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PUBG Casual Mode — What You Need to Know

Have you been curious about the casual mode in PUBG? In this guide, our game journalists will share everything you need to know about this recent feature in the game. 

Whether you’re starting out or an avid player of PUBG, this post will explain everything to you in detail about this update:

What is Casual Mode on PUBG?

Casual Mode is a feature that is one of the most recent PUBG Studios’ updates. Since its announcement on September 16, 2021, it has been made available on PC and console. 

The patch (13.2) includes a lot of improvements to the game, including new items such as a P90 submachine gun available in Care Packages dropped on all maps. There’s also a new throwable, the Blue Zone grenade, which when thrown deals 10 damage each second to anyone unfortunate enough to be within its radius.

PUBG Casual Mode

There’s also a new vehicle—the Porter Hyundai pick-up truck— which can only be found on the Taego map and will replace the UAZ. It can hold four passengers and can be used to move stuff. Just don’t blow it up or you’ll lose all your loot. 

Among all these developments, the addition of a Casual Mode is perhaps the most intriguing change. Casual Mode allows players to practice and have fun in a less intense setting than typical Battle Royale Matches. 

Players can use this mode to warm up outside of the usual game mode. While playing with a maximum of 12 players in Casual Mode, you can still receive XP [1] and BP rewards. 

Casual Mode takes place on the Erangel map, just in the third-person perspective. Through this, you can only play three matches every day solo or with a squad.

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