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Rise as a Hero: How to Beat Ranrok Dragon in Hogwarts Legacy

The most imposing challenge in Hogwarts Legacy is said to be the battle against the mighty Ranrok Dragon. This epic showdown is the culmination of your journey, and with expert guidance, you’re poised to emerge victorious. 

As you brace for this ultimate encounter, let’s delve into the strategies and tactics to secure your triumph against this formidable foe.

Who Is Ranrok in Hogwarts Legacy?

Before you step onto the battlefield, it’s crucial to grasp the nature of your adversary. Ranrok isn’t your average antagonist; he’s a goblin wizard endowed with terrifying strength. 

Surpassing the magical prowess of most wizards of his era, Ranrok nurses a deep-seated hatred toward all magic users. His ability to shape-shift into a colossal dragon makes him genuinely formidable, transforming into a force that demands unwavering respect in the world of Hogwarts Legacy.

ranrok battle

Ranrok’s origin lies in the intricate narrative of Hogwarts Legacy. Throughout your journey, you’ve encountered hints and lore that gradually unveil the depths of his malevolence. 

His transformation into a colossal dragon is a testament to his mastery over dark magic and his unrelenting determination to quench his vendetta.

Best Spell Against Ranrok Dragon

Success against the Ranrok Dragon hinges on meticulous spell selection. While individual preferences may vary, our recommended spell set to combat this menacing creature consists of the following:


This spell will be your blade, cutting through Ranrok’s defenses with precision and finesse. As you engage in the battle, you’ll find moments to cast Diffindo and exploit the vulnerabilities that arise during the phases.


Unleash fiery explosions with Confringo, dealing substantial damage to the dragon’s vulnerable points. The force of Confringo’s impact is especially effective during the times when Ranrok’s invulnerability wanes.


The icy power of Glacius is your tool to freeze Ranrok’s fiery assaults, creating opportunities for counterattacks. Use Glacius to neutralize the destructive flames, enabling you to focus on unleashing your devastating magic.


Utilize Depulso to repel Ranrok’s attacks and maintain your distance, granting you the advantage of space. Depulso can provide crucial moments to regroup and strategize as the battle unfolds.

Navigating the Battle Phases and Strategies

The confrontation with the Ranrok Dragon unfolds across three distinct phases, each demanding specific strategies and unyielding concentration. Let’s delve into these phases and the strategy that will pave your path to victory:

First Phase: Mastering the Fundamentals


Ranrok hurls fiery projectiles your way. Dodge or deflect these attacks to avoid taking significant damage. Your agility and reflexes will be your best assets in evading these deadly fireballs.

Dragon/Fire Breath

The dragon breathes out a lethal wave of fire. Swift movement is your best defense to evade this devastating assault. Mastering your timing and movement is crucial to escape the inferno unscathed.

Ashen Projectile

The boss launches dark projectiles at you. Dodge these attacks precisely, or employ Ancient Magic Throw to redirect them back at Ranrok, dealing substantial counter damage.

Second Phase: Confronting Unleashed Power

Phase two introduces the devastating AoE Explosion attack, intensifying the challenge.

AoE Explosion

While Ranrok in his dragon form is flying, his area-of-effect attack necessitates swift action, emphasizing the importance of escaping its formidable radius. 

Amidst the persistence of prior attacks, the urgency of eliminating invulnerability-inducing spheres heightens.

To triumph in this phase, staying mobile is paramount. The landscape may change, and the intervals between Ranrok’s attacks may vary. Swiftly identify safe zones and dodge his explosive onslaughts.

Third Phase: The Grand Showdown

The final phase witnesses the Ranrok Dragon grounded, introducing fresh threats. Close-quarters assaults and relentless attacks typify this stage. 

The destruction of spheres remains pivotal, demanding a delicate balance between offensive maneuvers and vigilant defense.

In this pivotal phase, adaptability is critical. Engage in ranged and close-quarters combat, leveraging the spells in your arsenal based on the situation.

Mastering the Art: Strategies for Victory

Prioritize Defense

Your survival hinges on impeccably timed dodges and effective attack counters. Each successful evasion and timely counter will inch you closer to victory. Gauge the rhythm of Ranrok’s attacks and anticipate his moves to minimize damage and seize openings for offense.

Maximize Potion Usage

Stock up on Wiggenweld potions to sustain your health during the battle’s grueling encounters. These potions serve as a lifeline, granting you the resilience to withstand Ranrok’s onslaughts. Prioritize the use of potions during moments of vulnerability and transition between phases.

Harness Chinese Chomping Cabbages

These potent resources deliver formidable damage, aiding your efforts to inflict significant harm. 

Integrate the use of Chinese Chomping Cabbages into your strategy, especially during the third phase, strategically deploying them to maximize their impact during critical junctures of the battle.


As you employ these strategic insights, tactical finesse, and skillful spellcasting, the tyrannical reign of the Ranrok Dragon will inevitably end. 

By precisely navigating the battle’s phases, bolstering your defenses, and capitalizing on moments of vulnerability, you’ll emerge triumphant against this imposing adversary within the realm of Hogwarts Legacy [1].

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