How to Skip the PUBG Tutorial

If you’re a seasoned PUBG player, you probably don’t need to waste time on the training tutorial. But can you skip it and get into the action faster? Here’s what we know.

Can You Skip the PUBG Tutorial?

At the moment, there is no way of skipping the PUBG tutorial and AI Training that has been recently introduced as part of the free-to-play update. 

Before returning to the main game against other players, all players must pass the PUBG tutorial. However, by using these techniques, you may speed through this process. 

The Basic Training exercise is the first thing you should do since it will teach you the very minimal requirements to play PUBG and even get a chicken supper.


To do this, you must learn how to move, pick up objects, utilize PUBG ADS to shoot and aim your weapon, equip weapon attachments, use grenades, and heal yourself. 

To go through each section of Basic Training, stick to the objectives displayed on your screen and finish them as soon as possible. If you’ve played PUBG before, this process would need to simply take a few minutes.

Next, you must either play 10 AI matches or finish four AI training drills, whichever you finish first. This is perhaps the most frustrating part. Similar to standard PUBG battle royale solo matches, AI Training matches match you against AI opponents rather than actual players. 

Try to finish the four AI Training Drills in as few matches as you can if you want to go through this stage as quickly as possible. 

How to Skip PUBG Tutorial

When making your choice, browse the entire description of each training option to see the PUBG Training Drills and your progress. 

Getting the five kills should come naturally if you’re an experienced player of PUBG because you should be able to manage the bots and win the game quite quickly. 

For the Care Package loot, keep an eye out for the cargo plane flying overhead and listen for any lootable parcels it may drop. 

Finally, attempt to purchase any car and use it as often as you can. This one could take you several matches as you search for vehicles and attempt to avoid getting blown up because you don’t have to go the entire 2,000m in one vehicle and in one match. 

Despite the fact that it is absolutely possible to finish these PUBG training drills in a few matches, you could also simply load into 10 separate matches and lose all of them right away. 


However, you can’t immediately blow yourself up with a grenade [1] that was overdone or get murdered by a bot right away. For it to be effective, you must spend some time looting and at the very least, seem to be playing the game. 

You’re safe to kill yourself after a few minutes or after a significant portion of the bots have died. At this point, you should also see the number of matches required to finish the tutorial decrease on the lobby screen.

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