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How to Investigate the Goblin Presence in Hogwarts Legacy

Are you ready to take on the challenge of investigating the Goblin Presence in Hogwarts Legacy’s Percival Rackham’s Trial? While Hogwarts Legacy offers a straightforward gameplay experience, some moments require your inner detective to shine. 

Percival Rackham’s Trial quest is one instance where the quest won’t hold your hand. Fear not, as we’re here to guide you through this enigmatic quest and show the goblin presence who’s boss.

The Mysterious Goblin Presence

The Role of Goblins in Hogwarts Legacy

Goblins hold a central role in the tapestry of Hogwarts Legacy’s storyline. Percival Rackham’s Trial quest is a pivotal moment that requires a deeper understanding of these creatures and their involvement in the magical world.

The Goblin Presence quest objective is no trivial matter. While learning the Petrificus Totalus spell and facing the final boss are essential components, uncovering the secrets of the goblin’s presence is equally important to your success in the game.

Investigating the Goblin Presence: A Complex Task

Unlike many quests in Hogwarts Legacy, investigating the Goblin Presence offers no straightforward markers to lead you. Instead, the pursuit demands your keen observation and analytical skills to progress.

Embrace your inner detective as you venture into the area surrounding the tower. The absence of hand-holding forces you to examine your surroundings and uncover clues that reveal the enigmatic goblin’s presence.

The Key Steps to Unravel the Mystery

Locating the Ruin on the Map

Your journey begins by locating the indicated ruin on your map. This initial step sets the stage for the investigation to come.

Finding and Interacting with the Clue

Your next task is to search for a specific item with the key to unlocking the mystery. This interaction is crucial for progressing through the quest.

The Importance of the Letter from Ranrok

The letter from Ranrok provides essential information that contributes to your understanding of the goblin’s presence. Reading this letter is a significant milestone in your investigation.

More For You: 

Navigating the Tower and Beyond

Clearing Goblin Enemies

Before further investigating, you must deal with goblin enemies that stand in your path. Dispatch them strategically to proceed.

Progressing to the Next Stage

With the area cleared of enemies, your interaction with the clue sets the stage for the next phase of the quest. A new path unfolds before you.

Unveiling the Evidence

As the layers of mystery unfold in Hogwarts Legacy’s Percival Rackham’s Trial quest, your pursuit of the elusive goblin’s presence intensifies. This guide segment delves deeper into the critical steps required to uncover the evidence that will propel your investigation forward.

Professor Fig's Advice and the Goblins

As you embark on the quest to investigate the goblin’s presence, the wisdom of Professor Fig becomes your beacon. His guidance serves as a valuable compass, guiding your approach through the challenges that lie ahead. 

prof fig hogwarts legacy

A crucial decision presents itself: will you choose the path of stealth, maneuvering deftly to outwit the goblins, or will you opt for direct combat, confronting these creatures head-on with your arsenal of spells?

Whichever route you take, the goblins represent a formidable hurdle that demands your attention. Their elimination, whether through the finesse of stealth or the vigor of combat, is non-negotiable. 

Professor Fig’s counsel highlights this task’s gravity, emphasizing the goblins’ critical role in the investigation and the quest’s overall narrative.

Following the Mini-Map's Guidance

Navigating the intricate terrain of Hogwarts Legacy is made more accessible through the visual aid of the mini-map. 

This tool becomes your trusty guide in exposing the goblin’s presence. Pay heed to its cues, which lead you toward a significant discovery.

The Magic Neep map Hogwarts Legacy

Upon consulting the mini-map, a distinct and unmistakable purple circle emerges. This ethereal mark designates the precise area where your meticulous investigation must unfold. 

The mini-map’s guidance acts as a beacon, directing your steps toward the heart of the mystery—the epicenter of the elusive goblin’s presence.

The Tent-like Structure: A Vital Clue

The ruins surrounding Hogwarts are steeped in history, harboring secrets waiting to be unearthed. Amidst these ancient remnants, a tent-like structure stands as a pivotal landmark. 

This structure, seemingly inconspicuous at first glance, holds the key to unraveling the goblin’s presence.

Stepping inside the tent, you encounter an atmosphere tinged with intrigue. A sense of anticipation heightens as your eyes fall upon a table to the left of the entrance.

Here lies the treasure you seek—a note from Ranrok, a document infused with significance. This note can illuminate the shadows enshrouding the goblin’s presence, shedding light on the intricate web of events.


Mastering Hogwarts Legacy [1] involves embracing challenges that test your intellect and determination. The Goblin Presence investigation within Percival Rackham’s Trial exemplifies this, urging you to think critically and observe closely. 

Armed with our guide, you can unravel the enigma, confidently progressing through the quest and uncovering the secrets hidden within the magical world. In Hogwarts Legacy, investigating the Goblin Presence demands more than just magic—it requires the mind of a true detective.

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