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Aim Assist in Halo Infinite — Does It Exist?

Today, we will talk about one of the most highly anticipated video games of the year, Halo Infinite, and a controversial topic within the gaming community – aim assist. 

Specifically, we will be exploring whether aim assist exists in Halo Infinite and what implications this may have for gameplay. Join us as we dive into the world of Halo Infinite and uncover the truth about aim assist. 

Reflecting on Past Halo Installments

Halo 3 is regarded as one of the best games in the franchise, thanks to its smooth controller tracking system. The game’s crosshair automatically pulled itself to the target, providing consistent tracking even when standing still. 

However, Halo Infinite did not inherit this control scheme for its aim assist, which was designed to cater to players with different control styles. 

As a result, the modern adaptation of aim assist in Halo Infinite has been criticized for lacking the consistency of its predecessor, Halo 3. 

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To balance the game, many features that made aim assist good were removed, resulting in a more stripped-down version.

Halo Infinite and Modern Media: Samples of Aim Assist

Halo Infinite is an arena-based shooter that emphasizes objectives, map control, and using the game’s sandbox to your benefit. 

The primary objective is to maximize your Halo Infinite’s KDA by engaging in close-quarter fights where players constantly slide, strafe, and jump to outmaneuver their enemy. 

This fast-paced fighting style is unique to Halo and sets it apart from other FPS games. Aim assist has always been a part of Halo games, but previous titles were designed solely with controllers in mind. 

In Halo Infinite, aim assist is still present but has been adapted to cater to players with different control styles.

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Aim Assist for Mouse and Keyboard Users vs Controller Users

The availability of different control schemes in the game has led to debates and reports of inconsistencies with aim assist. 

Players have observed that the controller provides a notable advantage over the PC [1], and the game’s bullet bloom and magnetism features have contributed to the imbalance. 

Thus, the challenge of balancing aim assist across multiple control styles has become evident in Halo Infinite.

Bullet Magnetism

Bullet magnetism is a feature in Halo Infinite that assists players in hitting enemies by drawing stray bullets toward their hitboxes when the reticle is slightly off-center. 

It is available to both controller and keyboard and mouse players and is designed to address inconsistencies with hitboxes.

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However, its effectiveness is based on the range of the reticle from the player’s hitboxes, and it can highlight gaps in hitboxes, such as those between the legs.

Reticle Bloom

Bloom is a gameplay mechanic in Halo Infinite, where the reticle becomes larger with consistent rapid shots, making it difficult to hit targets from range unless fired in delayed bursts. 

Only a few weapons, including the Assault Rifle, Commando Rifle, and SideKick, have bloomed, which becomes a significant drawback as they struggle to fire continuously. The Battle Rifle, on the other hand, has no bloom.

How Jumping Affects Aim Assist

Players have reported that tracking controllers when jumping while using any gun makes it worse, leading to a new trend of crouch-hopping when in the game. 

Despite improved aim assist, the reticle can lose its grip on a target that moves too much.

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Additionally, aim assist may not work when standing still, which is a problem for both control schemes. Despite tracking issues, the controller evidently has the advantage. 

Some players speculate that aim assist has been heavily nerfed.

Solution: Use A Controller

Using a controller is a potential solution to address the tracking issues and aim assist problems in Halo Infinite. 

The controller has been reported to provide better aim assist and offers advantages in certain situations, such as crouch-hopping during fights.  

However, the choice of control scheme ultimately depends on individual preference and playstyle.

The Sniper Rifle's Flaws in Halo Infinite

Aim assist seems to have weakened Halo Infinite’s Sniper Rifle, a fan-favorite weapon in previous Halo games, in Infinite. The Sniper Rifle’s declining popularity can be attributed to the fact that players controlling their character using a keyboard and mouse have trouble aiming accurately with it.

Possibly, as of Season 1 bug, while attempting to no-scope an enemy who is strafing, the reticle will travel away from the enemy. Because of its more reliable performance, several players favor the Stalker Rifle as their go-to sniper rifle in the game.

Wrapping Up

The importance of accessibility is a crucial factor to consider, but regardless of people’s opinions, it is evident that aim assist will remain a contentious topic in the shooter genre, most especially for PC users. 

The reception to the inclusion of aim assist for keyboard and mouse players in Halo Infinite will ultimately depend on the preferences of individual players. 

While some may see it as a necessary tool to level the playing field and make the game more accessible, others may perceive it as unfair and unnecessary. 

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