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How to Use the Musical Map in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy, the highly anticipated video game set in the wizarding world, offers players a wealth of magical adventures. Among the hidden treasures and captivating quests, one particular item stands out: the Musical Map.

In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the intricate details of the Musical Map, from its discovery to its utilization, as you embark on a melodic journey to uncover the coveted treasures that lie within the magical grounds of Hogwarts.

Where To Find the Musical Map Treasures in Hogwarts Legacy

Before you can embark on your melodic journey, you must first locate the Musical Map. Head to the Restricted Section of the Hogwarts library, a mysterious and off-limits area where ancient knowledge and hidden secrets await. 

Engage with the books and shelves until you stumble upon a peculiar tome adorned with musical symbols. This mystical book holds the key to unlocking the Musical Map and revealing the magical secrets that lie within its pages.

How to Get Flipendo in Hogwarts Legacy

To effectively utilize the Musical Map, you’ll need the Flipendo spell, a powerful jinx that enables you to interact with enchanted objects. 

To successfully fulfill Professor Garlick’s second assignment and acquire the Flipendo spell, players must simultaneously utilize all three combat plants while also cultivating and harvesting a Fluxweed plant. 

It is crucial to note that the Fluxweed plant needs to be intentionally grown and subsequently harvested, which necessitates the purchase of both the seeds and a sufficiently spacious table for the plant’s growth.

How To Use the Musical Map To Find Treasures in Hogwarts Legacy

Now that you possess both the Musical Map and the Flipendo spell, it’s time to uncover the magical treasures that await. The Musical Map provides a unique sequence of bells that must be struck in a specific order. 

Follow these steps to unveil the treasures and unravel the enchanting melody:

Hogwarts Legacy Gameplay Bells

Step 1: Strike Bell Two

In the Clock Tower Courtyard, you’ll find the first bell. Use Flipendo to hit it with precision, creating a harmonious tone that resonates throughout the surroundings. The vibrant sound sets the foundation for the magical symphony that will unfold.

Step 2: Strike Bell Five

Proceed to the Owlery, a haven for Hogwarts’ feathered inhabitants. Here, you’ll find the second bell. Utilize Flipendo to strike it, adding another melodious note to the enchanting symphony of the Musical Map. The owl hoots in response, acknowledging your progress.

Step 3: Strike Bell Seven

Journey to the boathouse by the Great Lake, a tranquil spot where you’ll find the third bell. Invoke the power of Flipendo to strike it, harmonizing with the other bells and further enriching the symphony of the Musical Map. The gentle lapping of water accompanies your actions.

Step 4: Strike Bell Six

Next, make your way to the Herbology greenhouse, where the fourth bell awaits. With a wand in hand and Flipendo at your command, strike the bell and witness the captivating resonance that emanates from it. The enchanted plants sway as if dancing to the magical melody.

Step 5: Strike Bell Five

Return to a familiar location, the Owlery, and strike the fifth bell once again. This repetition plays a crucial role in the harmonization of the musical map, infusing it with a renewed sense of magic and unveiling hidden layers within the melody.

Step 6: Strike Bell Nine

Hogwarts Legacy Gameplay Musical Bells

Venture deep into the Forbidden Forest, a place teeming with mystery and danger. Here, you will find the sixth bell, concealed among the ancient trees. 

With Flipendo at your disposal, summon the courage to strike the bell and immerse yourself in the magical melody that resounds through the forest.

Step 7: Strike Bell Eight

Head to the Astronomy Tower, a place of cosmic wonder and contemplation. Here, the seventh bell resides, awaiting your arrival. With the precise aim and the power of Flipendo, strike the bell, adding your magical touch to the growing enchantment that surrounds you.

Step 8: Strike Bell Six

Return once more to the Herbology greenhouse, where the fourth bell resides. With a newfound appreciation for the evolving melody, strike the bell again. The resounding tone intertwines with the other notes, unlocking further possibilities and revealing a path toward the treasure.

How to Complete the Solved By the Bell Quest in Hogwarts Legacy

Quest Hogwarts

As you strike each bell according to the Musical Map’s sequence, the melody gradually evolves, leading you closer to the hidden treasure. Following the steps outlined above will not only unveil the treasure but also allow you to complete the Solved By the Bell quest. 

Stay vigilant, trust in your magical abilities, and let the melody guide you to triumph and glory.


The Musical Map in Hogwarts Legacy [1] holds the power to transport players into a world of enchantment and adventure. 

By discovering the map’s whereabouts, acquiring the Flipendo spell, and skillfully striking the sequence of bells, you will unlock the hidden treasures of Hogwarts. Embark on this melodic quest, and let the harmony of the Musical Map lead you to extraordinary rewards.

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