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Egocentrism in Risk of Rain 2 — What Does It Do?

Egocentrism as a Lunar-rarity item is a unique concept in a video game like Risk of Rain 2. Egocentrism, as an item, reflects the cognitive bias of egocentrism in its gameplay mechanics. 

It allows players to damage enemies in an area around themselves but also damages the player’s teammates. This reflects the idea that egocentrism can result in a lack of consideration for others and may cause harm to those around us.

What Does It Do?

Unlike other items in the Lunar tier, it does not trade the player’s health or damage. Instead, it consumes random items from the player’s inventory every 60 seconds, converting them into another stack of Egocentrism.

When equipped, Egocentrism generates an orb every three seconds that hovers around the player. Up to three orbs can be generated and they immediately follow an enemy when in close proximity, making contact and exploding for 360% damage. 

Acrid picked up egocentrism

While the damage output of Egocentrism is significant, the downside of losing random items can have a significant impact on gameplay and strategy.

The stacking ability of Egocentrism does not increase damage output, but instead increases the number of orbs generated at one time and reduces the time it takes for a new orb to spawn. As a result, players must carefully consider the tradeoff between the damage output and the loss of potentially valuable items in their inventory.

Egocentrism offers an interesting and challenging gameplay experience in Risk of Rain 2, as players must balance the benefits of its damage output with the risk of losing important items. 

It also reflects the concept of egocentrism in its gameplay mechanics, as players must consider their own needs and abilities while also considering the needs and abilities of their teammates.

Egocentrism after another

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Wrapping Up

If you want to use Egocentrism in Risk of Rain 2, you should first consider your individual gameplay [1] strategy and preferences. If you are looking to maximize damage output and are willing to risk losing items, Egocentrism may be a good option for you. 

However, if you prefer to maintain a well-rounded inventory and don’t want to risk losing valuable items, you may want to consider other Lunar-tier items. Regardless, it’s important to balance the benefits and drawbacks of using Egocentrism before making a decision.

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