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Alex’s Heart Events in Stardew Valley: A Complete Guide

In the fascinating world of Stardew Valley, building friendships with the villagers is an essential part of the gameplay. One villager in particular, Alex, dreams of becoming a professional gridball player but struggles with his past and lack of confidence.

By participating in Alex’s heart events, players can help him overcome these challenges and deepen their friendship. This comprehensive guide will walk you through each heart event, gift preferences, and the journey toward unlocking Alex’s heartwarming moments.

Heart Events and Triggers

Two Hearts

Stardew Valley - gridball practice with Alex

Four Hearts

Five Hearts

Stardew Valley - Alex at home
    1. “That’s crazy. You’re a genius!” (No effect)
    2. “We all have our strengths and weaknesses” (+50 friendship)
    3. “Worthless? Yeah, that about sums it up.” (-50 friendship)

Six Hearts

Eight Hearts

Stardew Valley - Ginger Island beach resort
    1. “Honor your mother’s memory by always doing your best.”
    2. “You shouldn’t dwell in the past.”
    3. “I’ll always be here for you if you get lonely.”
    4. “Get over it. Life is hard for everyone.”

Ten Hearts

Stardew Valley - Alex at Stardrop Saloon
    1. “I feel the same way.”
    2. “I’m sorry… I don’t feel that way about you.”

Fourteen Hearts (Married)

Gift Preferences

To strengthen your friendship with him, giving gifts for Alex is essential. Here are some recommended items:

Stardew Valley - Alex gifts

Gifting Alex on his birthday (Summer 13) will have an 8x multiplier effect on your friendship level with him.

What is Alex's 10 Heart Event?

Alex’s 10 Heart Event in Stardew Valley occurs after reaching a high friendship level. Once you have given Alex a bouquet after 8 Hearts and reached the 10 Hearts Friendship Level, he will send you a letter inviting you to meet him at the Stardrop Saloon after dark. 

When you enter the Saloon between 7 PM and 10 PM, you will find Alex has reserved a private room for a date.

During the heartwarming event, Alex confesses his feelings for you, expressing that he has had them since you met. You can return or reject his feelings, but either choice will not affect your friendship.

What is Alex's 6-Heart Event?

Alex’s 6 Heart event in Stardew Valley takes place in his house. Once you have reached a friendship level of six hearts with Alex, enter his house when he is inside. 

Stardew Valley - Alex living room

You will find him feeling disheartened about his future and doubting his chances of becoming a professional gridball player. However, he appreciates your support and thanks you for sticking by him, even if he initially came across as arrogant. 

You can provide words of encouragement, which he genuinely appreciates. This event showcases Alex’s vulnerability and highlights the bond you share as friends.


By participating in the heart events and choosing the right gifts, players can develop a deep bond with Alex in Stardew Valley [1]. 

From supporting his dreams to helping him overcome personal struggles, the journey with Alex is filled with emotional moments. So, embark on this heartwarming adventure, and watch as your friendship with Alex blossoms in the beautiful world of Stardew Valley.

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