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Halo Infinite Weapons Ranked From Worst To Best

Halo Infinite, the latest addition to the Halo franchise, features a wide variety of weapons that players can use to take down enemies in the game’s campaign and multiplayer modes. 

From classic favorites like the Battle Rifle and the Energy Sword to brand-new additions like the Pulse Carbine and the Ravager, players have plenty of options for choosing their loadout.

In this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at the weapons in Halo Infinite and ranking them from worst to best based on factors such as damage output, accuracy, versatility, and overall effectiveness in combat. 

Whether you’re a longtime Halo fan or a newcomer to the series, this guide will help you make informed decisions about which weapons to use in different situations and better understand how each weapon stacks up against the others. So without further ado, let’s dive in and see which weapons come out on top in Halo Infinite.

Complete List of Halo Infinite Weapons

Here’s a list of the complete weapons options in Halo Infinite. Based on gamers’ reviews and feedback, we have ranked it from worst to best.

HI Assault Rifle

22. Ravager

The Ravager is considered the worst weapon in Halo Infinite because it has several drawbacks that make it less effective than other weapons. Firstly, due to its slow fire rate, the default firing mode shoots a three-round plasma energy burst that is ineffective in one-on-one rounds. 

The charged shot of the weapon, which produces a single large blast and leaves a burning trail, is not potent enough in terms of damage output. Lastly, the weapon’s overall design and capabilities make it less versatile than other weapons, limiting its usefulness in various situations.

HI Ravager

21. Hydra 

This weapon has several drawbacks that make it less effective than other weapons. One of the primary issues with Halo Infinite’s Hydra is its slow rate of fire, which makes it less viable against enemy Spartans. 

While the weapon has two firing modes – a lock-on function that tracks enemy Spartans and vehicles and a free-fire mode that shoots missiles in a straight line – it still takes too long to deal enough damage to take down enemies quickly, particularly if they are moving around. 

The free-fire mode, despite inflicting higher damage than the lock-on mode, produces a restricted range of explosive impact, thus reducing its effectiveness in simultaneously eliminating multiple adversaries. These factors combine to make the Hydra less versatile and less effective than other Halo Infinite weapons.

HI Hydra

20. Plasma Pistol

While it can be useful for taking down shields and doesn’t disable vehicles anymore, it lacks the damage output and range of other weapons. Additionally, its overcharge shot, which deals extra damage to shields and vehicles, takes a long time to charge up and can leave the player vulnerable to attacks. 

The Plasma Pistol’s slow rate of fire and relatively low accuracy also make it less effective in one-on-one combat situations. As a result, many players avoid using the Plasma Pistol in favor of other weapons that are more versatile and effective in a wider range of situations

19. Pulse Carbine

Due to its limitations and the game’s weapon balance, this weapon is considered the least good. One of the main limitations of the Pulse Carbine is its reliance on firing at the proper distance to track targets effectively. 

This can make it difficult to use in close-quarters combat or when engaging fast-moving targets. Additionally, the weapon’s damage output may not be as high as other weapons in the game, making it less effective against heavily armored opponents.

The effectiveness of the Pulse Carbine in Halo Infinite is somewhat limited due to the presence of various other potent weapons. Various weapons in the game can efficiently eliminate opponents quickly, making switching to the Pulse Carbine unnecessary. Consequently, players may opt for more versatile and robust weapons.

18. Disruptor

The Disruptor in Halo Infinite has positive and negative aspects that can impact its usefulness in combat. The most notable attributes of the Pulse Carbine include its capacity to inflict sustained damage that can spread to nearby targets, its ability to incapacitate vehicles, and its fully automatic firing mode. Furthermore, its introduction as a new weapon to the franchise adds variety to the gameplay experience. 

However, its worst features include a low damage output, a low ammo capacity, a slow fire rate, and susceptibility to energy shields and armored opponents. These limitations can make it hard to use the Disruptor effectively in certain situations, requiring players to use it strategically and with other weapons to maximize its effectiveness.

17. Sentinel Beam

This weapon is capable of dealing significant damage to enemies in a short amount of time. However, its unwieldy nature and high recoil require skill and experience to use effectively. Its slow rate of fire and difficulty in aiming while firing can make it less suitable for players who prefer speed and convenience.

In a 1v1 situation, the Sentinel Beam can be a viable option for players who are skilled at using it. Its ability to deal a significant amount of damage to an opponent quickly can make it highly effective in these situations. However, its drawbacks, including its unwieldy nature and high recoil, can make it difficult to use effectively in fast-paced situations.

One of the primary advantages of the Sentinel Beam is its ability to penetrate through enemies, making it highly effective at dealing damage to multiple targets at once. However, this requires precise aim and timing, and players must master the weapon’s capabilities to achieve this effect.

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HI Sentinel Beam

16. MA40 Assault Rifle

The Assault Rifle, or MA40 AR, is the go-to weapon for players in “the game as it is the primary weapon players spawn within unranked game modes. The rifle is highly reliable and effective at taking down opponents, with a single clip capable of defeating an enemy. 

However, its lack of precision compared to other weapons can make it less effective for headshots, and players may find themselves relying on other weapons for those situations.

One of the key advantages of the Assault Rifle is its effectiveness in close-range battles. Its fast rate of fire and wide spray pattern makes it highly suitable for taking down enemies at close range. Additionally, the rifle is highly effective when combined with melee attacks, making it a valuable tool for players who prefer close-quarters combat.

While the Assault Rifle may not be the most precise or powerful weapon in “Halo Infinite,” it is highly versatile and reliable. Winning fights may not necessarily require, but it can give players an advantage in close-range battles. Its effectiveness at performing shoot-and-melee combos makes it a highly valuable tool for players who enjoy close-quarters combat.

HI MA40 Assault rifle

15. Shock Rifle

The Shock Rifle is a weapon that carries significant risks but can also bring high rewards to skilled users. While it shares the Sniper Rifle’s ability to deliver one-shot kills via headshots, it falls short because it requires triple body shots to eliminate a target and has a lesser rate of fire. Additionally, aiming at close range may be challenging, rendering it less effective in such situations.

Nonetheless, the Shock Rifle boasts several unique features that make it a formidable weapon. It can simultaneously shock and damage multiple opponents, making it a powerful tool in situations where enemies cluster together. Furthermore, it can disable vehicles with one shot, proving invaluable in Big Team Battle rounds, where vehicular warfare often plays a critical role.

Overall, the Shock Rifle’s combination of high risk and high reward makes it a weapon that demands skill and precision from its users. But those who can master its intricacies can reap significant benefits on the battlefield.

HI Shock Rifle

14. VK78 Commando

The Commando is a prominent weapon due to its automatic precision capabilities. It’s a 20-bullet magazine with an eight-shot takedown requirement, making it a reliable tool for players who can handle its recoil. 

However, the weapon’s high recoil can make it challenging, especially when firing in automatic mode. The upward movement caused by automatic fire can lead to missed shots, making players need to aim carefully and feather the trigger for improved accuracy.

Although the Commando’s recoil can be challenging, players who master the weapon greatly benefit from its precision and power. One strategy for using the Commando effectively is to aim at the body and hope for headshots. This approach maximizes the weapon’s damage output while minimizing the impact of its recoil.

The Commando’s recoil stands out as its primary drawback compared to different precision weapons. While weapons like the BR75 and Sniper Rifle offer similar precision capabilities, they do not suffer from the same level of recoil as the Commando. However, the Commando’s automatic firing capabilities make it a unique and valuable tool for players who can master its recoil.

HI Commando

13. Needler

This works as an SMG with high firing speed but lesser damage output. Its quick shooting ability makes it highly effective in close-range combat, but its effectiveness can be diminished when facing multiple enemies.

One of the unique features of the Needler is its ability to explode enemies with its needles. However, this requires precise aiming and knowledge of the exact number of needles required to eliminate an enemy.  

If the player fails to use the right number of needles, they risk wasting ammunition and losing the opportunity to take down an enemy. Additionally, if the player faces two enemies, they may risk splitting their shots and failing to eliminate either.

While the Needler can be highly effective in one-on-one battles, it can be challenging when dealing with multiple opponents. Its low damage output and lack of precision make it less suitable for taking down large groups of enemies.

12. Heatwave

This is an unusual weapon that shoots hard light projectiles resembling a shotgun. Its two fire modes may make it appear weaker than it is, with the default mode being the weaker option. When fired, the Heatwave’s projectiles can penetrate enemies and ricochet off surfaces, making it effective in tight spaces and against multiple enemies.

The weapon can be striked in vertical or horizontal spread, with three shots needed to kill in the horizontal mode and two in the vertical mode. While the horizontal mode is useful for multiple enemies, the vertical mode is more efficient for single targets. Players need to master both fire modes to utilize the weapon’s full potential effectively. The weapon’s ricochet effect can be advantageous, although it’s primarily based on luck rather than skill.

11. CQS48 Bulldog

This weapon has a different design than previous “Halo” shotgun versions. While the older version could kill an enemy with a single shot from a considerable distance, the Bulldog cannot achieve this, even at close range. 

At close range, it necessitates a pair of shots, while at medium range, it requires three shots to take down an opponent. However, the game’s shotgun has received two significant buffs to compensate for this change.

The Bulldog boasts two significant advantages. Firstly, it is fully automatic, enabling players to sustain continuous fire by holding the trigger, even though there’s still a pump animation. Secondly, it facilitates swift reloading by using a single magazine.

HI Bulldog

Although the Bulldog is not as powerful as the previous shotgun, it is still a swift and potent weapon, particularly in close-range combat. It may not be able to take down an enemy in a single shot, but its fully automatic feature and quicker reload time make it a formidable weapon.

10. Cindershot

The Cindershot is an interesting and unique weapon that requires a different approach to use it effectively. The hard light’s explosive rounds are highly potent and inflict substantial damage. However, the weapon’s limited range of splash damage makes it relatively more complicated to wield than other powerful weapons.

One of the main benefits of the Cindershot is its great damage output, which allows it to eliminate an enemy in just two shots. This is a significant advantage in combat, as it can take down an opponent quickly and efficiently. The weapon spawns with sixteen rounds, giving players ample ammunition to take out multiple targets without reloading.

However, the Cindershot’s effectiveness depends on how the blast hits the opponent. Direct hits deal maximum damage, while non-direct hits need to bounce one time before denotes. Players must decide whether to opt for direct or bounce shots before striking since a missed shot that strikes the ground near an enemy will ricochet away from them.

HI Cinder Shot

9. Stalker Rifle

The Stalker Rifle is an incredibly powerful precision weapon with unparalleled speed and efficiency in taking out enemies. Its unique ability to headshot through shields places it among an exclusive group of weapons, such as the Shock Rifle and Sniper Rifle, that can eliminate targets with a single shot, even when their shields are still active.

To achieve this, players must first land three shots on an opponent’s shield, followed by a 4th body shot to take them out. While this may seem challenging, the Stalker Rifle’s fast firing rate and quick cooldown make it an excellent choice for players with sharp accuracy and precision.

The Stalker Rifle’s exceptional long-range capabilities and ability to bypass shields make it a highly desirable weapon for players who prefer a more tactical approach. It can be particularly effective in scenarios where players must eliminate heavily shielded targets, such as vehicles or fortified positions.

HI Stalker Rifle

8. Mangler

The Mangler, a pistol from the Banished weapons collection, is a force to be reckoned with due to its impressive melee combo. This combo is speedy and effortless, requiring only a single Mangler strike and a followup melee attack to eliminate an enemy at full health. As a result, it is one of the most effective and fastest melee combos in the game.

Despite its relatively low precision, the Mangler spawns remain a formidable weapon at medium range, capable of eliminating enemies in 3 shots. Achieving this requires neither a headshot nor a specific shot placement.

However, due to its high recoil and imprecise nature, players may miss some shots and need to fire higher than three rounds. Nonetheless, the Mangler’s rapid firing rate and lethal melee combination make it a must-have weapon for players whenever it becomes available.

7. MK50 Sidekick

Its greater fire rate and solid damage output make it a great choice for one vs. one encounter, as its accuracy and recoil control make it a reliable weapon. It takes just 7 shots to kill if you can finish with a headshot and nine shots otherwise. 

With a magazine of twelve shots and one of the swiftest reloads in the game, the Sidekick can be a lethal weapon when used by a skilled player. It’s also a convenient weapon as it’s one of the weapons you spawn with in most playlists, so mastering it can give you a great advantage in matches.

6. Skewer

Few other weapons can match the range of capabilities offered by this weapon, especially in terms of precision. It fires one skewer that can kill an enemy player in one shot, regardless of where it hits them. This makes it a highly effective tool for skilled players who can aim accurately and precisely to hit their targets.

With the ability to take down an enemy player with just one shot, regardless of where it hits them, this weapon offers players unparalleled capabilities, especially for those who can aim accurately and precisely. 

Nonetheless, the Skewer is a challenging weapon to wield. Its reticle size is akin to that of the Shock Rifle and Sniper Rifle, necessitating a certain level of proficiency to score one-hit kills. As a result, players must hone their aiming skills and timing to master the weapon’s use in combat.

One of the notable features of the Skewer is its Banished origin, which gives it the ability to deal additional melee damage. This makes it highly effective in close-quarters combat situations where players may rely on melee attacks to take down their opponents. Additionally, the Skewer is highly effective against vehicles, dealing much damage in one or two shots.

HI Skewer

5. Gravity Hammer

The Gravity Hammer is a legendary weapon in the world of Halo multiplayer, and it has undergone some notable changes in Halo Infinite. Its swing time has been reduced, resulting in a more balanced gameplay experience [1]. 

However, this also means that it may be less appealing to use for some players. Moreover, if you and your opponent hit each other simultaneously with an Energy Sword, it will result in a bounce-off, giving the sword handler the upper hand.

Despite these drawbacks, the Gravity Hammer remains a formidable weapon in the right hands. Skilled players can utilize it effectively to turn the tide of battles. Its primary advantage lies in its massive area-of-effect damage, making it a highly effective tool against groups of enemies or vehicles. Furthermore, it can clear out tight spaces, such as corridors or rooms.

One tactic that can make the Gravity Hammer even more lethal is to combine it with Grapple Shot. The Grapple Shot allows players to traverse long distances quickly, closing gaps between themselves and their targets. This combination can be devastating, especially when utilized in close-quarters combat or when facing off against multiple enemies.

HI Gravity Hammer

4. S7 Sniper

For those seeking top-notch precision in their shooting, the S7 Sniper rifle proves to be an exceptional weapon. It can eliminate targets with just one headshot or 2 body shots, with a four-round magazine ensuring efficient kills even if precise shots are difficult to achieve. 

Its firing rate surpasses that of the Skewer, and the reloading speed is quicker too. This grants the Sniper Rifle significant advantages in Big Team Battle matches, where it can effectively take out foes and vehicles that come from a considerable distance. 

With its superior accuracy and fast reload, the S7 Sniper is a valuable asset for any player aiming to gain a competitive edge on the battlefield.

HI Sniper Rifle

3. Energy Sword

The Energy Sword is undoubtedly one of the most iconic weapons in the Halo franchise, and it remains a popular choice for players in Halo Infinite. While this weapon has not undergone significant changes in Halo Infinite, it remains a formidable weapon capable of taking down enemies with a single swift strike.

However, what truly sets the Energy Sword apart in Halo Infinite is how it can be combined with the game’s new equipment. The Thrusters and Grapple Shot are two such tools that allow players to close in on enemies quickly and effortlessly. 

With the Grapple Shot, players can latch onto surfaces and pull themselves towards them, while the Thrusters provide a quick speed boost in any direction. When paired with the Energy Sword, players can rapidly close the gap between themselves and their opponents, making it much harder for them to react and respond.

Moreover, the Energy Sword’s mere presence can induce panic in opposing players. Even those well-equipped to deal with melee attacks may find themselves missing their shots or struggling to defend themselves against the Energy Sword’s swift and lethal strikes. In the hands of a skilled player, the Energy Sword can be a ticket to resulting in a killing spree.

HI Energy Sword

2. M41 SPNKr

The M41 SPNKr is a highly effective weapon combining power, versatility, and ease of use to earn its spot as the second-best weapon in the game. The weapon’s two-barrel cosmetic allows players to fire 2 shots before reloading, making it a highly practical weapon that can be used in various combat situations.

One of the key advantages of the M41 SPNKr is its high damage output, which allows it to take down enemy vehicles conveniently. This makes it ideal for players who want to dominate the battlefield and gain the upper hand over their opponents. 

Additionally, the weapon is highly effective against infantry, with its powerful rockets capable of dealing significant damage to enemies at short and long ranges.

Another advantage of the M41 SPNKr is its versatility. The weapon is highly effective in combat, making it a popular choice among players who want a reliable and powerful weapon that can be used in any situation. Whether taking out enemy vehicles or engaging in close-quarters combat, the M41 SPNKr is a valuable asset that can help players achieve their goals.

Despite its numerous advantages, the M41 SPNKr is not without its limitations. The weapon has a relatively slow rate of fire, which can leave players vulnerable to attack between shots. Additionally, the weapon has a limited ammunition capacity and a slow reload time, making it challenging to use effectively in certain combat situations.


1. BR75

The Battle Rifle, also known as the BR75, is highly versatile, making it the game’s ultimate weapon. Although it lacks the raw firepower of power weapons like the Rocket Launcher, its versatility, and widespread availability are unparalleled, making it an indispensable tool in most combat situations.

One of the primary advantages of Halo Infinite’s Battle Rifle is its ability to take down enemies with either headshots or body shots. With four bursts required for a headshot and 6 for a body shot, players can choose their targets based on their circumstances. The Battle Rifle’s magazine capacity of 36 shots allows players to take down up to three opponents without reloading.

The Battle Rifle’s lesser recoil and zoom function makes it highly accurate, even at long ranges. This feature adds versatility, making it suitable for closer and longer-range engagements. Players can rely on the Battle Rifle in almost any situation, making it a highly dependable tool on the battlefield.

Moreover, the Battle Rifle is widely available in “Halo Infinite,” It is present in most maps in the standard arena and Big Team Battle modes. It is also the default weapon in Ranked mode, highlighting its importance in the game’s progression system.

HI Battle Rifle

Wrapping Up

The above ranking is based on various factors, including damage output, precision, ease of use, and overall effectiveness in combat. While some weapons may be less effective than others in certain situations, the ranking reflects the overall capabilities of each weapon and how well they perform in various scenarios. 

When choosing a weapon in “Halo Infinite,” players should consider their preferred playstyle, their strengths and weaknesses, and the specific situations they are likely to encounter. Experimenting with different weapons and finding the ones that work best for you is key to achieving success in the game.

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