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How to Ban Someone on Discord Without Them Being in Your Server

Many users may not know, but it is possible to permanently block spammers or non-compliant users on Discord, even when they’re not in your server. Whatever the case may be, we have you covered. 

In this guide, we will share all the methods on how you can ban someone without them being in your Discord server.

Can You Ban Someone Who is Not in Your Discord Server?

Option #1 (For Previous Members)

As the name implies, this method works well for players who have joined your server. It also works for those you have chatted with. To ban such players, you must look for the server chats you had with them or mention using <@PLAYERID>. 

The player profile should pop up immediately. Right-click on the profile, then click on the ban option. For this method, all you have to do is find a way of getting the player’s profile. Once you do, it is easy to ban them.

ban someone on discord server

Option #2 (Bot Settings)

Bots like Mee6 make it possible for you to ban players. However, you will need to turn on the developer mode [1]  in the settings to do this and access the player’s profile to get their player ID.

MEE6 on Discord

Use the prefix Mee6 along with the command ban<PLAYERID>. If you do this correctly, this should ban the player from the server.

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By now, we believe you should already know how to ban someone on Discord without them being in your server. The tips our technical experts have shared in this guide are effective and up to date.

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