gifts will have a severe negative impact on your relationship.

Stardew Valley - Alex hating gift

Alex’s Character Background

BirthdaySummer 13th
Location1 River Road

Interest in Sports and the Beach

Alex’s passion for sports, particularly grid ball, is a defining aspect of his character. He can often engage in various physical activities and practice his skills. 

Whether playing catch, lifting weights, or walking around Stardew Valley, Alex’s dedication to sports is evident. His love for grid ball is infectious, and he frequently talks about his dreams of becoming a professional player. 

In addition to sports, Alex has a deep affinity for the beach. Whenever he has free time, he enjoys strolling along the shoreline, basking in the sun, and taking in the calming sounds of the waves. 

Stardew Valley - Alex at the beach

Encountering him at the beach provides casual conversations and a chance to bond over a shared appreciation for nature and the ocean.

Arrogant and Self-centered Nature

Initially, Alex may appear arrogant and self-centered. He carries himself with a certain level of confidence that can be overbearing. His interactions with other villagers, particularly those who do not share his passion for sports, can be dismissive or dismissive. 

However, as players progress through the game and engage in Alex’s heart events and conversations, they discover a different side of his personality. Beneath the initial arrogance lies vulnerability and a genuine desire for connection. 

Relationship with Grandparents

One of the endearing qualities of Alex is his deep bond with his grandparents. The connection with his grandparents also reveals their influence on shaping his character. They have instilled essential values like respect, hard work, and perseverance in him. 

Friendship with Haley

Alex shares a unique friendship with Haley, another villager in Stardew Valley. While they may seem like an unlikely pair initially, their contrasting personalities create an intriguing dynamic. 

Stardew Valley- Haley

They are often seen hanging out with each other at events, and they partner at the Flower Dance if the player asks neither.

His Daily Routine

1. Alex's Schedule During Spring

Understanding Alex’s daily routine during each season is crucial for players to plan their interactions and maximize their time with him. 

In the spring season, Alex can be found at different locations throughout the day, each serving a specific purpose in his daily life. 

His regular schedule consists of waking up at 8 AM, staying in the house, and lifting weights at 1 PM. Alex visits his dog Dusty outside, beside his dog pen, at 4 PM and returns home at 6:30 PM. He then goes to his room and sleeps at 10 PM.

On rainy days, he has the same schedule as well.

Stardew Valley - Alex living room

The only change in his Spring schedule is Wednesdays, when he goes to Emily and Haley’s house to hang out. At 4 PM, he stands by his dog Dusty’s pen, returns to the house in the evening, and goes to bed at 10 PM.

2. Alex's Schedule During Summer

Every 18th of Summer, Alex has his annual visit to Harvey’s clinic. He goes there at 10:30 AM and stays just before 4 PM to go home.

In the mornings, Alex still wakes up at 6:00 AM and prefers to spend time outdoors, especially at the beach, enjoying the sun and the refreshing ocean breeze. He works at his ice cream stand near the bridge and Museum at noon. On rainy days, however, he stays inside the house and lifts weights.

He sells ice cream until before 5 PM, as it’s his workout time at home. He lifts weights and stays home, going to bed at 10 PM.

As scheduled at noon on Wednesdays, he goes to Emily and Haley’s house to hang out. At 4 PM, he stands by his dog Dusty’s pen, returns to the house in the evening, and goes to bed at 10 PM.

Stardew Valley - Alex outside

It’s important to note that during the summer season, Alex may also make occasional trips to Ginger Island Resort. This tropical destination offers a different environment and activities for players to explore and engage in alongside Alex.

3. Alex's Schedule During Fall

Alex starts his day at 8 AM and goes outside under the tree beside their house. He works out at home at 1 PM, then hangs out with his dog Dusty until 4 PM outside. Alex is at home by 6:30 PM and goes to bed at 10.

If it’s a rainy day, he still wakes up at 8 AM, stays in the house, and lifts weights at 1 PM. Alex visits his dog Dusty outside, beside his dog pen, at 4 PM and returns home at 6:30 PM. He then goes to his room and sleeps at 10 PM.

On Wednesdays, scheduled at noon, he goes to Emily and Haley’s house to hang out. At 4 PM, he stands by his dog Dusty’s pen, returns to the house in the evening, and goes to bed at 10 PM.

4. Alex's Schedule During Winter

Goes to the Spa at 9 AM and stays at its gym section. He leaves at 3 PM and stands by his dog Dusty’s kennel in front of his house. He goes home at 7:30 to lounge around the entryway. Alex is in his room at 9 PM, going to sleep just before 11 PM.

Stardew Valley - Alex in his bedroom

As scheduled at noon on Wednesdays, he visits Emily and Haley’s house to hang out. At 4 PM, he stands by his dog Dusty’s pen, returns to the house in the evening, and goes to bed at 10 PM.

Aside from Wednesdays, a deviation from this Winter Schedule is the Night Market. On Winter 17th, Alex goes to the spa early at 9 AM and leaves its gym area at 3 PM to head to the Night Market. He leaves to go home at 12 AM.


Building a meaningful relationship with Alex in Stardew Valley requires careful attention to his heart events, gift preferences, character background, and daily routine. 

Players can connect deeply with him by understanding and empathizing with Alex’s story. Remember to consider his loved and liked gifts while avoiding his disliked and hated items. Ultimately, Stardew Valley offers a rich and rewarding experience of building relationships.

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