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Top 10 States Obsessed With Minecraft

Minecraft, the wildly popular sandbox game developed by Mojang Studios, has captured the hearts and imaginations of millions of players around the world. With its limitless creative potential, immersive gameplay, and thriving community, Minecraft has become a cultural phenomenon in the realm of gaming. 

In this article, we delve into the captivating world of Minecraft to uncover which states in the United States show the most enthusiasm and obsession for this pixelated universe.

To determine the top 10 U.S. states obsessed with Minecraft, we turned to the invaluable insights provided by Google Trends. By analyzing the search volume and interest surrounding Minecraft-related queries, we have identified the states where the game has truly made its mark, igniting the passion and curiosity of players young and old.

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State by State: Unveiling the Top 10 Most Obsessed with Minecraft

Minecraft - hive server gameplay

1. Utah

Utah, the land of stunning natural landscapes and vibrant communities, proudly takes the crown as the top state obsessed with Minecraft. Utah residents have showcased their unwavering fascination for the game, as evidenced by their enthusiastic exploration of Minecraft-related topics through online searches.

They topped all other states in searches for crucial terms such as “Minecraft Java” and “Minecraft server.” This impressive feat highlights the state’s profound interest in the technical aspects of the game, indicating a vibrant community of Minecraft players and enthusiasts who eagerly delve into the intricacies of Minecraft’s Java edition and the exciting realm of multiplayer servers. 

Furthermore, their strong interest in “Minecraft Bedrock,” skins, and intricate house designs showcases their dedication to exploring different facets of the game

2. West Virginia

Ranked second among the top states obsessed with Minecraft, West Virginians showcase their passion for the game through their focused searches. Minecraft skins take center stage in West Virginia, as players from the state display a keen interest in customizing their in-game avatars. 

Whether it’s transforming into fantastical creatures, emulating famous characters, or donning stylish attire, West Virginians exhibit their creative flair and individuality through the plethora of skins they explore and download.

Minecraft character with a sword

West Virginians also showcase an inclination towards Minecraft mods, exploring the extensive possibilities for enhancing and expanding the game’s features. Moreover, there’s an enduring interest in Minecraft Story Mode, an episodic adventure game set within the Minecraft universe. 

3. Oklahoma

Oklahoma claims the third spot among the top states obsessed with Minecraft. We found a strong interest in uncovering Minecraft secrets, based on Google Trends data. Their avid search activity demonstrates a deep curiosity about hidden aspects, Easter eggs, and elusive game mechanics within the expansive Minecraft universe. 

From unearthing hidden structures to discovering secret pathways, Oklahoma’s Minecraft enthusiasts are constantly on the lookout for new and exciting discoveries.

Additionally, based on recent Minecraft user statisticss, Oklahomans display a fascination with automatic farming, which indicates ingenuity and a desire for efficient gameplay. There’s also a keen interest in Minecraft resource packs, recognizing the value of visual enhancements and customized textures. 

4. Kansas

Kansas, the fourth-ranked state among the top Minecraft-obsessed states, displays a notable interest in the Bedrock edition and a strong affinity for Minecraft’s creative mode. Residents of Kansas embrace the versatile nature of Minecraft Bedrock, connecting and collaborating with players across different platforms. 

Minecraft Dwarf vs Zombies Server

Kansas, the fourth-ranked state among the top Minecraft-obsessed states, displays a notable interest in the Bedrock edition and a strong affinity for Minecraft’s creative mode. Residents of Kansas embrace the versatile nature of Minecraft Bedrock, connecting and collaborating with players across different platforms. 

There’s also a high search activity surrounding “Minecraft creative mode”, signifying that they want unrestricted creativity within the platform to bring their imaginative visions to life.

5. North Dakota

When it comes to mastering the technical aspects of the game, North Dakotans rise above the rest with their keen interest in Minecraft commands. By delving into the command syntax and learning how to manipulate the game mechanics, residents of North Dakota showcase their determination to push the boundaries of Minecraft’s gameplay. 

The state also topped all the others for keywords such as “minecraft house” and “play minecraft”, indicating a high engagement of players who are actively seeking inspiration to construct their virtual abodes.

Furthermore, North Dakota’s Minecraft community showcases a high level of interest in Minecraft Redstone, the game’s complex and versatile wiring system. Players from the state eagerly explore the intricacies of redstone circuitry, experimenting with contraptions, automated mechanisms, and redstone-powered creations. 

6. Arkansas

Arkansas claims its spot as the sixth most obsessed state with Minecraft. There’s a very high interest in Minecraft skins among players in the state, indicating a strong desire to have a diverse skin selection in the game.

Minecraft can't keep up - ticks behind

There’s also a notable interest in Minecraft servers, emphasizing an inclination for immersive multiplayer experiences and connecting with fellow players. Arkansans also search a lot for Minecraft’s creative mode, which is a great avenue to construct intricate structures, impressive landscapes, and imaginative creations. 

7. Idaho

The residents of Idaho exhibit a remarkable interest in Minecraft PVP and mining, topping all other states in both keywords. This indicates a good interest in mastering combat mechanics and honing their skills in the Minecraft world. 

Furthermore, the interest in mining says that the Idahoan Minecraft community loves to extract valuable ores and rare materials – which, of course, allows the building of impressive structures.

In addition to these skills, we also found a high search volume for Minecraft pixel art. So they’re not just building stuff, there’s an artistic expression to it as well!

8. Kentucky

The Kentucky Minecraft community has solidified its position as a notable state, ranking as the 8th region deeply engrossed in the popular game. A careful analysis of Google Trends data reveals a high interest in two particular areas: Minecraft skins and speedruns. 

The high search volumes for these keywords indicate a creative and competitive gaming scene within the state.

Dwarf character on Minecraft Dwarf vs Zombies Server

That being said, Kentucky distinguishes itself from its counterparts by surpassing all other states in the search for “Minecraft builds.” The exceptional search volume for this keyword in Kentucky showcases the state’s exceptional dedication to this artistic aspect of the game, setting it apart from other regions.

9. Hawaii

When it comes to Minecraft, the Aloha State tops all the others in search volume for “Minecraft pixel art”. This trend highlights an interest in intricate designs and painstaking craftsmanship among players.

Furthermore, we also found an avid interest in speedruns and resource packs. Hawaii’s high rating for speedruns signifies a competitive spirit, utilizing advanced techniques and innovative approaches to conquer Minecraft’s challenges with remarkable speed and precision. 

On the other hand, the interest in resource packs also suggests a community that values personalization and uniqueness in the game.

10. Missouri

Missouri makes the cut as the final state in our Top 10 list. Through our analysis of Google Trends data, Missourians have a high interest in Minecraft commands and building ideas. 

Commands empower players to manipulate and control various aspects of the Minecraft world, providing a gateway to unparalleled customization and innovation. 

The robust rating for Minecraft commands in Missouri signifies a profound interest in the technical intricacies, as players delve into the depths of command syntax, experimenting with complex scripts, and unlocking the potential for unique gameplay experiences.

Minecraft characters campfire setting

On the other hand, the high search volume for Minecraft building ideas underscores a deep appreciation for architectural pursuits within Minecraft’s virtual realm. 

Interest in Minecraft for Other States

While we have highlighted the leading states in our rankings, it’s essential to acknowledge the enthusiasm and engagement exhibited by players from other states as well. 

The following table presents the ranking of states beyond the top 10, providing insights into their unique interests and contributions to the Minecraft universe.


11 Arizona
12 Wyoming
13 South Dakota
14 Alaska
15 Indiana
16 New Mexico
17 Texas
18 Iowa
19 Tennessee
20 Colorado
21 Nevada
22 Ohio
23 Washington
24 Nebraska
25 North Carolina
26 Louisiana
27 Georgia
28 Alabama
29 California
30 Mississippi
31 Oregon
32 Florida
33 Illinois
34 Montana
35 Wisconsin
36 South Carolina
37 Michigan
38 Virginia
39 Maine
40 Rhode Island
41 Delaware
42 Minnesota
43 Pennsylvania
44 Vermont
45 Maryland
46 New Hampshire
47 Connecticut
48 New Jersey
49 New York
50 Massachusetts

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The Minecraft Phenomenon

According to data from Search Logistics, Minecraft has emerged as a global gaming sensation, boasting a staggering user base with over 140 million monthly active players. 

Notably, the United States boasts the highest number of Minecraft players, with 21.21% of daily usage originating from the U.S. alone. This finding sets the stage for our exploration into the states most obsessed with Minecraft, as we delve into the unique interests and fervor exhibited by players across the nation.

Source: Search Logistics


The journey through the top 10 states obsessed with Minecraft has been an enlightening exploration of the diverse and passionate Minecraft communities flourishing across the United States. From Utah’s unmatched interest in Minecraft Java and servers to Missouri’s fascination with Minecraft building ideas, each state showcased its unique obsessions and contributions to the Minecraft universe.

As new updates and expansions continue to shape the Minecraft universe, we eagerly anticipate the ever-evolving adventures and inspirations that will emerge from these passionate communities. 

Whether building magnificent structures, engaging in thrilling battles, or exploring the limitless possibilities of the game, Minecraft continues to captivate the hearts and minds of players from all walks of life.

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