WWE 2K23 Universe Mode Guide — Unleashing Your Fantasy WWE World!

The world of professional wrestling has found its digital home in the WWE 2K series, with each installment pushing the boundaries of realism and creativity. The WWE 2K23 Universe Mode, a cornerstone of the franchise, once again steps into the spotlight, this time boasting a revolutionary new feature – the Rivalry System. 

In this article, we will delve into the remarkable changes that WWE 2K23 brings to the Universe Mode, allowing players to shape their wrestling world like never before.

New Rivalry System in WWE 2K23 Universe Mode

Gone are the days of predictability and repetitive cutscenes that defined previous iterations. WWE 2K23 Universe Mode breaks free from these limitations, ushering in a new era of player-driven storytelling. 

Players are now empowered with unparalleled creative freedom to craft riveting rivalries that transcend the confines of scripted narratives.

This newfound agency extends to all aspects of the game, from match start to weekly promos, match endings, and even post-match events. The introduction of the Momentum feature amplifies this freedom. 

Momentum is earned through victorious battles, adding an extra layer of strategic depth. Players can spend their hard-earned Momentum to inject matches with special cinematic animations, transforming every bout into a spectacle worthy of the WWE stage.

A captivating twist comes in the form of personalized post-match events, where player decisions dictate the course of action.

Additionally, the Free Mode offers an alternative approach, enabling actions and events regardless of Momentum, allowing players to shape their Universe with unrivaled autonomy. 

WWE 2K23 Universe Mode ushers in an era of increased player agency and customization, revolutionizing the way we experience digital wrestling.

New Features in WWE 2K23 Universe Mode

Beyond the groundbreaking Rivalry System, WWE 2K23 Universe Mode introduces an array of exciting features that elevate the gameplay experience to new heights.

PLEs (Pay-Per-View Live Events)

In a nod to realism, WWE 2K23 has rebranded Pay-Per-View events as PLEs, aligning with the contemporary WWE product. While the name change itself may not bring a tangible impact, it reinforces the immersive nature of the game, bridging the gap between virtual and actual wrestling entertainment.

Rivalry System Improvements

The heart of WWE 2K23’s enhancements lies within the Rivalry System. No longer limited to mere cutscenes, players can now orchestrate actions before, during, and after matches, breathing life into their narratives.

The dynamic categorization of rivalries into Low, Medium, High, and Very High subcategories ushers in over 100 new rivalry actions, each accompanied by unique cutscenes and modifiers. This innovative approach revolutionizes rivalries, infusing them with unpredictability and depth.


The long-awaited Wargames mode debuts in WWE 2K23 [1], offering a multiplayer battle mode that fans have clamored for. Teams of 3v3 or 4v4 face off within a unique setup of two interconnected rings surrounded by a steel cage. 

Gradually, competitors are released into the ring, culminating in a thrilling showdown. To secure victory, players must strategize and outwit opponents, using submissions, pinfalls, or cage ejections to claim dominance.


Momentum emerges as a valuable resource in WWE 2K23, rewarded based on match results and individual performances. Winners accrue more Momentum, which can be spent on various rival actions and match editing options. 

This ingenious addition empowers players to influence outcomes and infuse matches with their desired flair.

WWE 2K23 Universe Mode Tips and Tricks

While the Universe Mode enhancements are undeniably exciting, mastering its intricacies requires finesse and strategy. Here are some invaluable tips and tricks to navigate this dynamic world successfully:

Creativity and Bringing Back Classic Wrestlers

Harness your creativity to breathe fresh life into classic wrestlers. Adding twists and dynamics to established characters can spark renewed interest and unpredictability in your Universe.

Disrupting the Established Order

Explore uncharted territories by disrupting conventional alliances and storylines. Consider unprecedented partnerships and betrayals that rewrite the script, offering a fresh perspective on the wrestling landscape.

Crafting Compelling Storylines

Maximize the tools at your disposal to craft compelling and interconnected storylines. Utilize multi-man matches and stipulations to rejuvenate old rivalries, captivating your audience with engaging narratives.

Embracing Customization and Experimentation

Embrace customization and experimentation as you navigate the role of General Manager. Opt for a shorter season initially to grasp the mechanics and then delve into more extended campaigns armed with newfound knowledge.

Remember to Have a Good Time

Amidst the intricacies, the essence of WWE 2K23 Universe Mode lies in enjoyment and creativity. Revel in the unique stories you create, experiment with unprecedented team combinations, and relish the boundless possibilities at your fingertips.


WWE 2K23 Universe Mode shatters boundaries, inviting players to become architects of their wrestling worlds. The introduction of the Rivalry System and a host of innovative features redefines the Universe Mode experience, breathing unparalleled life into digital wrestling. 

As you embark on this thrilling journey, remember that no two campaigns are alike, and the only limit is your imagination. So step into the ring, embrace the power of creativity, and let WWE 2K23’s Universe Mode be your canvas for unforgettable wrestling narratives.

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