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How to Retake Wizarding World Quiz in Hogwarts Legacy

Immersing oneself in the enchanting world of magic and mystery has always been a dream for many, and Hogwarts Legacy offers an unparalleled opportunity to experience the wonders of the wizarding universe.

In this article, we will delve into the significance of retaking the Wizarding World Quiz in Hogwarts Legacy, outlining the various options available and the exciting possibilities they bring.

Wizarding World Quiz Overview

The allure of the Wizarding World Quiz lies not only in its role as a House sorter but also in the exclusive rewards it bestows upon players. Aspiring witches and wizards are tantalized by the prospect of obtaining the coveted House Fanatic School Robe and the enigmatic Beaked Skull mask. 

However, fate sometimes surprises us with a House sorting that doesn’t resonate with our inner magical essence. It’s the yearning to align oneself with a different House that prompts many players to seek a way to retake the quiz and make their virtual Hogwarts experience truly magical.

Note: You will need to link your WB Games account and Harry Potter Fan Club account to your Hogwarts Legacy account so your in-game house result is influenced by the Wizarding World’s Quiz. Link these accounts on the official Hogwarts Legacy account linking page.

Retaking the Wizarding World Quiz: 3 Options

Option 1: Delete Your Account

For those determined to rewrite their magical destiny, you have the option of deleting your account on the Wizarding World platform. The steps are straightforward and ensure a fresh start in the sorting process. 

Begin by visiting the Wizarding World website and locating your house banner in the top right corner. Access your profile and click on the Settings icon, which opens the door to Account Settings. 

Scroll down to the “Delete your account” option nestled under the Support section. Confirm the deletion by entering your password twice. 

Once the slate is wiped clean, you can reenter the Wizarding World with the same account and undergo the quiz anew, allowing you to embrace the House, Wand, and Patronus that truly resonate with your magical being.

Option 2: Create a New Account

For those who hesitate to part ways with their existing account, fear not, for the realm of magic is abundant with possibilities. Embarking on a journey to retake the Wizarding World Quiz can be as simple as weaving a new thread into your digital narrative. 

By creating a fresh account on the Wizarding World platform, you’re granted the opportunity to explore the sorting process anew. The House Sorting Quiz awaits your participation, offering a chance to forge a connection with your inner magic like never before.

Option 3: Skip the Quiz

Sometimes, the allure of mystery and spontaneity outweighs the desire for control. For those who yearn to embrace the unpredictability of magic, the option to skip the quiz altogether and undertake the Sorting Hat Quiz within the Hogwarts Legacy game presents itself as a unique avenue. 

The Sorting Hat, an iconic symbol of the wizarding world, becomes your guide in this whimsical journey. Trusting in its ancient wisdom, you allow fate to steer the course of your magical destiny, opening the door to unforeseen adventures.

Exclusive In-Game Items: A Nexus to House Identity

It’s worth noting that the quest for retaking the Wizarding World Quiz is not solely motivated by a desire to redefine one’s magical identity. 

The allure of exclusive in-game items being activated in Hogwarts Legacy, such as the House Fanatic School Robe and the enigmatic Beaked Skull mask, serves as a potent incentive. 

These prized possessions become more than mere accessories; they are tangible manifestations of House pride. The connection between these items and House sorting is a reminder of the intricate tapestry that weaves together the diverse houses of Hogwarts. 

beaked skull mask

Thus, the act of retaking the quiz transcends personal preference, symbolizing a profound link between identity, community, and the immersive world of Hogwarts Legacy.


In the enchanting realm of Hogwarts Legacy [1], the Wizarding World Quiz is more than a mere rite of passage; it’s a gateway to embracing one’s magical identity. The options for retaking this quiz offer players a chance to navigate their destiny, aligning themselves with the House, Wand, and Patronus that resonates most deeply with their inner magic. 

And so, as your digital quill finds its resting place, remember that the magic of Hogwarts is not bound by the constraints of the mundane. Venture forth, retake the quiz, and let your magical journey unfurl like a parchment in the wind!

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