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20 Best Minecraft Players Today

More than just a game, Minecraft has made a substantial community of gamers who prove that it’s packed with impeccable enticing experiences and countless innovations. Ideas in the game are endless, thanks to our gaming community. 

Here, our game reporters rounded up the best Minecraft players who made this game even wildly popular with their tricks and styles. See who we got on our list!

Top 20 Minecraft Players, Ranked

#1: Sapnap


Nick’s content depicts more about collaboration amongst the Minecraft player and Industry giants Dream and George. 


Going by the name “sapnap,” he’s also part of the Dream Team members and is even more popular for his “Minecraft, but it’s raining cats and dogs,” making him a part of our list

#2: GeorgeNotFound

With his substantial participation in the MCC tournaments, GerogeNotFound, or George, is one of the Minecraft content creators and players that remains popular and known in the gaming industry. 

He has extensive skills, and also owns the renowned whitelist Minecraft server named DreamSMP, and continues to collaborate with other Minecraft players and content creators. 

#3: Dream

Dream ranks third in our list of the best players in the world. Known for his Minecraft Manhunt series in the Youtube community, Dream has had a lot of achievements, including the Game Award for Content Creator of the year, reaping over 31.8 million subscribers on Youtube. 

Clay Dream

What makes Dream even more formidable is his PvP skills, winning a consistent 1v5 match. Also, he even created his own server, joining popular and skilled players. Here are the best Minecraft Dream SMP players of all time!

#4: jojosolos

Finally, a woman on our list! Jojo is one of the few female-skilled players in Minecraft. She’s a new Minecraft player, but she’s made a name for her showcase of skills in the game Among Us and Roblox. 

She had her first appearance in the MCC21 and has since placed herself on the list of the top-performing Minecraft players, winning rankings and multiple MC tournaments. 

#5: xNestorio

Ecuadorian Minecraft streamer Nestor, also known as xNestorio, is popular for making Youtube challenges, videos, and series like Cube UHC, Spawning 1,000,000. 


While he doesn’t actively play in official MCC tournaments, he makes a name by placing himself on rankings in Minecraft Monday, Minecraft Ultimate, and the MCC Rising.

#6: TommyInnit

Tommylnnit creates content consisting of Hypixel Skyblock Videos and Minecraft mods, which has reaped over eleven million YouTube subscribers. Tom Simons, in real life, also plays with other top Minecraft players. 

What makes his content more interesting is he plays and tests different hacks in the Minecraft games. 

#7: Purpled

Famous for playing Hypixel on its BedWars game mode and excelling in it, it’s impossible not to put Greyson, also known as Purpled in the gaming community, as a top Minecraft player on this list. 


He’s talented, consistently making it to the top of the Minecraft player’s table, and has been one of the best speed bridge and PvP players since he first appeared on MCC 20 [1]. Purpled is still young, so we expect him to grace even more on the field as he branches out to other games. 


What makes a Minecraft player more impressive is one that teaches and educates, and Grian, also known as Charles, is one of the few players in the world who does this. 

He creates cool tutorials about making buildings, gives specific tips about building houses, and has a building style named after him – Grian Style of Building. Charles also owns a server that goes by the name Wynncraft. 

#9: PrestonPlayz

Seven years of gaming experience brought PrestonPlayz a substantial Youtube fanbase covering over 14.7 million subscribers and even making a popular name on Twitch with over 1 million followers. 


He has solid gaming skills aside from being an expert at playing the Minecraft game. He also plays Fortnite, Roblox, and Among Us, and he excels mostly in the Player versus Player combat aspects of these popular games.

#10: Wisp

Another on our list is Minecraft competition regular Wisp. Apart from making a name on Youtube as the player who excels in Hypixel and FluxPvP, Wisp is also a skilled player and a regular placer in Minecraft championships, making him one of the most popular Minecraft players today. 

He also owns a server called UHCArcade or MCArcade. 

#11: Technoblade


Technoblade is an honorable mention to the list we have right here. He’s a formidable competitor to encounter on the general battlefield and has been prominent for his player-versus-player combat skills and incredible application of his game mechanics knowledge. 


This skill complements this PvP player, beating the Minecraft hardcore mode using only a steering wheel as his controller. He has also defeated Dream in a live competition.

#12: CaptainSparklez

Unlike most gamers, American gamer Jordan Maron who goes by the name CaptainSparklez, isn’t fond of using vulgar language on his channel and instead gives helpful advice. 

He has a popular Youtube channel, with over 11.4 million subscribers and over 4 billion views, and is one of the most popular and talented Minecraft players worldwide. 


With over 11.4 million subscribers, Nathan “Unspeakable Gaming” has grown his Youtube channel to become popular all over the world with his Minecraft-related videos. 


His videos are tailored differently and comprise challenges, capricious, and react videos. With six years in the industry, he’s grown with eight other channels covering different game modes and themes.  

#14: Fruitberries

Canadian Minecraft Youtuber Josh “Fruitberries” is known to be an all-around talented player who excels at parkour and has reaped repeated success in the game TGTTOSAWAF. 

Fruitberries is among our best players on the list, as his team won the first Minecraft championship. He also won two more solo competitions and has a respectable speedrunning performance putting him on the map alongside Illumina. 

#15: PeteZahHutt

American Minecraft Youtuber Brandon Clemont, more popular as PeteZahHutt, has been in the field since 2012. 


This explains his impeccable play skills, constantly making it to the top ten leaderboards and being the only competitor to always rank in the top five individual leaderboard. 

He’s well-rounded and has played and won first individual and third overall (team) in the most recent Minecraft Championship ’14. 


The legendary “Hardcore mode series” wouldn’t be popular if it weren’t for SB737 or Daniel’s performance, lasting 4600 days in the game’s survival mode. 

This English gaming YouTuber has made a lot of farms, and achievements in the series, acquiring the legendary 1.14 God Armour, which is almost impossible for other players in the world. He’s also placed seventh in the MC Championship 23, among other popular players like CapatinSparklez. 

#17: WadZee

Australian YouTuber Jesse Wadsworth, going by WadZee, started in Fortnite gameplay but is now excelling in Minecraft. With six million subscribers, he continues to impress his fans with his Minecraft videos, gaining more than two million views regularly. 


After releasing One Block Skyblock and the Hardcore series, he put himself on the map, where he survived for 55 episodes. Wadzee focuses on playing in ongoing Minecraft campaigns and is reckoned to be a Hardcore legend. 

#18: DanTDM

DanTDM has always been popular, being part of two winning teams. He plays Minecraft, Roblox, and Pokemon. As a content creator, he has his games posted on his Youtube channel. 

One of his most popular Minecraft Youtube videos is “Minecraft| Holiday Disaster| Custom Holiday Adventure# 1,” which currently has over 18.3 billion views. He was also on the Forbes list of highest-paid Youtube stars in 2017. 

#19: Ph1lza

Phil Watson is one of the OG’s in the Minecraft community. He’s a Twitch streamer and a renowned Minecraft YouTuber who also posts his streams on YouTube. 


Phil Watson is one of the OG’s in the Minecraft community. He’s a Twitch streamer and a renowned Minecraft YouTuber who also posts his streams on YouTube. 

With years in the field, he’s learned a lot of skills, and we coin him as one of the top Minecraft players who have been into the numerous changes and has adapted very well, still playing up to date.

#20: IlluminaHD

Another incredible and talented Minecraft player is Kye, who holds the first place record on the Minecraft Java Edition, and is more popularly known as Illumina. 

We consider him one of the second-best on our list, as he ranked sixth on the list of players with the highest speedrun times for Minecraft Java Edition using a set seed. 


His running speed has a total duration of eight minutes (seven minutes, fifty-one seconds, and three-hundred milliseconds, to be exact). He was even acknowledged in the Guinness Book of World Records 2021 and was featured in the Minecraft Speedrunning Section. 

How We Picked the Top Players of the Game

Everyone on our list has garnered multiple achievements and a variety of experiences, making ranking a no easy feat. In choosing a Minecraft player, we considered who excelled in all aspects of the game, including their popularity amongst fellow gamers. 

Notorious for being one of the most popular games in the world, Minecraft is both challenging and exciting, hence its ability to hook multiple players to invest time and effort in excelling in the game. 


We’ve channeled everyone’s expertise and ranked them accordingly on this list, but the rankings we made don’t tarnish or affect the fact that they are the best Minecraft players in the world. 

If you’re aiming for a career in the gaming industry, watching and observing their skills and how they made it through the ropes will certainly come in handy!

Mathew has nursed a love of video games since childhood. Now, as an adult, he enjoys playing challenging games as much as he enjoys relating with other gamers. Matthew created Hypernia to give gamers like himself accurate and reliable information about games, servers, communication protocols, and much more.

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